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iPhone tops mobile browsing charts

Lester Mak

Freedom on the airwaves!


"Browsing on the iPhone is, basically, better than browsing on devices with a smaller screen, but not as good as those with a larger one."

Blatently stating the obvious and it doesn't actually mean browsing on the iPhone is any better!

Anyway, the increased data could be somewhat down to the fact that those who buy one end up with (fair use limited, except in O2 UK) unlimited data packages. Previously, I had a Windows Mobile handset, but data packages were relatively expensive, so I didn't buy a big one.

Now I'm free to surf, and am downloading around six times as much data than previously.

GMail shakes IMAP out of coma

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Partnership with Apple

I wonder how much this has to do with Google's partnership with Apple for the iPhone. So far, Yahoo is the only provider of Push IMAP for the iPhone, so I wonder if Google is aiming to support the feature going forward?

Official: Powerpoint bad for brains

Lester Mak

Hold on...

Hold on a moment... I think I have a Powerpoint pack somewhere that describes all of this in more detail - let me dig it out...