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Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

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DVD smut malware blights US forces in Iraq

Paris Hilton

Minor correction

"Due to the average male aged 17-40's love of pornography, my memory stick would be filthy with viruses every time I had to go and get documents from my counterpart or his section NCOs,"

Fixed that for you.

/Paris 'cause she's a star

Gawker - Texas's supercomputing Ranger


@ Pierre

But would you want to plug your dongle into that port?

I'm sure there's a couple of latex firewalls in here somewhere...

Suicidal moose descends on Alaska


Wi not trei a holiday in Alaska this yer ?

See the loveli lakes

The wonderful telephone system

And mani interesting furry animals

Including the majestic moose

I'll get my coat 'cause Alaska's freakin cold.

Iran fires rocket 'into space', plans satellite for '09

Dead Vulture

@Steve & Coward

OK, for sake of brevity in rebuttal to Capt. Kangaroo I didn't do a complete recount of all US/UK/Iranian history, yet I am not ignorant of those facts.

Yes, the Shah and SAVAK weren't boy scouts. Neither was Sadam and the Republican Guard.

Both were opposed to someone we disliked even more at the time. The enemy of my current enemy is my current friend.

In both cases there were reprocussions from those alliances.

Dead bird because there isn't a dead horse icon to beat.


@Capt. Kangaroo

We're "obsessed" with Iran ever since their revolution took our citizens hostages.

Combine that with our country's support of Isreal and Iran's general hostile nature (and let's not forget their oil) we think they bear watching.

The fact that our current administration is paranoid and puerile does not necessarily mean that Iran isn't up to no good.

My question is why don't you Brits hold them in lower esteem?

After all, it was less than a year ago that they captured 15 of your sailors... Here's a refresher link: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/uk_news/6484279.stm


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