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eBay boycott results in mixed feedback

Jim Adams

JIm Adams

People people

If you think people are leaving now wait till may when they start their no Negetive feedback implemetation phase

Dont forget the most important part of that phase. now you will have decide you a business seller or you a Private seller (this is the most important for some small tiny proffit sellers)

As they will possibly come under the watchful eyes of the tax man faster and should maybe get in trouble for little things

I feel really bad for real ebayers who buy second hand goods on the site as the profit margins so pointless now why not sell on an www.ebid.net

or some other sites

I was checking the fees and i noticed that google checkout was 100% cheaper than paypal secondly ebay is also 100% more than ebid

so lets say this upset group of people now will only get worse the more time that goes past and lets say i really need to see an ebay alternative thats getting more viewers

I am just shocked that ebay isnt doing anything to ease the fraustrations of people

Funny ennough i hope soon this Boycott will pick up more media cause i love the fact that CNN took notice i am now wacthing their channel more

secondly i now read theregister more often

Morden media should take notice from people trying to speak for US little punks that sit at home and dont sell records or not wear pants in cars to million dollar do's

End of the day this ebay change affects millions and yet the coverage it has had is nothing less than shambolic

Till date i am sure if you asked 9 - 10 sellers if they are happy with ebay they would say one thing.

Anyways people After you read this Go to www.ebid.net register your account make use of the discounts for life scheme tell your mates and let them tell their mates cause when 1st of may comes it will be like UK digital swicth over only the people that are slow will not know whats going on

I am trying to ask Google to introduce an auction website cause i know in all my heart if one big name alternative comes out eBay is finished completly but for now we Can all make do with www.ebid.net and let ebay miss us for a bit

Tell your friends tell your mates get on to the net sign up to a few alternative



Check my site comment on the request ebay alternative and see the TEST auctions eBay was running during the Boycot


Jim Adams

All this pretence NO evidence

On Sunday i contacted the register to show them the figures ebay is claiming but i am still in the dark


Obviously ebay doesnt reveal its figures because during the weekend after dutch Bank advised eBay stock was a sell stock, Hundreds of Test auctions of "Lots" of items popped up (ps each lots contained almost 200 items if i sell a lot of 10 its counted as 10 different auctions)

So these test auctions were then factored into the ebay auctions list in order to make the auction site seem as if it is functioning properly

There are two things important here

This whole thing is mainly for the tax man in the last two weeks you would probably know that if your a seller you may have been sent the seller status email saying you would need to register your status personal or Buiness selller. this is all an easy way for the tabulation of businesses trading on ebay many people i know have said on the 1st of may their eBay account will be empty and they will leave the site for good.

And i dont blame them considering the fees and then the looming eyes now of the taxman

eBay was good whilst it lasted but it is time to stop flogging the dead dog

Pier the founder has left so why are all you eBayers still thinking people in suits carry the same ideal as a Smart guy that started the place

Even now when you hear pier (ebay founder) speak you feel that his lawyer is speaking for him not him anymore.

The Simple thing now left for you guys to do is GO SIGN UP for an EBay ALternative simple as that


I use this site already i would say its very simple people you made eBay and now eBay is no longer good for me so why not go somewhere else and make another place


You can see images of ebays Test auctions

to list 1000000 you need to list 300 lots of 3333.3333 items Now considering i saw auctions of 287 selling at 3million no wonder eBay numbers went high and above

HD DVD firesale begins on eBay

Jim Adams
IT Angle

Add Alert

This to me seems like ebay trying to make friends with the register

when you consider the facts that they are at a loss at the moment due to people not taking kindly to some of their new rule changes

I think personally there must come a time when people will notice that eBay is a snowball guided by all the wrong people

maybe one day we will see peoples feeling make a difference for now i say this is nothing but eBay trying to drum up business

following current boycott by many of its users

El Reg collectible pops up on eBay

Jim Adams
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Dude whats wrong with you.

Your on here trying to bring down the info that's on here ????

Now i really dont get you

why do people like you come on here to knock down the level of info on here unless you actually are just a sad bloke with nothing better to do in his day

The Register is actually a great source for info and i for one dont think folks like you Colin should be knocking the plcae down.

You always get one guy that clearly loves to knock things down big time

Jim Adams

Wonder what his eBay Charges will be

I just wonder how much he will have to pay to ebay and if he had to list using the Paypal Payment method as his only payment option


eBayer invites buyers to rip him off

Jim Adams
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Ebay Protest

Guess as always ebay didnt take long to remove the auction

As i always thought you look even more of a fool when you stop people from stating their minds about others and let others speak their mind about you in an attempt to seem fair

With stacks of people turning to protest like the Anon Coward

I doubt that claims of traders liking the change to prevent them from saying their side of a disagreement is actually true but then again who knows their are many many people out their that are just that silly thats why scammers exist in the first place!


I took my fight here so i can plead with google to just start up even the lowest budget auction site so i can be their first member

i miss all the big name auction sites of yester year

Shame i would really love a QXL now but that site too is gone.

The register, why not try to shine some light on some of these alternative sites (the good ones i mean)

a Uk seller Seeking a new Auction site for selling goods

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

Jim Adams


You do know that its not for Business only this rule applies in the following way

If you sell a Car and 5 other items within a space of 3 months you qualify for a powerseller

this means you now have people not even doing business with you that will get your address and details

Now i will worry for anyone selling High Value goods from time to time and is actually not a Business and doesnt have good security

Cause your details will be available on eBay as if you were typing it here

its not like the person would even need to enter a transaction with you

I think when this change comes to effect there will be many people looking for the alternative Big time

Even big companies that sell on ebay and dont really wanna pay taxes will move on too

You have to be crazy to think all the tax dodgers will stay on ebay when their details become visible to all.

Dont forget realistically the people that will pay for all these changes is the Buyer as item prices will go up as less people will sell on eBay

IMO BBC watchdog should now be very happy with itself after all it was actually going to be a jury program for unfair feedback till BBC went and did that very One sided show No doubt bbc doesnt sell anything on ebay to begin with but of course they would buy loads on their just to give the site a bad name and ebay deciding to buckle have taken the U turn and are now missing what is important THE SELLERS

http://gauctions.wordpress.com Register your opinion to get an eBay alternative remember if you dont say anything we might as well give up and sign up to eBay now

Jim Adams

Real Problem

The real problem is rather than sort out this gathering of bad buyers eBay wants to silence the betrayed Sellers by gagging them

I blame all this on BBC Watchdog show and if you look into it you will find that it was after they did that show eBay scraped it's Jury program

IMO eBay has long been top of this auction trade as there is no proper named competitor the minute one comes out i am certain its Goodbye eBay

Please Visit the Blog make your verbal donation so that google knows we are all really tired of eBay and they try to act

Another thing anyone else noticed how you now a days cant list an item with out selecting Paypal as the only payment method i think this is really Unfair to people who dont really wanna use paypal or have boycotted paypal since being scammed they are now forced to return to the site

I am also certain that is abusing the Monopoly rules or somthing as eBay is now stopping payment for items unless its via Paypal

http://gauctions.wordpress.com Register your opinion to get an eBay alternative remember if you dont say anything we might as well give up and sign up to eBay now

Jim Adams
Gates Horns

@ glenn

Actually glenn thats where your wrong if you sell items totalling more than a couple of hundreds you qualify for powerseller status

Example you sell your car after selling a couple of Unlocking for mobile phones does that make you a business ?

Its people like you glenn that make these rules we are all moaning about they take an angle and abuse it so much you start to think if there isnt another angle at all

if you sell 1 £5000 car and 10 mobile phone unlocks you are instantly a power seller cause you will qualify for total spend over 3 months just by the one sale

Please go and read ebay terms and conditions to powersellers before trying to be mad at powersellers cause you dont know alot of information about it

Also why do people from abroad bid on your auction try to scam you and many times eBay refuse to give you your listing fees back

When i listed my watch on ebay an african scammer won it and was never going to pay me i contacted ebay for my fees and they told me to file a non payment dispute which would only give me my final valuation fees not the near £100 listing fee

Glenn you need much more expericence on ebay before you will understand why so many are actually upset from the outside looking in you dont have a clue yet

Jim Adams
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Making a petition to Google

I have today made a http://gauctions.wordpress.com/

where people can go and make a comment and when i get a total number in the next two weeks i will send it to Google HQ so their guys can start considering if they think this market that needs a Big Competitor needs their input

Jim Adams
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Where is Google Checkout ?

As always at a time like this when a business wants to commit suicide its the time for a rival to submit its appeal to the public for more business Nudge and wink towards Google Checkout

Obviously any online business is not without its own Risk ebay is not an online Shopping mall its an online auction house (rule 1 buyer beware)

and good sellers prosper

If you think that constantly allowing nearly annonymous bidders to leave Impossible to remain annonymous sellers negetive feedback is fair then your as crazy as the idea of fraustrating the sellers on a site where only the sellers make you money.

IMO I think Google Checkout need to bring out its Auction House and i am sure we will see serious changes to eBays attitudes towards its main money makers the good sellers trying to make a fast buck

The Tax man should consider people like the Chelsea owners to ask for serious tax or hedge funders people who are making serious wedge and rubbing tax mans noses in it

I Hate people who think ebay sellers are here to get away with Tax payers money obvious they are small minded people stuck in a small corner office hating on anyone making money not Stuck in a small corner office too


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