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T-Mobile lays ground for embedded SIMs

C. B. Legier

Can't have your cake and eat it too...

I find it funny how people conclude that carriers will be to an end if they do this or that. Right now, it doesn't matter what they do because you will take it in the arse screaming and crying all the way.

Cell phones will never go away because it has become a necessity in business and life. Everyone wants to be "connected". If you leave your phone in the house, take off down the street, realise you left it, what do you do? You turn the fuck around and go get your phone.

Get over it, we as consumers have empowered these companies and will take what ever shit they shovel us.

Microsoft crowbars Live Search into Facebook

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Search Results

Showing 10 out of "A VERY LARGE NUMBER" of results.

Do you really think they actually yield all those search results they claim?I mean, really?

Disgruntled admin gets 63 months for massive data deletion

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"The court said that Oson seemed to think that he was the smartest guy around but, as often happens, he ran into someone smarter (the FBI)."

What. Ever.

Security militia sought to brutalize ransomware virus

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If it wasn't Windows, it would be...

If any other distribution of an OS other than Windows was the most widely used in the world, it would be the most widely vulnerable, too.

I feed the penguin because he is good to me.

Québec cops bust massive botnet ring

C. B. Legier

@ T. Scheisskopf

Maybe it is time to drop that e-mail. You should have AT LEAST two emails. One for everyday usage on sign-ups, forums etc.. This would preferably be a gmail, hotmail etc. account. The second is one you only give to family or friends. I personally have three. I added one only for bills etc. And the moment I think ANY are compromised, they are drawn and quartered. Also, I don't just randomly click on sites/links whenever.

Teaching the public is the only way this spam/malware/spyware will go away. AV, Firewalls and others of the sort are only band aids for the dumb.

C. B. Legier

Lords of the Botnet Ring

So this means that possibly each person controlled up to 143,000 computers? And where did they have all these "Zombies" logged into? What backdoor were they using? Even if we factor in the "figure of three" rule, this means that they had around 333,000 computers compromised and had C$17Mil is profits. This seems a bit overstated and blown out of proportion. I highly doubt any of these figures are true.

Thievin' teen bot herder admits to infecting military computers

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Give up.

Instead of teaching them a lesson, why don't teach the public to stop blindly clicking e-mails and ads that they have no idea who or where they came from. These people will be around forever as long these people keep doing this. I understand there are "bugs" in our software in which these crackers will and do exploit, that is why it is a good idea to leave automatic updates on on all OS, AV and firewall software.

I think the last time I read that a vanilla out-of-the-box Windows XP station put on the internet, it would be compromised within 15 minutes. It is probably less now. At least Microsoft is attempting, albeit loosely, to lock down the OS with a generic firewall built in. However, it doesn't matter if the public doesn't know how to use it.

While every just screams "Just go and get Linux/Unix.. and all of your problems will go away!" is sadly mistaken if you believe that to be true. Besides a sleuth of enterprise software that is currently incompatible, if it were the other way around, Linux/Unix with the market share and Microsoft without, then our problems would be mirrored. Why do they target Windows? Not because it is faulty, because it is the accessible. We in the Open Source crowd find security vulnerabilities and bugs all the time in Linux/Unix circles of distributions but, how many stories do you here of those being attacked, cracked and taken over like you do windows? Rarely, if ever, because no one is trying to exploit it. It is easy for any pimpled faced kid and any of the number of so called "Network Administrator Tools" to find a windows box scan for vulnerabilities. However, to search for those Linux/Unix boxes with that one open port that can be infected, will turn tits up. Not because people plugged the whole, because there are not many around.

Sigh, it will never end until the PUBLIC is educated. However, I don't think that grandma and grandpa could really be educated or even care. As long as they can e-mail and surf their genealogy, they could care less if unknowingly their computer compromised.

Iran fires rocket 'into space', plans satellite for '09

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To many... Just read...

@ Matware

You just responded with "If it looks like a duck, quacks like a duck, then it MIGHT be a duck." Might be? Do not be so naive.

Here are my examples:

#1 - Matware: "Iran could do absolutely anything with rockets and power plants, BUT UNTIL THEY ACTUALLY DO SOMETHING, they are just regular folks who are peacefully living their lives."

Until they do? It is not propaganda. Iranian President Ahmadinejad has flat out said "Israel and the United States will soon be destroyed." So you want to stand by naive until the worst happens? Look it up.

#2 Matware: "...listening to Republican presidential candidates talk in the debates, they say the are willing to 'push the button'."

They said "Push the button"? Please give me a quote relating to anything of the sort.

#3 Matware: "...Iran's leadership are saying they they only want to use these technologies for peacefully purposes, THEY COULD BE LYING WHICH IS BAD..."

They could be? FFS, so do you think they could or not? Make up your mind and stop playing the fence. If you cannot stand firm, back-up or argue your point, then please STFU.

C. B. Legier

@ Matware

I wish I had this inside track into all this factual data you have.

"...I remember communists having no morals because they were godless,..."

As if the Russians were not saying the same thing about Americans? Search on "Russian Cold War Propaganda." There are two sides to every coin.

"...I realized that no-one except America has ever used nuclear weapons in anger..."

Yes. However we have never used them in any of the last four wars the United States has declared or any of the number of wars/conflicts the United States has participated in. I would like to believe that a "reality check" set in after Hiroshima and Nagasaki back in early August of 1945.

"If they are making satellites, that's what probably all they are doing, if they are making nuclear reactors, that's all they are doing."

Probably doing? All they are doing? Can you get me in your fav' five with Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, Osama Bin Laden, Al-Qa'ida and the Hizbullah. I think your optimism is blinding what is actually right in front of you.

C. B. Legier

@ Daniel Wilkie

"I suppose I should also point out that a certain domestic terror group here in the UK was, until around 9/11 funded pretty extensively by a certain star spangled country over the pond..."

Do you have some truth to back that up? If we were so intent on funding them, why were we so intent on tracking him in 1995 after the surfacing of the "Oplan Bojinka" which was funded by the leader of that so called terrorist group?

Die Michael Moore, die!