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Apple's Snow Leopard set to exploit GPU power



I cant wait to use Kid Pix!

Blu-ray to rule by 2011


@ AC RE: RM is the deal-breaker

"Typical of the Xbox parasites that live here..."

Whats this thread got to do with Xbox?

Typical of sony fanboi's, virgins and bitter.

US PS3 sales surge


@ register

Why didnt you print the entire 12 months sales chart that NPD produced? Showing ps3 being outsold by some margin all the way up to january, at which point the sales became close.

Im not a 360 fanboy or a ps3 fanboy, just think it would be nice to paint the full picture for once.

Sony PS3 movie downloads are go


@ xbox

IF the cell is as good as sony say it is how come everystatment they make is about blu-ray

for example the statement saying the 360 will never get MGS4 because its not good enough as it doesnt have blu-ray

surely if you had the best chip out of all the consoles you would be harping that one not constant blu-ray

Netflix will stream movies on Xbox 360


@ Mark

Anyone else think this guys a virgin?

Sony pulls PlayStation 3 software update


@ Chizo

I didnt mean all PS3 development just certain titles that I could not confirm here.

The one I could confirm since its already been anounced would be red alert 3.

As for Mr Rockstar,

Your right mate I should deffo tell you my name and that I work on the 2nd floor of our guildford studios currently working on the next harry potter game I should also give you my NI number to make the job of my boss even easier I mean why wouldnt he mind me posting this stuff?

Trekkies to flip lids over Star Trek bottle opener



Why the hell is a bottle opener news worthy?

HD TV in the UK


Time to get a 1080p tv for all that 720p content

unless you have a bluray player of course

GTA IV website prompts outrage



I like the fact that you have spoken about the Mandatory install the the makers of GTA4 complained about and are on record saying they spent alot of time with sony trying to get a fix to this problem and yet sony wont be able to fix said problem for sometime.

But thats right you use that Bug as thumbs up.

For the record I own an atari 2600

Microsoft's own chip design blamed for Xbox 360 RRoD


@ Rob

You are clearly a very astute man. I mean I only ever make technological purchases based on how it will effect my ambient room noise.

Do you apply this logic to your love life?

For example say jessica alba, kate moss, (insert your ideal women here)

was a noisey minx in the bedroom.

But David Blunket sung you some soothing tunes.

Does that mean you'd pick him?

Grand Theft Auto IV Xbox extras delayed



"However, as the 360 has less and less a hold on the market, developers will be less afraid of spliting their development, and delivering bigger better versions of the game on PS3"

That comment could not be better timed. I mean only moments before EA offically announced how they are no longer developing a certain game on the PS3 but only the 360 and PC.

Date set for next major PS3 firmware release


@ Liam

I'll Give you my mammoth if you give me your speakers :)

I'm guessing your day at work was going as slow as mine :)



Firstly maybe its just me but I thought the whole point of a media center was so that I didnt have to constantly keeping putting discs screw that. All on Disk mate.

Now lets move on to your silly claims.

My 9800 GX2 actually has hdmi 1.3a out. So that kills that one dead.

My audio card is only the creative elite pro so your right on that one however it is hooked up to my above mid end yamaha amp and daddy speaker set.

So mate lets not play I have a bigger cock than you as its not going to end well.

Oh for the Record I also have a 360,ps3 and a wii. I also have a giant bouncy castle, a huge rubber mallet a big set Tits and my own mammoth that I brought back to life with the use of a kinder egg.


@ Liam

"erm... I dont think so matey - ps3 HDMI upscaling whips a pc upscaling outputting via a VGA cable.. also most people dont want a bloody great pc in their lounge, having mice and keyboards etc to control everything. my media center is attached to the ps3 (usb 1/2 tb drive) i can control this very quickly with the neat bluetooth controller (works outside so when im getting hammered in the garden i can still change tracks). i have always found DVDs on a PC look crap compared to a dedicated player... never knew why but even my 8800GTS doesnt compare to the ps3s quality!"

Mate you are talking nonsense.

My silent custom built Media Center currently sitting in a cupboard hidden in the living room with over 2 terabytes of data running HD-output and all conrolled by a remote through the tv.

Shits on any PS3 media setup.

DisplayPort to do DVI to death, analyst claims



Anyone who sets up a media portal and then uses S-Video has no place in this conversation.

Grand Theft Auto 4 queue man stabbed in head


@ General Age Concern

I can only speak for myself but when I was a kid my dad let me watch plenty of 18 certificate films when i was about 12-13 on wards. Plenty of these films were very violent but somehow and I dont know. I managed to go to uni get a degree and then get a very good job.


Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK



"much like dropping a V12 in a Morris Marina, lol"

Laughing at your own jokes :( Why not wear a sign saying "im a bell end"

has the same effect.


@ Mark

commence the fanb0y's gobbling

Hacker blasts Mac clone maker's licence 'violation'


@ Jango

Well f****n said my friend, well f****n said!

PS3 owners game iPlayer


LOL at the sony Fanboys

The title really says it all. I bet if sony released a big d**k that you could attach to the PS3 these fanboys would be gobbling for years

Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' in development?


LOL Sony Fan Boys Ahoy!

Just for the record I have a Wii and am not a microsoft fanboy. The reason I dont have a 360 or a PS3 is purely because the games that they excell in (FPS) id rather play on a PC (mouse and keyboard FTW).


1. Bring console to market early - console dies regularly.

This hardly effected them they still got the sale before it died

2. Bring more reliable consoles to market - consoles still dying regularly.

Again they still got the sale before it died

3. Back HD-DVD - HD-DVD discontinued, consoles still dying.

The HD-DVD was an ADD-ON and hardly any 360 customers bought it!

4. Release Halo3 - enough said.

Personally I think Halo is the worst FPS series Ive ever played so slow and boring (Quakeworld thank you very much) however it's still sold more than any PS3 game has it not?

5. Release console minus HDD - best selling console game require HDD.

A few of my mates have 360's with out the HDD and not one game has not worked without it so your talking nonesense.

Creative climbs down over home brew Vista drivers


@Enough is Enough

"buy-out-the-competition technique"

Out of all of creatives faults this can hardly be held against them can it?

This is basic practice right across the board, apple,nvidia,ati,amd,microsoft etc etc


Archos 705 Wi-Fi mobile DVR


Research required

"Creative and the like squabble over the mass market for MP3 players"

Do a bit of research mate before you knock out generic nonesense!

Creative own the only company that has made a chip capable of doing 720P HD output from 1watt of power and you think they arent interested in this market?

Obituary: HD DVD 2002-2008


The point to all of this?

Can I ask whats the point in half of these spats?

Does it really matter if someone else doesnt agree that blueray/bd/hd-dvd/cd/tape/porn is as awesome as you think it is?

Do you really think that by constructing your point of view in various ways that all of a sudden people are going to stop and go "ahh he is right what a smart little geek this one is"

pointless flame fuelled by an emptiness elsewhere in life Id imagine.

In 5 years time we will have another media format and another 5 years after that, its called evolution.

Sony claims home cinema kit helps movie buffs keep the noise down


old hat

Took them long enough to impliment this feature thats been around for a few years now

Missing: 80GB PS3. Last seen: Sony's website


@ Mark

"Whilst it's pretty funny watching all the clueless idiots who can't make up their mind, if the "PS3 is too expensive" "

Why is that funny? why are they clueless idiots? and more to the point where are you watching these people? Do you go down the town every weekend stand in currys,game etc and just watch people picking up PS3 boxes? Since when did indecision make you a clueless idiot?

People like you make me sad. You clearly have some type of chip on your shoulder and seek self gratification by making statements that you deem clever.

IF I was to apply your abusurd views I would hazard a guess that you are middle age, single, live alone or possibly with your mum/dad and most definetly a virgin. What you got planned for this weekend? A Star Trek session?

Next time just keep your iggnorant views to yourself.