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Microsoft preps IE 8 for the web-challenged

Jeff Bond
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Simpler solution

Why can't IE8 simply recognise that a web site is not standards compliant, and then switch into 'compatibily mode' automatically? It could display an embarrassing warning to the user that should encourage website authors to fix things.

Morgan shows 'light & slippery' fuel-cell car concept

Jeff Bond


Hydrogen powered cars are pointless and probably more harmful to the environment than fossil fueled cars, until a large scale carbon neutral method of producing hydrogen is found.


AVG chokes fake traffic spew

Jeff Bond

It was fundamentally broken anyway...

... because you could just arrange for the malicious page to only deliver it's malicious payload after the 2nd fetch from any IP address. AVG would scan the first request and pass it as being clean, then the user would click, fetch it again, and get hosed!


Prius hybrid to get rooftop solar panel

Jeff Bond

How much energy...

... does it take to produce the solar panel, compared to how much it will produce over the lifetime of the car?


Egg scrambles to fix network outage

Jeff Bond

Risky accounts?

I think 'risky' accounts can be interpreted in another way, that might make more sense.

I think 'risky' accounts are those which Egg is risking not making a profit from, not those which are at risk of missing repayments.