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Ceglia fined for failing to show evidence of Facebook ownership

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Hmmm, does the name Darl McBride ring a bell?

Sounds like another one of these snake-oil merchants

German cops hacked in revenge for dad spying on daughter

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Dad's in deep shit, all right

From the article, daddy-o is a senior service career officer in the range SI or CSI-range, call it Deputy Inspector, or Inspector for the colonials anound here. He'll have probably be demoted and at least relegated to counting the hairs on the backs of caterpillars, maybe even sacked (which isn't easy, lemme tell you).

Daddy's liitle girl will probably get off scott free, as she didn't don anything untoward. However, her dear friend may face some questiononing just who the hell he gave the info and possibly the trojan to. However, unless the fuzz do not manage to pin the braking of the Patras-Server on him, he'll not be too much incommodated. Just passing on the information that was readily available on the laptop will be construed by any competent barrister to be completely legal and will probably be laughed out of court. And it will be a completely justified cornholing for the BKA.

Of course, if it can be proven that the friend did the hacking of the customs and BKA Servers, that'll be a completely different kettle fo fish.

Street View hits 20 German cities

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Unblurring the blurred

>So how long before we get a project on Picasa or Panoramio to

>collect as many (un-blurred) images of the blurred buildings as possible?

There are already a couple of projects that have stated that they would explicitly target those.

Airbus: We'll cancel crap A400M unless we get more £££

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Bad Translation of the Quote

> Beautiful bit of reasoning there - "It is better to put an end to the horror than have horror without end."

This is a common German adage: "Besser ein Ende mit Schrecken als Schrecken ohne Ende."

It should translate as "Better a horrible ending that having horrors without end."


Scots slam Germans for 'tight-arsed' slur

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So, what about the Swiss, the Dutch, the Danes...

Hoolala! I wonder how he'd react to the super-thrift shop chain "McGeiz" (McMiserly), the low-cost fitness-chain "McFit" and the low-rent dreck-food chain "McDonalds"...

Amiable national stereotyping is not reserved ot the Scots, though. The Swiss are generally shown outGermaning the Germans, the Danes tend to wear funny helmets with horns and the Dutch infest the Autobahns with caravans the size and shape of a large Gouda.

The SNP in general and Angus Robertson in particular should get their collective heads out of their colons. They don't know when they're having it good.

Btw. David McAllister is chairman of the CDU of Niedersachsen only, err, that would be the old duchy of Hanover.

Russian snatches world's strongest 'intimate muscles' crown

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Thumb Up

... Softdrink Cans, anyone?

The mind, she buggers!

Hey, think about graduating to bigger and better things, as it were.

Talk about trailer park class!

Slammed by the WTO, slammed at home

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Kafkaesque? Best-ish, more likely

I don't think the phrase "appropriate to this Kafkaesque DOJ" is all that appropriate. Gonzales is a judical technocrat, a zealous appartchick in best tradition of such outstanding individuals such as Dr.Werner Best, whose arguments and lines of reasoning he is trying to emulate.