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Did TomTom test Microsoft's Linux patent lock-down?



I guess none of the commenters here have partitioned a drive in the last 10 years. When you fire up fdisk, or whatever your favourite partitioning too is, you partition the drive using the MSDOS partition table. Up to 4 primary partitions and as many secondary (extended) partitions as you like. So every Linux system out there is using MSDOS regardless of what file system they format the drive with. Try to set up your ext3 partition without using the msdos partition table. I for one have never seen an option to use any other.

Undetectable data-stealing trojan nabs 500,000 virtual wallets


It's the Geography stupid

"While the trojan targets institutions in dozens of countries in North America, Europe and Asia, none were located in Russia"

All you smart techy guys and not one of you notices there are only 3 countries in North America. So "targets institutions in dozens of countries in North America,..." should cue you. This was all a BIG JOKE. Lam3r5

We-think, I-think ... and Groupthink

Paris Hilton

not again

Charles Leadbetter one of Britains most influential policy advisers? Well that figures. Who better to have an idea how to write a book with some vague ideas using trendy terminology (web 2.0) and base it on a simple and stupid catchword (we-think).

Get a publisher with a good promotions budget and go on the talk show circuit and all the drooling sheep will bleet with fascination at the remarkable intellect of this astounding man. After all the sheep don't really understand what he is saying but it sounds very profound and they are assured by the talking heads that it IS all very profound.

Not to disparage the work that CL has done. It certainly takes effort to write a book and get it promoted and talked about. If that much effort had been expended by an intellectual it would surely have produced something worthwhile. Nice to have something for the Oprah crowd, they must have their entertainment.

Looking for some evidence of deep thinking there will surely lead to wailing and gnashing of teeeth. Much like the poor student stymied by our fixation on "intellectual property". She can't get passed the idea that someone else must own her thoughts so she'd better keep quiet or get sued. But if she keeps quiet then how to produce any work? A more appropriate time for sackcloth and ashes, I can't think of.

Paris because she is an influential policy adviser too.

BOFH: Carbon neutrality



One example, aluminum, doesn't negate the point. For the most part recycling has little to do with carbon reduction. In most cases resource extraction, working on a large scale, is less carbon creating than collecting and processing everyones little box of recycled goodies.

In the case of paper and cardboard, harvesting opens up huge carbon sinks. Young, growing trees absorb far more carbon than mature trees. In this case recycling has a negative effect on carbon reduction.

Does it save carbon to recycle glass or plastic? I doubt it. Those are probably at best carbon neutral compared to extraction.