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In your face short sellers! Tesla goes two quarters in a row without losing money

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Re: welcome to China

Probably both

I've worked with Chinese PV manufacturers in the past and CNY is a big thing - shipping, production, everything crawls to a halt. They even sometimes close Shanghai harbour for dragon boat racing ffs.

If Australian animals don't poison you or eat you, they'll BURN DOWN YOUR HOUSE

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Re: Fascinating

Usually myths are rooted in fact


Eat FATTY FOODS to stay THIN. They might even help your heart

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There's a fantastic documentary called Cereal Killers which details the transition from a 'normal' diet to one with high fat and protein. A must see!

STEALTHY NANOROBOTS dress up as viruses, prepare to sneak into YOUR BODY

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Gives me some itchings of Hugh Howey's Silo series...

Segway daddy unveils DIY weight-loss stomach pump

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Give people another reason to eat even more

I'm somewhat saddened that I live in a society that throws out tonnes of food every day. And now this just gives people the choiceof eating more food that they don't need. At the very least, I hope they compost their organic slurry but that would be wishful thinking wouldn't it? :(

Mini-asteroid sneaks up on Earth

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What if...

the composition of the asteroid is not stony, but metallic (andyman has a valid point here)? A sub 20 metre metallic asteroid (actually it would become a meteorite wouldn't it?) would still pack a wallop... provided that subsequent gravitational tugs on it's path by sun, earth, etc would put it on a collision course with Earth at some later stage.

Panasonic DMC-GH1 Micro Four-Thirds camera

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Nice Camera

But I just looked on amazon for a price - and correspondingly fell off my chair.

I'll wait a while (10 years) until I can afford such a beauty...

Drink icon, because I need one now...

Aspiring model pleasures Taoist master

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If he was a real Taoist Master...

...he would have lasted a good deal longer than 15 minutes...there is a story of a taoist monk who used to live in a cave and traipse down to the local village and give all of the local prostitutes a good seeing to before heading back up to the hills again, having nourished (but never emitted, mind you) his 'vital essence'.

I digress...but you get the idea :)

Michael Dell: Netbooks go sour after 36 hours

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'Give me my 15-inch screen back'

Er....no. 36 hours later, I was still thinking 'Thank God I don't have that heavy 15 inch laptop in my lap when all I wanted to do was to hit facebook and stream some music from a station in Australia.

Nice try, Mr Dell. But I haven't looked back since buying one.

HTC Hero comes with Adobe Flash

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@ Lottie

I believe it may be possible to buy online, 'sim free' ...

NASA's ENose sniffs for cancer

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Dogs can do this, better and cheaper

Households dogs have been trained to smell prostate, lung and breast cancer from samples placed in front of them, and other tests have proven dogs can smell a chemical signature down to as low as parts per trillion...

So why do we need an e-nose, when a dog can be trained to do a better job, for far cheaper?


Aussies get gov-backed uber-broadband

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Right! Now that they've sorted that

Can we then have a high-speed rail network running up the east coast as well please? It's Victorian era as well :C

Nokia to preinstall Skype on handsets

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Um, no.

My Phone can skype-out on 3, have done so for the past 4 months...

US school in toothless Obama worm infection

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Does anyone

Remember the worm that hit Nasa - WANK (Worm against nuclear killers)? Those were the glory days my friends, when kids in Melbourne stopped a shuttle from launching...

Pirate icon, because, well, arrrrrrrrgh :)

Skype (kinda, sorta) shields Mac kiddies from VoIP smut

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Looking at that screenshot...

...seems to indicate that he is going to add her as a contact...what's up with that?

Newcastle men dodge post-bog handwash

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I was told once...

That a true sign of one's self respect was washing one's hands before going to the toilet, and not after.

Maybe those northerners heard the same advice...

NASA preps Atlantis for Hubble mission

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@ Anonymous Coward

My point was the fact that if they have an issue during launch, or during the initial orbit insertion they would not have 11 days to send a rescue mission. You seem to imply that only heat tile damage etc (which would affect re-entry) is the only critical point in a mission...what happens if they are hit by a random object and are venting air just after insertion?

Your comment about 28.5 degrees also requires clarification...what angle are you referring to? To the ecliptic? To the Equator? To the polar axis??

John B

'Within days'

If I were NASA, I would have the backup shuttle ready to go at the same time as the first orbiter. If an event takes place that puts the first shuttle out of reach of the ISS, the backup must be able to be launched within hours, not days.

NASA's Phoenix braces for Sunday touch-down

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Why didn't they implement airbags like they did on the Opportunity/Spirit rovers? Seems risky they way they are doing it this time...

Polish builder sacked for humping hoover

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Paris Hilton

Not the first Polish construction story I've heard...

I heard a similar story about 2 polish guys on a work site nipping off for up to an hour at a time...security tailed them and found them locked into a toilet cubicle together.

Upon opening the door however, they were found to be playing chess on top of the toilet...very odd.

Paris icon, as she's probably had fun with a vacum as well.

Google takes a swipe at OOXML

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Sorry, but I cannot take anyone seriously with a name like Bhorat...

Bush orders US Navy to shoot down rogue spy sat

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Yeah right...

So the US government is concerned about the potential loss of life from a falling satellite but it doesn't stop them from dropping ordinance on civilians, allied troops, et al.

The pressure is on for them now to be able to hit their target, but if they miss they could always ask the Chinese to hit it for them, couldn't they? ;)

Paris icon, because only she would believe the BS story they've concocted...

Thais rate rat 'better than chicken'

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I ate rat in Krabi

I was in one of the food markets in Krabi no more than three months ago and I found a stall selling chicken satay for just over half the price of the other stalls. 'Bargain' I thought, as I was tucking in, only to discover that the meat was a lot darker and had a stronger flavour than usual. As I walked back near the stall, the guy behind the grill was smiling quite broadly at me, no doubt thinking of the profit margin he was making from getting the meat for free off the streets.

It was pretty tasty though. I went back and ordered another :)