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Pirate Bay loses trial: defendants face prison time, hefty fines

Peter Darby

Sent down for a year?

I suspect they'll become available before the official release date...

Thankyou! I'll be here all week!

Also: what's the plans for the damages sought to be passed on to the artists involved? Much the same as the one for the damages collected from prosecutions in the US? Being that the record and film companies keep it and don't pass it on to the people they're ostensibly collecting it for?

Civil servants' pro-Labour memo reignites child data controversy

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Black Helicopters

Government preying on the memory of dead children

GGGnnnnargh! They are STILL trying to justify their crappy databases with Victoria Climbie? A girl who was known to all the authorities, just they didn't prioritise her because their staff were already stretched to breaking point....

Contactpoint would not save one child, but it would make an awful lot of other goverment data initiatives a lot easier... The fact that they want to keep all children on it apart from children judged to be at risk if their data is compromised (as opposed to, what, children who would not be at risk if their data was compromised? Like who?) speaks volumes for their confidence in the integrity and security of the data.

Jacqui Smith resurrects 42-days after Lords rejection

Peter Darby

Shock Doctrine?

"You're obviously not scared enough, so we'll wait until you are before we ask you to abandon what few guarantees to civil liberties we have left. just see if we don't"

Think tank slams paedophile paranoia culture

Peter Darby

PC Gornmad, the famous village bobby...

Err, in what way shape or form is this about "political correctness"? Isn't PC to do with apocryphal stories about Chalkboards and "baa baa white sheep"?

Surely this is closer to Helf-Anne-Safti Gornmad, the PC's delightful wife?

I tell you, it's not a million miles from what Hitler was trying to do.

Asda declares baby's arse 'pornographic'

Peter Darby


I am very interested in your goods and / or services and would like to hear more.

Prince and Village People dive into Pirate Bay

Peter Darby

YMCA sue village people for royalties on their organisation's name

Hilarity ensues.

Spirit discovers life on Mars

Peter Darby

Jawa or Tusken raider?

YOU be the judge!

Brown announces new counter-terror plans

Peter Darby
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Coming to BBC3 - Celebrity Security Theatre!

MORE cash for incompetent, flashy IT projects that, in practice, REDUCE security, I say!

Anyone remember the 70's and 80's, when we had competent terrorists that actually managed to blow people up regularly? Where were ID cards & 28 day + detention on the mainland then?

Dutch teen swipes furniture from virtual hotel

Peter Darby
Paris Hilton

Rich, et al

Just poking away at this idea that "bit & bytes = inherently worthless". Doesn't matter how they're stored, but implying it's not a crime because the code is somehow "frivolous" compared to other code is a bit shaky.

As goes virtual furniture... as my good friend said of Paris Hilton, at least I've never paid for it...

Personally, I'm with the folks who are saying Habbo should have sorted this out (and with decent audit trails, it would be a portion of urine). Getting the law involved leads to a rocky road, at the end of which is being taxed on virtual income...

Peter Darby

Real Money for virtual property?

Okay Rich, can I nick all your software that you've paid for (presuming you've paid for any...)

I mean, it's just a few bytes on a computer...

Confused BBC tech chief: Only 600 Linux users visit our website

Peter Darby

Err, actually...

>>You sandal wearing "I want something for nothing" freaks are never happy - get a life.

Something for nothing? And the license fee is... nothing then? Do non-ms users get a rebate on their license fee? Where do I apply?

A service has been promised as available to all license payers, regardless of OS. If the BBC started putting out digital channels that would only decode on the most popular set top box, there'd be an outcry.

Anyway, the story is "Microsoft loving BBC exec loves Microsoft". Raise one eyebrow, and head for the torrents...

Cops crash invite-only BitTorrent network

Peter Darby
Paris Hilton

er no .gov.uk?

What this then...



etc etc

Scotch mist?

Warner Bros to remake Enter the Dragon

Peter Darby

Will the last original idea please turn out the lights...

... before leaving Holly- HEY! I CAN'T SEE ANYTHING!

Cyberstalker caught after months on the run

Peter Darby

IP =/= address?

Esssentially, I see this as comparable to the police asking for copies of physical letters for the address. I don't imagine any paper would have a problem handing the physical letter over, but suddenly, when it's electronic bits, it's somehow a violation of privacy to find out where a letter to a newspaper has been sent from?

Belgian army faces hairy caterpillar horde

Peter Darby

I for one welcome...

... our new menopteran overlords

Doctor Who faces extermination

Peter Darby

"It says in the sun"

Must be true. They've never printed a Doctor Who story that's turned out to be crap, EVER.

Microsoft too busy to name Linux patents

Peter Darby

Or indeed...

Windows infringing Apple Mac concepts.

Microsoft puts a figure on open source 'patent infringements'

Peter Darby

... lapsed patent's?

Don't patents lapse if you don't defend them?

Listen up banks: women are worth IT

Peter Darby

"Jizz up?"

"Jazz up", shurely?

Unless we want bank sites to develop hard core porn areas for women.

Teachers left blubbing by cyber abuse

Peter Darby

It's it's not like in my day...

... When we'd write "Waz Chanks" as our super secret code on the desks about Charles (deleted), deputy beak.

Still, if it's being done with phones and the internet, the problem is obviously phones and the internet, not an increasingly impersonal and irrelevant educational system, no no no....