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PS3 update fails to fix Grand Theft Auto IV woes

Mark Ashworth

No problem

at all with my PS3 and GTA IV.... and none of my friends have had freezing problems either.

Spyware targets frustrated GTA IV gamers

Mark Ashworth

I took the day off

It's brilliant... I don't know about the xbox version but on the PS3 it's wonderful to watch and play. Could possibly be one of the best games ever made... It has driving, combat, strategy, sports and sex, drugs and rock and roll.... what more could you want...

Mine's the one with LCPD logo on the back

PS3 to get movie downloads this summer?

Mark Ashworth
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@ Joe K

Your right, what a week for the PS3 gamer... will see you online

Price cut fails to push Xbox 360 past PS3 in UK

Mark Ashworth

@ Paul Kerton

Yes, the xbox was the lead platform, but as Rockstar boss Sam Houser has said.

"I like the way [the PS3] renders.” He concluded, “There’s a certain kind of softness without being blurry - some warmth to it - and then there’s a certain more clinical element to how the 360 looks."


Sony delays PS3 virtual world Home - again

Mark Ashworth

I don't mind waiting

as in most cases the developers are improving the software.

I'd rather have late software than buggy software. I'm quite prepared to wait another 12 months for GT5, as I know it will be better than any other racing game out on the market. I'm also quite sure that when Home is released everyone will be praising the results.

@AC COD4 map packs for PS3 are released on Thursday 24th April, since you seem to be so interested, and can I ask when are you getting Unreal III for the XBox, it's been out quite a while for the PS3.

Queue the fanboy backlash.

Xbox 360 'Wii Remote' in development?

Mark Ashworth


I agree with you about playing FPS on the PC, but I do also own a PS3 & a Wii and have had a XB360.

1. Bring console to market early - console dies regularly

yes they did, and yes it does, granted they have the sale but a 30% failure rate is pretty bad, I know of a lot of people who have finally had enough of the RROD and traded in for a PS3.

3. Back HD-DVD - HD-DVD discontinued, consoles still dying.

It was an add-on, but M$ put so much money into pushing HD-DVD it was obscene, and this was done just to prolong the format war.

4. Halo

I'm sorry, I'll stick to Crysis, UT3, Far Cry, anything other than Halo (my god it's dull)

5. I believe some of the new "big" titles will require a HDD, so having a console without one, seems a little short sighted.

as far as the wii controller being copied by M$, I do nintendo sued for it.

mine's the one with the target for the XBOX fanbois

Sony bullish on Blu-ray dominance

Mark Ashworth

@Martin Usher

Most of the fuzziness you see in the store is down to the fact that they use substandard hdmi cables and a splitter.

I use my PS3 (apart from the brilliant games), to watch upscaled DVDs and Blu-ray movies and with a decent hdmi cable it's fine. Granted it does help that it's on a 1080p HD tv...

Blu-ray Xbox 360 to be sold at a loss?

Mark Ashworth

I don't really hate the Xbox360

Honestly I don't, but I think it is a shoddy piece of hardware, shipped to the market early to gain advantage for M$. I believe if M$ do win the console war, then you can expect the cost of everything (hardware and software) to rise as M$ move more in line with the rest of their products (got you by the balls, now pay through the nose approach).

I do own a PS3 (the 360 has been traded after 5 replacements) and I am more that happy to use it for gaming and blue-ray.

In response to the fact that all PS3 owners are waiting for decent games to be released, we already have some (Drake's Fortune, Pain, GT5P, UT3 etc) and many more to be released over the next 12 months.

I hope the console war continues, it means that the consumer will hopefully get better hardware, better games and not one single company can hold a monopoly.

Notice I haven't mentioned the Wii, that's because it's last generation and may have a large install base, but I can see gamers getting bored very quickly of it.

Hackers mug gamers in Playstation Store

Mark Ashworth

@Beezle Bob

My account is fine.

Picked up my copy of GT5:P 15mins ago, I see a weekend of gaming in the offing. :-)

BBC Micro creators meet to TRACE machine's legacy

Mark Ashworth

Those were the days when I was Elite

I remember getting my BBC BD and playing elite, chuckie egg and revs... I even soldered the dip switch next to the keyboard which allowed you to speed up the stepper motor on the disc drive so you could load games faster... alas about 15 years ago my BBC's PSU bit the dust... I think I might check ebay and see if someone is selling one :-)

Warner Bros revs up live action Akira

Mark Ashworth

NO Don't do it.

Don't let the American's another work of art.

MS showcases Red Ring of Death Xbox 360 at expo

Mark Ashworth


3 games...... fraid not, currently 10 and rising...

Mark Ashworth

do i have to say anything

Viva le PS3.....

@anon coward.

The story was first broken this morning by GamesIndustry.biz so The Reg isn't showing biased... face it the 360 is shit hardware, always was and always will be.

Yes the 360 has more games, it was also released 18 months before the PS3...

I have xb360 fanboi friends who are on their 5th console, due to failures... me i'm on still on my 1st PS3, bought on the day of release and played all the time by either myself, my wife or my kids..

'Suspicious comment' provokes LAX terminal evacuation

Mark Ashworth

What a surprise

I got held at George Bush Intercontinental (Houston) for 45 minutes at gunpoint, to have every item in my laptop bag chemical tested for explosive.

Then to have the counter assistant say... it was a false positive.... A FALSE POSITIVE.... I was shitting myself surrounded by guys with machine guns pointed at me without explaination...

Obviously my laptop and a copy of Jackass the movie were going to cause a terrorist incident.. either that or me wearing a green day t-shirt upset them...

Mine's the coat with the wires hanging out the back.

Bush orders US Navy to shoot down rogue spy sat

Mark Ashworth

So the US are going to shoot something.

I take it that this means they'll probably hit Milton Keynes then.....

on second thoughts, no loss there then.

Calls to ban hoodie-busting sonic weapon

Mark Ashworth
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I have

a ringtone on my phone which produces the same effect... great fun and a good way to stop my kids arguments...

Xbox 360 Arcade announced for Japan

Mark Ashworth
Gates Horns

@Christoper Rogers

Maybe Anonymous Coward is just sick to death of M$'s push to become leaders of the world...

I for one, enjoy seeing M$ fail.


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