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Guitar maker Gibson thrashes out more robo-axes

Abraham de Clercq

Cylon Guitar

...Use to be Nylon or Steel- now we can add Cylon!

I love it.

Assyrian clay tablet points to 'Sodom and Gomorrah' asteroid

Abraham de Clercq
IT Angle


...the Great God, is real.

I saw him in a dream once after reading Small Gods... which must mean that I am his prophet... hence, hear my Prophecy!

"Yer all gonna die."


Anyways- ascribing causes after the fact is as easy as claiming to be psychic and speaking in specialized semantics. Hmmm... making a prophecy pointing to a know and absolute fact, is stupid.

The article is lovely in the graphic details of the crash and the events following it.. but the obvious misuse of Sodom & Gor* is dishonest and should be frowned on. (Really twist those brows and make Mr Potatoheads' Angry Eyes.)

Then we can go on with the rest of this day and enjoy our coffee, electric lights, big cities and high tech gadgets while smiling upon the Wise and Mystic Ancients, who in their Glory, had absolutely nothing on us- really- we are living in the Greatest Age of Man.

But then again...

Nuts go well with beer- so we should be careful before we say they are Not Worthy of our Attention or cultivation!

Hmm... more coffee... I feel my Math Co-Processor overheating (i486)

US Army struggles with Windows to Linux overhaul

Abraham de Clercq

Linux Hippies!

Love that....

Just the other day we were all included as Terrorists because of our aptitude for Engineering... and since most (if not all) the Linux geeks I know are Electrical or Software (by far the lesser.. by count) Engineers... I kinda think we're not really the 'pacifist hippie' type!

Face it- Hippies are irrational and controlled by substances/forces outside of their control which they 'trust' coz it's 'natural'- we, the Engineering Geeks, only 'trust' what we 'know' and by sheer overpowering OBVIOUSNESS, Windows cannot be trusted and Linux can. Then... we like to take things apart to see how and why they work... again... only something you can do with ease (yes, engineers are lazy) in the Linux world. (ok... BSD too... but it's not cool at all)

We like being in control too- so if we want to mod/hack or "improve" something, we do not want to wait for a stupid windows machine to complete its spinning-cursor routine before we can actually do something. If it is annoying, we want to stop/fix it. Code to comment style control is really great. Do you like freedom of choice (i.e. best tool for the job)? Linux (like grandpappie UNIX) giveth the greatest range of modular tools which can be strapped together rather quickly to create anything you can dream of- You are the Creator, the Radiant Light of Amen-Ra! Imagine that glow as it spreads from your ego... across the world, bringing joy to the Breed.

So- the US Army going the way of The Penguin is really in line with the whole megalomaniac syndrome as experienced by *true geeks* (i.e. engineers).

Was it not DARPA that gave us the internet?

Hmmm.... remarkable how the 'not-so-hippie-pacifist' institute can bring enlightenment to the world. Stereo-typing is fun. But... alas... only really cool if you are one of 'us'...


The Article was ok and I am sure that the 'interoperability' issues refer rather to Excel, World, Access and a plethora of other applications (in house development/contracted propriety mscentric) than to networking or chips.

We all know that the Great MS is guilty of Obscurity and that they do that to maintain their stranglehold on Western Civilization. As does all other commercial software vendors.

(I got that rush of 'No bloody way!" too.... but, reason won out over emotion as it always does with 'us').


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