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PS3 UK sales rocket... then plummet


What do they expect?

Sony treat us like 2nd class citizens and they wonder why!

Europe and Australia, which combined are a much larger market, are told that we are not as important as our US cousins and will have to wait for months. We're then told that we have to pay £120 more, for a product that is technically inferior.

And Sony wonder why people aren't buying their PS3s. What about this situation do Sony not understand?

To further help Sony along, here are a couple of other clues:

No HDMI cable in the box

No free game in the box (Wii Sports - good enough reason for buying a Wii on its own, and it's free!)

Only 1 controller

If I buy another controller, I have to buy the USB charging cable separately (I mean, how cheap is that?!)

Don't get me wrong - I'd love to have a PS3... but not at that price!