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First rigid airship since the Hindenburg cleared for outdoor flight trials

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Re: it will probably be an expensive @ Jess

Not everyone who is British is a little Engerlander, I feel very European, then again I am from London, a bit more open minded.

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Re: it will probably be an expensive @ Jess

If England isn't in Europe where has it moved to?

You know how your energy bills are so much worse than they were?

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Re: P.Lee @ 29 March 07:00 z

On the nuclear, where rae you going to store the waste, also the cost of the electricity from them does not take inot account the decommissioning of the said plants.

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Re: The Other Scenario

You need to factor in decommissioning, that is paid for by future tax payers and not by our electricity prices now. Also as most people don't want wind turbines on land they built them offshore. let's put a nuclear power plant off shore to see how much that costs.

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Re: Good analysis, but misses 'the elephant in the room'

India and China have both gone for the cheapest option and used coal and have you seen pictures of Beijing lately with pollution. We have had a free good polluting our air and environment, now it is time to pay.

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The forum has gone back to the 1950s, we don't have an Emprie anymor chaps, get over it.

Australian Prime Minister: Mayan calendar 'true'

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Re: A Clever Leader

So let's look at your arguement, i take it you mean that electrcity has gone up by 400% in the last four years and of that 10 15% is due to carbon tax? Can you prove that the electricty cost has gone up that fast in the first place, secondly the rate of the carbon is in 400% been 15% is actually rather low. What were the other factors pushing the price up that is what you should be asking yourself?

On the politics of debt, you are in the relhms of kynes, Freidman and Marx and that is a discussion for another day.

Yes, it does take all sorts, and we are happy it does otherwise everyone would be very bored, wouldn't they.

Ultrabook prices to fall as manufacturers slash margins

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Actually the article does mention the trade mark...

It is in the fourth paragraph. Read the article again before jumping on your high horse.

Gallery mulls 'damage' after cleaner scrubs modern art

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re: Ah!

I believe the piece is in an art gallery so the argument about if it is considered an art installation is not in question here; some of the comments also posted here are along the lines used by people in Europe to label modern art as Degenerate Art before WW2.

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It just shows you that most, that is most and not all, of the techies that read these articles haven't a clue of what art is; about as much cultural intelligence as the cleaner in this piece.

Microsoft opens Office 365 beta floodgates to the world

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buying into cloud

I use a dual boot system of Ubuntu and MS and I do think this system of cloud computing is a good ideas especially for small buisnesses like mine who are alway looking to save a bob or two.

I don't know about Medium to large businesses, but small ones will probably take this offer up.

Wind power: Even worse than you thought

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Not bad writing Lewis

What Lewis has done has got a discussion going, he has taken a report from a political think tank and commented on it. This has at my count so far got over 200 posts, some with some good detail from both sides of the argument, this is his job. To get people like you and me to start thinking and even to question our ideas and believes, if after this we have changed our minds or kept them the same then this is good journalism. A bit controversial, but good all the same. I may not like it as it does knock some me in my comfort zone sometimes, but to keep alive, we do need people like Lewis to prick us with some ideas we may not like. Well done Lewis and keep it up.

Fukushima fearmongers are stealing our Jetsons future

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Lewis has got them going today

I have to say Lewis it is a Friday and you are doing yourself proud, 6 pages of a flame war. I can't wait for your next article try and get it to ten pages, that would be good. Now what subject can we talk about.... hummmm.

HBGary's nemesis is a '16-year-old schoolgirl'

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I'm Brian

No, I'm only joking. I'm not really Brian. No, I'm not Brian. I was only - It was a joke. I'm only pulling your leg! It's a joke! I'm not him! I'm just having you on! Put me back! Bloody Romans! Can't take a joke!

Acoustic gunshot locators get UK military field trials

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cuts lowing morale back in 2000

Based on the BBC article, Ian D-S said a 800million cost saving and also with an annual 3% "efficiency saving" on top of that, he said " many of us believe is just simply another word for a cut." Also he described such a process as "damaging to morale." So what are they doing now in the services, the mind boggles. the morale must have been smashed to pieces.

'We Want Two' Navy carrier plan pondered by Cabinet

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Lewis has written a good piece.. surprise

I actually enjoyed his arguments on this piece as generally he has his own agenda on things However this is a good article and raises some good questions and one or two people in the comments have added to it as well. The choice of aircraft is an important one and been not in the know of what their real capability will be, I can not make choice of what is better there. On the use of the frigates etc. let them go as they are last generation. Some people say they help defend the sea lanes, not much good in Somalia are they? The sea lanes are so large, it is they are very hard to defend, a good air defence can see a lot further than ship based radar.

On the issue of steam jets, use the electric ones and then this opens up the carrier to other aircraft from allied nations also in shared operations. On joint operations, which is what we do a lot of now also, we can provide the carrier and the allies provide the support, some people we have do it on our own, basically we can not afford it anymore, this is the same for ground operations as well. We can project ourselves to tin pot nations, but as one person said before they can get good P-800 Yakhont cruise missile from Russia, via Syria if they want to. So it is a dilemma, what to do? Well until the defence review is published we will not know, i just hope it does not cripple the armed services too much. That is my bit to the conversation anyway and to thank Lewis for an interesting read

ARM chippies cooperate on Linux

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Isle of Man - Not Isle of Mann

Lets get this right.

"The Isle of Man is an internally self-governing dependency of the British Crown and its people are British citizens. The Crown has ultimate responsibility for the good government of the Island and acts on the advice of Ministers of the UK Government, in their capacity as Privy Councillors. Her Majesty the Queen as Lord of Mann is Head of State" - source " Isle of Man Government website.

Fanboi's lament – falling out of love with the iPad

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Ipad - filofax of yesteryear

I think the Ipad is just a fad to be seen with at the moment, people believe they need it. Apple are fantastic at design and marketing and that is why the Iphone, Ipad etc has done so well. When it comes down to it however, the question you should ask yourself is, do I really need this? Probably the answer will be no, as this writer has come to the same conclusion.

On the writing, the article is a bit over the top and probably needs to go through the editor a bit more throughly before going to press.

Probe spots Pac-Man on Saturnian Death Star

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April fools

Nope, April fools day is Thursday.

Raptor and Eurofighter go head to head

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Lewis Page and the Eurofighter/Typhoon

We know Lewis Page's views on these jets as he keeps on going on about them every single article he writes lately. It is so predicable and getting boring to read. Firstly, the Typhoon is now been used again by the RAF to intercept Russian air force jets on a daily basis. Also these jets have been planned for the next 25 years of usage, just because today there is no threat, who knows in ten years time. Mr Page, start writing more originally please in the future.

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

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What are you anti BBC lot talking about

The licence fee pays for a largest news journalist coverage in the world, with quality journalists instead of ones who will plug the latest product from the advertiser. I am in France where there is a limited licence fee and the programmes here are crap, the sports and films have so many adverts you can go for a pint down the pub and still get back before the next part starts.

You anti licence lot are always the same complaining about the tax and that you are paying too much, and then expecting the best service and quality when the time comes. You anti BBC lot do not realise, but a lot of people watch East Enders, just because you don't, I am sure you have watched the BBC in the year or listened to the radio in some form. If you don't want to pay then get rid of your tv. You will get the radio for free and let everyone else pay for your entertainment. I miss the BBC and if I could would pay for access to UK TV instead of the crap I get here.

China plans 'deep-sea base project'

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Black Helicopters

Undersea resources

There are loads of manganese nodules and other materials not found closer and at less depth. Also the China sea has some very large deposits of oil, but again at really great depth. Our Oriental friends know what they are doing it seems. On other resources down in the depths, the UN still has to agree UNCLOS 3, look it up as I can't be bothered to explain it, sorry.

Ofgem, MoD attack pricey terror-friendly windmills

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Nimbys at work again

No analyst would talk about the Renewable energy sector subsidises being a trough. Whoever they asked, probably was a trader with no idea of the sector. Nearly all analysts I know in this sector actually do care about what is happening in the environment and just so happens the finance industry is getting involved now.

The reason mainly for not many wind farms is that the local NIMBYs are at work and stop nearly every wind farm proposed due them destroying the value of their houses because of the views they have from the window. How much subsidy with nuclear get if it is build? This is article it looks has been taken totally from the Times that everyone knows is known as The Mail with tails.

Please Reg, be a bit more analytical on you're writing, as generally I enjoy reading what is said here.