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Facebook says occupied territories are Israel

Martin Campbell

Clueless About Geography

Facebook thinks that several places in Suffolk, including Bury St Edmunds, Elmswell, Felixstowe, Haverhill, Ixworth, Mildenhall, Stowmarket, Thurston, Tostock and Woolpit are in Norfolk.

Norfolk vs. Suffolk local rivalry may not be a match for Israel vs. Palestine but I guess it suggests that Facebook's poor geography is as likely to be due to ignorance as it is to malice.

'Crash tested' e-voting machines spread doubt on Super Tuesday

Martin Campbell

Optical Mark Reading

I don't understand why optical mark reading, which seems to work so well for exam boards and lotteries the world over and for votes organised by the respected independent balloting company Electoral Reform Services Limited, amongst others, hasn't been more widely used in state-run ballots. It certainly seems preferable to some of the methods described here.