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Hacker brings multitouch to Google's Nexus One

Paul Parkin
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Multitouch may be an Apple thing...

...But it should be open to everyone. Best advancement in mouse technology since the laser/optical mouse! Makes using a laptop so much easier, just a shame Apple haven't got it quite right in W7 yet. Well that and the fact W7 managed to brick my OSX installation by overwriting core files...

iPhone voted UK's 'coolest brand'

Paul Parkin

So does that mean...

...that the footballers from next year will be driving around in iPhones? They only ever seem to drive what's "coolest" at that time and immediately tackify it for everyone else. I have a feeling the new McLaren MP4-12C will have this issue (despite the F1-inspired geekname) along with the new Ferrari! (Which the company I notice, have appeared.)

I'd have an Aston any day over an iPhone, but why is Jaaaaag missing from there? Not enough footballers to qualify?

Peugeot looks to 1940s for quirky e-car design

Paul Parkin

The question is...

...do those passengers in the back have legs, or are they actually the seats for the driver and front passenger?

Plug-in Mercedes hybrid saloon emerges

Paul Parkin

@AC 13:57

The Prius has a tiddly little engine to keep it at motorway speed whereas the Merc has a much more powerful V6 mated to what's probably the 7 speed gearbox MB make. The lack of power means the tiny engine has to work much harder on the motorway whereas the big Merc probably sticks itself in 7th gear and cruises quite happily ay 56mph, baring in mind a Veyron at normal speeds uses only 50BHP to haul it's 2 tonne self along!

Gmail in massive web outage

Paul Parkin
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Will it, won't it?

Seems to be a case of luck whether it works; about 5 minutes I could get on - albeit very slowly - whereas now it's just "loading" according to FF.

China to get Windows Mobile 6 'iPhone'

Paul Parkin

Really not that good

To be honest it doesn't look as good as an iPhone, and it'll weigh a tonne. If you look under the section 'IPHONE' there's a load of cheap copies that are even worse, some with 'iPhone' written on them! It's surpiring Apple doesn't sue them for the name and what not. Koenigsegg please.