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Pirate Bay prosecutor tosses infringement charges overboard

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Aye, that's what I meant by companies with very deep pockets

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Making available

The entire point of a search engine is to point at something. Google, as an example, does not make the sites it indexes available, it merely simplifies finding them. This is what TPB does. Amend the law to 'facilitating copyright infringement' and you'd have a case. Be prepared to go after some companies with very deep pockets if you do though...

Verizon sues Alltel over homicidal guinea pig

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the problem is the greedy users!

How dare they expect to receive what was advertised! Here's a simple solution to the probelm of "Greedy Users": Don't offer "unlimited" packages. State up front, and in plain english, what the package provides. End of problem.

Creationists open biblical history museum

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So open-minded that your brains fall out

"Sorry, but many of the comments against the museum bear the exact same hallmarks of bigotry and intolerance that the standard religious nutcases use. It's mostly "you're different from me, so you're stupid" arguments."

Most of the arguments are "you're advocating something that has been repeatedly shown to be a load of tosh, so you're stupid". Believing this creationist nonsense is a choice, and there is nothing wrong with calling people out on the irrational and, frankly, stupid choices they make. This is not bigotry, it is discernment.

As for intolerance, do you see calls for the museum to be closed? Suggestions that people should be prevented from going there? No, you don't. You see criticisms of its existence - valid criticism. Tolerating something does not preclude criticising it.

Judge in tech trial says he 'doesn't know what a website is'

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Not surprised

There is a particular type of person that revels in the fact that they are computer illiterate. They'll proudly admit to their lack of knowledge, do nothing to remedy the situation, and oddly, no-one calls them on it. This judge is a particularly bad example, but he's hardly alone.

Mobile survey uncovers staff ignorance

Duncan Lundie

Orange customer services

I tried to get Orange to replace a normal SIM for a USIM. It took 4 phone calls and a visit to one of the Orange shops for me to discover that they won't do it. Some of the responses I recieved were: it's already a USIM, we just need to activate 3G, go to the shop, there's no such thing, go to the shop and go to the shop.


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