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US State Dept. workers beg Clinton for Firefox

Andrew West

Anti-fraud tool

All this talk about free software yet everyone is over looking this brilliant comment?

"For example, an astute consular officer in Hermosillo recently used Facebook to determine a visa applicant’s ineligibility based on information contained on the applicant’s Facebook page, proving its value as an anti-fraud tool."

Facebook as a tool for combating identity fraud.


Prisoner star Patrick McGoohan dies at 80

Andrew West

No sooner dead...

And he's probably already turning in his grave with the news that they're already trying to reimage the series.

Users pour forth MacBook trackpad woes

Andrew West
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Not that another Apple first generation product is encountering problems, more surprised that they've left the thread on their forums complaining about it.

Surely it should have been taken down by now and the complainants mysteriously disappearing?

The New Order: When reading is a crime

Andrew West
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Awesome, I'm going to start posting links to the Al-Qaeda document on various forums/blogs but with unsuspecting link text.

It will be the new rickrolling internet fad, only this time with more police action.

BBC mulls dropping Flash as iPlayer meets iPhone

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The honeymoon is over.

Well as poor as the current streaming iPlayer is, at least it works in Linux. (Never managed to get it to work properly thou, either I get constant buffering or if I try and pause the video for a while in the hope to get it to download enough content to buffer, hit play and get a "something went wrong with your request message).

And now the BBC are going to drop flv in favour of H.264. I wonder exactly how they are going to prevent people downloading these files, I mean it's not exactly hard to download Apple movie trailers. Hopefully this means I can use something like mplayerplug-in rather than the rather buggy flash plugin.

Armed police swoop on MP3-packing mechanic

Andrew West
Paris Hilton

DNA evidence

Awesome, go out listening to an MP3 player and get your DNA put on file. AFAIK that stuff is still kept permanently on file even if you where innocent of any crime.

Paris Hilton? Probably something to do with DNA collection.

Holocube introduces '3D' display gizmo

Andrew West

2D demo for 3D gadget

Perhaps I'm missed something here, but why bothered using a fixed position camera to demo a new type of 3D projection system?

It's even worse than those ads you get on VHS showing you the picture/sound quality of DVDs.