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McAfee false-positive glitch fells PCs worldwide

John Dooley

Yea stay away from free anti-virus

Poetic justice, coming just after they dissed free anti-virus users.

Oracle tried to sell Sun hardware biz

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He bought his competitor to kill it

anyone who thinks he bought sun for any other purpose than to kill it, is woefully innocent.

His only motivation is to eliminate these threats to his cash cow of selling Cadilac db systems to governments and fortune 500 deep pockets.

US lawmaker injects ISP throttle into Obama rescue package

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Another betrayal

It is truly painful to watch all you liberal dunderheads having your jaws drop to the floor everytime Obama betrays your issues.

Microsoft delays first Windows 7 public beta

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Monge Manager

Sometimes Old Bill's lackey's do show a spark of creativity.

Brilliant manipulation of the press. Announce a beta, purposely underprepare the hosting server, then make big spash with claiming massive demand for thier new product, so huge it requires them to rebuild thier servers.

That is so good, expect to see Steve Jobs and Co copy it within 12 months.

When you sneeze, does Google tell the Feds?

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Goo and the Guv

Just a co-inky-dinky that stanford is also home of SRI, stanford research institute, one of the CIAs favorite contractors.

Oh and don't forget that web proxy service that turned out to be a front created to serve the CIA and FBI.

Does one need help to connect the dots here, or are you awake yet gipper?

Servers buckle as Congress rejects $700bn Wall Street bailout

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We aint got no stinking handouts

Dont ya just love it when fat cats begging for handouts, refer to it as "legislation".

I thought the whole idea of capitalism was that great rewards went to those who take sometimes great risks. They sure like the rewards and keep it to themselves, but now they want Joe Lunch bucket to assume thier risk, while they go off and count thier villas.

No, No, and no again to any bail out.

Bluetoothing androids to shout at blind people

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Jobs Horns

Been there, done that

perfect example of brain dead know nothings covering ground plowed long ago, unfruitfully.

They had wireless messages embeded in city locations about 20 years ago, and guess what, yea the devices can be made cheap enough, but the ninnys never factor in the COST, startup and ongoing of creating and maintaining such a huge database of information that is of marginal value in the first place.

Obama: McCain can't email, remembers Rubik's Cubes

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Fascist Puppets Do as commanded

Totally irrelevant. Both candidates are big business flunkies, trying thier best to pass themselves off as genuine FOLKS. What a load. Just in case you were not paying attention, A Lincoln destroyed this country long ago.

CSC cranks the whalesong up to 11

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Get behing the Lawyers

Those marketing driods need to be next in line after all the lawyers are put up against the wall.

Google kills Anonymous AdSense account

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Sergy and Brin are Scamming Democracy

Google is EVIL and this proves it. What a couple of weak kneed quacks. bowing down to these charlatins. Say hellow to the boot in your face for the rest of eternity.

Microhoo! what's! going! on?

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Its the Open Source Stupid

Its all about shutting down a rather large and highly visible and infectious Open Source shop.

A year after this goes down, there will be no more Yahoo Open Source resources free and available to all, it will be history.

Rule number 231 of robber barron kapitalism, if you can't beat something in the market place, buy it and shut it down.

IBM explores 67.1m-core computer for running entire internet

John Dooley

The Price is the Problem

Despite all the hype, this stuff is so expensive, it will never catch on except with over funded beauracracies.