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AMD mugs Intel in backstreets of Paris

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Re: CPU and GPU are same thing

The kinds of people who would be purchasing these sorts of kit aren't likely to be doing much in the way of "hardcore gaming". They're most likely looking for the maximum battery life while they sit in the starbucks with their teeny, tiny vogue laptops, pretending to look busy and/or important. Because who wouldn't look busy and/or important with such a sleek, manilla-envelope-sized laptop in front of them, sipping their incomprehensably-named caffinated beverage? Who I ask you? WHO?

Mine's the one with Tim Horton's spilled on it.

eBay declassifies classifieds-happy Craiglist suit

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So you somehow appreciate the banner adverts that use every effect and filter that flash 9 has to offer on 400 different objects at once, slowing even the beefiest quad core machine into lag city? Or maybe you're more of a fan of those ones that make noise while you're "innocently" surfing the web. I don't know about you, but when *I'm* observing images of the less-than-tasteful variety, "OH MY GOD, NO WAI" screaming from my speakers at full crank whilst unzipping myself isn't exactly welcome.

Toxicity sign, because I'm sure everyone should be more worried about the seizure-causing effects of those bloody animated banners then the EM emissions of WIFI stations (or even the EM emissions of the power grid, for that matter).

Will the US 700 MHz auction be remembered for dismembering wireless?

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Quite the article

While I enjoy being President of Tin Foil Hat Country, more US ownership over radio waves beaming directly into my brain will cause me to need more tinfoil than I have money or neck support for. STOP THEM NOW! before it's too late!

Also, I like how this fellow keeps switching between GHz and MHz for some of the values there.

Bush orders NSA to snoop on US agencies

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Seems the only winning choice is not to play.