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Sony X-Series Walkman

Dead Vulture

@Dave Oliver

Even if I had some sort of bias towards Sony, that is my right as a consumer, and visitor of this website.

I was under the impression that reviewers were supposed to be pretty impartial about what they say. Say what you want, the review sounded very Apple-friendly to me - I appear to not be the only other commenter to notice that either - maybe you should lace some other barbed comments their way too.


Can we get some decent, unbiased reviewers please?

I remember the days, when reviewers had a code of neutrality, where unbiased facts and information was the norm.

Now, we get people like Dave, who are so Apple-biased it makes me wonder if he didn't develop a nasty rash after holding something other than an iPod... I mean...

"...is clearly gunning for the iconic iPod Touch..."

"...certainly lacks the grace and far-reaching capabilities of iTunes ..."

Grace? Far-reaching??

Those two comments look like they were spewed out by some Apple PR monkey. They don't belong in a serious, unbiased review.

Iconic indeed...

"...33 hours of audio playback with nine hours for video, which puts it on a par with the iPod Touch."

Since shen was roughly 25 hours music, and 5 hours video on par?!!

And the Pièce de Résistance?

"But the Touch sound is perfectly decent, certainly decent enough to keep most music fans happy for most of the time."

That has got to be the most self-centred drivel I have ever heard. Most music fans != iPod owners. Many other players, most definitely including the 'X' is so far above the quality of iPod, it's like comparing Swiss chocolate, and that stuff candy mice are made from...

The review was factually incorrect in quite a few areas too. No mention of the Digital amp, weak bass (did you even turn the clear bass on??)...

Load of shite. I wonder how this review may have turned out had it have been the Apple iPod Touch II?

YouTube flooded with porn


It's not the videos you should be worried about..

... it's the comments left by what are laughbly called 'humans'..

Is it something to do with the proximity to a keyboard that makes people type like they're strapped to a chair in the nearest mental institution - anger wing?

LG fu**ed off with swearing

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@Haku - That's on it's way...

"...and when you go out of the room it turns the screen & circuitry that controls the screen completely off whilst leaving the audio on, so you save energy but can still hear what's happening when you nip into the kitchen for a snack/beer."

Sony's new Eco range of TV's has that feature as standard. Due out very shortly indeed (I woork in a Sony Centre - so I've seen them!)

Ten of the best... noise-isolating earphones

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Where's the Sony's?

I just wondered why there is no mention of any of the rather excellent Sony range of earphones... their EX series is most certainly worth a mention here...

Large Hadron Timewaster

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So nothing negative in this report at all?

Journalism, while not the most reliable sources of news, should at least have the semblance of unbiased fact rather than a personal vendetta.

Chris, it is plainly obvious that you have nothing but disdain for what potentially could be the most important event in Human history.

I'm not denying that it could also possibly be nothing more than a very expensive failed experiment, but without such things, advances cannot happen.

So rather than calling it a 'timewaster'. why not try objective journalistic reporting. It might even make you a happier person.

Toshiba wows crowds with sexy touch smartphone

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I have to admit...

...that actually looks like a smart bit of kit...

Well, except for that HORRENDOUS colour scheme it's showing - that seriously needs to go!

1Gz CPU? Even WM might be usable on it... better still, get Android on there!

Yes... I quite like the look of it.

Father of Playmobil dies at 79

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@ Sarah...

You are why I read the comments.

Please keep up the good work.

Windows 7 UAC shutoff 'bug' leaves Microsoft unmoved



What they're saying is that UAC can be disabled without the user's knowledge, and silently - therefore is a gaping hole for all sorts of nasty things.

Of course, if you'd read the article in full, you'd have got that bit...

Google G1 successor spied in video?

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Looks like a G2 to me...

... check 0:30 of the clip - you'll see Dream G2 clearly printed on the inside of the batter slot. It is also printed on the battery too.

Samsung boffins demo transparent OLED screen


'Seamless display'

Yup, totally seamless. Except for the very obvious dark seam in the middle of the display.

Ok, so I know it's probably going to be needed - but don't advertise it as seamless when it obviously isn't.

Sony Rolly dancing MP3 player

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AC Adaptor

Just to correct the reviewer, the AC adaptor is to be made available to buy from your local Sony Centre very shortly.

Copyright-bothering web TV outfit rises from the grave

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Never used it before...

.... and I had a look just now.

It puts iplayer et al to shame - I can't get anything but BBC where I live (damn trees :| ), and this is a perfect replacement - it's really not all that much different to live freeview tbh, and if the PS3 is happy to stream it (don't see why not)... well, job done. Who needs a TV aerial?

Toshiba launches Cell-derived HD TV


RE: Improving?

"Am I the only one who thinks a television should simply display the data it receives without trying to guess what the picture represents"

You've obviously not had the pleasure of daytime TV on BBC.

And besides, there is nothing wrong whatsoever with wanting to improve the quality of a SD image in a HD screen. For a very good example of what Freeview SHOULD be now, head over to Sky 104 (Channel 4), then compare the upscaled version on 144 (Channel 4 HD) - this is upscaled at source, not on the TV, and the result is stunning.

Cops cuff anti-drug ninja vigilantes


@Stuart Harrison

I could complete Shinobi on one credit. Without losing a life. And that includes the 'behind the scene Ninja' too.

That was, admittedly, about 18 years ago...

Tried it the other day on MAME - got owned :|

Europe loves HD TVs - but not HD broadcasts


Typical andi-HD response..

... why bother?

Compression artifacts naturally decrease the picture quality - however, because the dot-count IS so high, those artifacts don't detract from the actual detail level. That edging around opposite contrasting edges that looks so poor on SD mpeg compression is virtually non-existent.

The main problem is that we're still using mpeg2 for broadcasting - piss poor quality designed for old tube sets.

Make the change to mpeg4, and the artifact issue decreases.

Honestly, why bash HD over SD when it is so obviously better in every conceivable way? I don't get it - unless you're one of those people who put down things as you don't have one - stating 'you don't see the point'?

Bet you didn't see the point of colour too....

Sony confirms major PS3 firmware update features


This argument is easy to resolve:

PS3's are made of win.

XBOX 360's are made of fail.

Thank you, and Goodnight.

Blu-ray movie sales gathering momentum


HD DVD's death the cause?

And in other news, ice discovered to be frozen water.

Xbox 360 'eaten' by alligator


I'd give it about an hour...

...before the RROD (or in this case, the REOD) popped up due to overheating.

Ofcom confirms Freeview will get HD next year


Re: Dr Who...

"You mean it's not a real time machine?


Ok, ok, that wasn't exactly what I meant... :P

Something to do with the way they designed the Tardis console - in HD it would look possibly worse than the original Blake's 7 stuff. Or even Prisoner: Cell Block H's walls... :D

Paris Hilton

Re: Dr Who...

Just for the record, the Beeb have said that they won't be doing HD Who because of the need to rebuild the Tardis as it would be too obvious how fake it is...

I suppose I can understand that, to a degree.

Paris because when she opens her legs, it's a little like a Tardis...

HTC Touch Dual smartphone


Battery life

Battery life issues are known and already taken care of.

The guys over at xdadevelopers have found a nifty registry hack that dramatically increases battery life without sacrificing anything.

I hear that even WiFi is a possibility as apparently the chip required is still in the phone - just not activated (possibly to do with the reasons tom just mentioned) - that's being worked on too.

Mines the dirty oil stained one with the handyman belt...

Vote now for your fave sci-fi movie quote


RE: Mos Eisley

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy. We must be cautious."

Isn't that Bristol?


Re: Babylon 5 sadly missing

Ahh, but Sarah, there WERE, in fact, B5 movies.

Well, ok...

those quotes were not actually FROM the movies.... *thinks*....

Ok, please continue administering cranial punishment to your desk :)

Broadband big boys waiting on data pimping


PHORM really stands for...

... Parliamentary House Of Regulated Monitoring.


Sun will swallow Earth: Official


Moving house

So presumably, we can all hop over to Mars, as it should then be a lot warmer and quite relaxing :)

FBI issues prosthetic pregnant belly bomb alert


I guess...

... this isn't what they mean by a baby boom :|

And they can't exactly x-ray pregnant women as that is supposedly harmful?

Vodafone USB Modem 7.2



Yes, they do - T-Mobile don't currently downsample PNG that I can see tho.

Personally I don't see a huge problem with it - it only affects web pages. Saves on bandwidth.

Apple tells iPhone vendors not to reveal sales figures


RE: Apple bashers

"...show me another phone or mp3 player that has the same reaction."

The Apple Touch. With no contract. And isn't vastly overpriced. And isn't locked down to the point of insanity.

Shame it doesn't actually sound as good as say, a Sony NWZ818...

Seriously, it isn't Apple that's being bashed here, as much as their strange notion that their iPhone is the best thing ever made, and the fact that it is lacking most of the standard features in most other high-end phones isn't really important.

Now, if they produced an iPhone with 3G or even HSDPA, at least a 4MP camera, bluetooth and wasn't completely locked to O2, AND was a reasonable price... maybe it would actually sell well.

Samsung shows very skinny telly


FFS :|

This whole video reviewing thing is becoming tiresome - It doesn't make El Reg up-to-date and withit - it is just annoying.

Please don't become El Tube :|

Clarkson's 'steal my ID' stunt backfires


Oh dear!

It's refreshing to see that Mr Opinion himself has been stung by his latest stunt - but I respect him more for coming up with an admission he was actually wrong, and has now reversed his intital opnion.

So why can't MP's and PM's do that too??

Clarkson for Prime Minister!

Samsung ML-1630 laser printer


RE: Another video review?

"Some of us are at work and can't have the speakers on etc, and also some of us would like to READ a review and not watch one.

Please don't let this be a trend you are going to continue.

Rant over."


Is it so difficult to have both?

New Jersey scraps death penalty

Dead Vulture

World Peace... lmao

So the death penalty is morally wrong.

Even if the the guy/gal in question killed someone else.

Even if the killer was defending their home.

Even if the killed was invading their land with malicious intent?

IS that really a basis for capital punishment?

Sound an awful lot like somthing else to me.... but that's ok, cos those guys are paid to do that.

The death penalty is pointless imo. Just serves to give the affected a sense of 'closure' apparently - as someone said earlier, it is just another form of revenge.

However, the real problem is the crap judicial system - if there ever was a cause of innocent death, that would be it.

Oh whats the point - those who support the death penalty wouldn't if they were on trial. I guess this is why we have leaders - to 'show us the way'. WE obviously need leaders, as we're unable to agree on anything.


Nintendo kills Wii ads due to console shortage

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Load of crap.

I don't believe a word. I think that Nintendo HAVE deliberately been limiting the numbers to ensure that demand is high. It wouldn't surprise me to see some magically appear within the next couple of weeks.

And eBay should be forced to ban sales of ANYTHING that is less than a year old from being sold above it's RRP. It's ridiculous that people are allowed to do this; it undermines the economy on so many levels. It's akin to selling tickets way above the original retail price.

Wii grasses up cheating wife

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And people wonder why the divorce rate is on the increase?

@Paul Murray - 'Inherently dumb' - Could you explain this amazing insight into marriage and fidelity in more detail please?

@Jon Tocker - '...and the admission of a single kiss do not warrant evidence for infidelity.' - So it's perfectly ok for your partner to kiss other guys? And please don't come back with 'it could have been just a peck' - as it plainly wasn't. A kiss other than a friendly peck is ground for complaining at the very least.

@Mary - Assuming of course you told him that you had a male friend over first - I think if you found out that he had a female friend over without your knowledge, you wouldn't be as forgiving as you claim to be.

@Vladimir Plouzhnikov - Discover the meaning of the word 'love; - in reference to marriage. Then check and see if your wife actually feels that way for you.

Cops pull plugs on TV-links, claim 'facilitation of infringement'


FACT statment: Apologies to all, but the internet is closed due to copyright infringements.



Well, that's me in the clink :|

"Sites like TV Links contribute to and profit from copyright infringement."

Did TV Links actually make money from hosting links?

Bizarre - next we'll be told that it's illegal to own a modem or router - better still, a telephone line as that could potentially carry copyright material.

No, one better - Electricity... let's ban that to ensure that digital media cannot be copyright-infringed :P

Record labels to ditch CD singles for USB Flash drives


USB Loyalty Cards

See now, this would possibly make sense, in a way.

Either buy a CD at normal price, or get a lossless version on your USB stick for discounted. Maybe offer incentives, such as tracks for free/discounted, or maybe extra multimedia content for using the stick. You could maybe pop into your local HMV, pop your stick into the specially designed Music Distribution Node, and get your tracks instantly on your stick. Or even a mini-MP3 player with USB connection free with your first purchase?

Would save plastic now surely? No need to launch each title on a seperate stick. Thus saving the world :D

Sony's 40GB PS3 due 28 October?


Not seeing anything special

The price clearly states $399.

Which means, given Sony's previous pricing strategy for us in the UK, that will remain the same sort of price as it is here now.

Oh well.

Man sues God


God in the Clink?


So, assuming that the legal system in it's somewhat dubious wisdom, finds the defendant guilty as charged... what exactly are they going to do? God behind bars? Or maybe order Him to do a few hundred hours of community service?

Of course, seeing as He DID make the world in 7 days (that's 168 hours of hard graft), and presumably He has partaken in other miraculous actions over the last few millenia, I would guess He has already served his sentence...

Perhaps the prosecution could call His wayward brother to the stand, maybe Satan's perspective on things might address the balance...

HP inks deal for micro-needle skin patch


Low-Ink Warnings?

Presumably, they'll supply a new patch with only 1/3 the capacity, forcing patients to pay for a full one?

That's one way to help NHS spending...

Stolen satnav guides thieves to owner's home


Making SatNav slightly less useful ...

... when the first thing you do on a SatNav is to erm, program your home address so as to program routes from there to wherever.

Wouldn't introducing a simple PIN system for SatNav units be a far better way of offering basic protection? Of course, the determined thief will figure out a way around that, but then, as I understand, many car jackings are simply opportunistic thefts - giving the thief not a great deal of time to actually break the PIN protection.

Of course, actually taking the SatNav unit with you when leaving the vehicle would also be a fairly good idea...

(yes I know some are built in - why can't we have removable fronts ala in-car cd players...)

Researchers ease LCD viewing angle woes


Sony Bravia's....

... already have a 170 degree angle of view with their S-PVA panels.

Or did I miss something so obvious it's as invisible as Microsoft's WGA? :P

The Beeb cuts off premium rate phone-in lines


What about those damned 'quiz' phone in channels?

Phone in's are a joke, plain and simple.

I seriously hope OFCOM take another look at those quiz show channels, that invite the viewer to call a £1.50 p/m number with the hope of getting on air and answering either:

a) A totally obvious question, or

b) A 'puzzle' so vague and with more catches than my aunt Pol's dodgy pullovers.

I wonder if people realise they could spend just as much per call on lotto or scratchcards - and have a far better chance of winning?

Oh yes, and they use fake contestants too.

Children to nag adults through CCTV



... 'they' must realise that all this is going to do, is give these people something else to target... I can see this INCREASING the issue rather than making it go away...