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Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

Andrew Kirkpatrick
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@Chris 19 Exactly my thoughts, if you wanted Office compatibility you wouldn't buy iWork you'd buy Office 2008, which I have and works fine...

@magnetik Quicksilver is a fantastic app indeed! One of the first I saw with a 10.6 specific build too

Sir Alan Sugar hails £30m 'equitable' Viglen win

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Linux as standard...?

Ah we can but dream...

Sony demos ultra-expensive, ultra-thin OLED telly

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Can't moan about the price if there isn't an OLED TV cheaper...

11" for £3000 isn't a bad price if you can't get one for that price from another manufacturer, let alone cheaper...

Pioneering technology isn't supposed to be cheap or reliable, just a demonstration of what the future holds, so I'm going to try to see one of these and dream about what they'll be like when they hit > 30"

Microsoft mojo deflated by Seinfeld Vista ads

Andrew Kirkpatrick

@I'm a PC.... But I run Linux on mine....

I think the fact they're even bothering to advertise properly after years of being lazy shows that they're starting to get scared...

Tablet MacBook launched... again

Andrew Kirkpatrick

I smell Psystar

... hmm, I love the smell of legal action early in the morning

Virgin cuts broadband to a fiver

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Costs of laying fibre

Anyone that complains that cable isn't available in their area unfortunately needs to consider the costs of laying fibre in the roads they live at; it isn't cheap and Virgin can't afford to do it everywhere. If Telewest or NTL could they probably would still be in business!

Moaning as a consumer is one thing, actually thinking about the business ramifications is another, which sucks but is the harsh reality... :-(

Hitachi UT32MH70 32in LCD TV

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Oh wow... this isn't new

Buy a 16:9 monitor with a Play TV and an upscaling AV Receiver... and there you go

Thinness means jack in the AV world, quality is paramount and Sammy already hold a pretty respectable position in that field as for SD processing.

For anyone that seems not to know, 1080i needs to be deinterlaced so it is technically 1920x1080 but still a lower quality signal than 720p because of the pulldown techniques required to convert it to work on a progressive display (which all fixed-pixel displays are)

Microsoft's 'ordinary Joe' promises Windows 7 bliss

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Vista turned me into a Mac user

... and I'm not going to even consider going back unless they sort out the PROBLEMS with Windows.

I couldn't care less about improving the user interface, it's pretty clear that people are relatively comfortable with it. Make it more secure, make it faster and keep it compatible!

If you change the user interface too much in one go users will feel lost... which Apple have learnt in the past to their cost

Microsoft gives users six months longer to flee from Vista

Andrew Kirkpatrick

People don't like change

I agree with Matt, people just don't like change; users were never going to like Vista no matter what, purely because it takes them out of their comfort zone!

IT professionals like most of us have a different view on things, but then of course we do. Users don't see things the same way and we often forget that...

Not saying that M$ couldn't have handled the changeover better mind!

Hands on with the T-Mobile G1

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Did Google not learn from other's mistakes?

Why does this not have a 3.5mm headphone jack?

Why does this have such a small onboard memory?

Why does this not have Exchange support?

Why is this locked to one network?

Why is the source not available?

It just seems daft to me that almost every smartphone manufacturer has been slated for any of the above, and yet they have ignored all the criticism when making the Satan Phone?

Roll on OpenMoko...

Microsoft makes another play for UK schools

Andrew Kirkpatrick

@Open office is crap.

"Besides, how is MS giving cheap software to education a BAD THING? Or, at least a worse thing that indoctrinating them with OSS/Linux instead?"

Because it keeps their monopolisation of the market in check, which means less change and less chance for competitors to get a foot in.

If curricular education were as receptive to change as higher education we might start to get somewhere. Just because they know how Microsoft Office works (and I use "know" loosely) is not a reason to keep using it, it just means they might have to retrain a little (oooh, controversial...)

I don't use OpenOffice, but then I don't really use Microsoft Office either, but in the interests of not paying a fortune I'd bloody learn!

Little x Many still equals Lots

Coming soon: Facebook - The Movie!

Andrew Kirkpatrick

@Andrew Langhorn

Twitter: The Movie?

Well it'd be fine on your portable telly but try and blow it up for a cinema screen and it'll start juddering... or stop...

Facebook: The Movie wouldn't be right unless zombies and vampires were walking around the movie theatre during the film, oh and the person next to you constantly poking you...

Apple slapped for dodgy ads

Andrew Kirkpatrick


I can "access" every book in a library, but doesn't mean I can understand them all...

Byron Review will create videogame delays, warns EA

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Import instead?

I've been importing games on PC for a while from various places (USA, Thailand, Hong Kong, Japan...) and since my PS3 is also region-free if they delay anything for the UK then I'm just going to get it from somewhere else!

OLPC and Microsoft punt Windows-only XO laptop

Andrew Kirkpatrick

Out of date OS?

Everyone's made some really good points, but the one thing I wonder is, why are they deciding now to push an OS that's already out of date?

What happens to all these lappys once support for XP has vanished?

(so many other problems but everyone's already mentioned them!)

UK punters love Nokia, hate McDonalds

Andrew Kirkpatrick

@Andy Hards

The main problem I remember with 3 at launch, which is not as bad now (but can still be problematic) is the signal, or often lack thereof. I remember a mate who'd literally walk around the block several times just trying to get enough signal to make a call, or receive a text. On t'other hand I've rarely had problems with O2... *waits for it*

Spread your database connections with PHP PDO

Andrew Kirkpatrick

PDO is good, but it's not a proper abstraction layer

I've been using PDO for a good while now, and whilst it semi-abstracts certain things, I wouldn't use it in the scenario mentioned.

I mostly use it because of things like query preparation (which is implemented quite nicely)

Gibson and Activision duel over Guitar Hero

Andrew Kirkpatrick


So why hasn't Konami (Bemani) been sued over Guitar Freaks? That came out years ago on foreign soil alongside all the other beat-related games (that are now being copied...)

Intel's cache gigantism results in 2bn transistor Tukwila

Andrew Kirkpatrick

50% is impressive if actually true

Given the law of diminishing returns, if they genuinely achieve a 50% performance increase at Matt Bryant mentions, it'll be pretty impressive!

If anyone can think of any setup that has ever gotten above a 40% increase by doubling the resources I'd be interested to know, as even to cut overheads to 10% would be pretty difficult