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You still reading us? Not for long! Summer is THE IT meltdown hot spot

Peter Marshall

Seen this article before? Suggests that disk failure is more likely when server temps are kept too low.


Dixons renames itself Dixons

Peter Marshall

Dixons Scared?

They've got Best Buy wading in from the States so they're going to have to shape up...

Retro piracy - Should the Royal Navy kick arse?

Peter Marshall

Piracy Legal in the UK?

According to a still-serving member of the RN, there's a certain amount of consternation that Piracy on the High Seas was included in a whole raft of legislation considered out of date and taken off the UK statute books recently. Thus if a pirate is captured, they couldn't be brought back to blighty for trial.

World economy group gives IPv6 big push

Peter Marshall
Paris Hilton

If they're so short of addresses..

.. how come they're so easy to get, and not that expensive?

PH because everyone keeps telling me her time's over, but she's still here (though expensive)

Seven per cent of doctors are mad: Official

Peter Marshall

These would be the same GPs...

...that are quite happy to use www.logmein.com to access their work PCs from home because it makes their lives easier - thus maintaining connections out from their desktops to the States...


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