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American LaFrance blames IBM for bankruptcy

Hot Wrench

no surprises

Freightliner bought up the ALF brand which had been defunct since the early 70's, resurrected it, then went on a rampage to buy out the competition. Closed the newly aquired buyouts, moved all of their production to the Carolina's, then sold it when it started to go downhill because of shoddy quality, a mistreated dealer network, and little to no factory support of the final product.

The investment firm who purchased ALF had little knowledge of this industry, overspent on speculation, and ultimately choked itself to death. They never stood a chance at success.

The Big Blue angle is a diversion.

BTW, the man in charge during the Freightliner downward spiral is the same guy who found investors to purchase another well known fire apparatus builder, Seagrave. He ran this one into the ground as well. No hard feelings, though, he once bought me a drink.