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BT accused of 'sharp practice' on rolling contracts


Last year my phone was cut off

I only asked for my phone line to be changed from business to residential.

Apparently Business don't talk to residential, so as I didn't tell residential, business didn't send overpaid line rental to residential. Residential decided that owing business, didn't count so disconnected me. Business apparently then went and ripped the wies out of the exchange and my phone number returned to the great numbering organisation elsewhere and no way could I have it again.

This mean't the broadband stopped etc.

I spent many hours in the nearest phone box (about half a mile away) trying to resolve between business, residential and ISP.

You really can't make it up, if only there was an alternative. Sorry, there is, but their customer service is just as bad. Been there, done that!

National Safety Council seeks total* cell-phone driving ban


It was a few years ago

When I actually had a hands fee mobile phone.

I took a call while driving down the M1, at the end I had to think where I was and what had happened in the past 10 minutes (at 70mph - say 12 miles!).

Never used one in a vehicle since!

Home Office hands over £50m for police mobile devices



I remember Mr Blair promising all residents their very own computer complete with internet access.

I'm still waiting for mine!

As far as the police are concerned, after they have removed their gloves and stab at the input screen, I wonder how much time will actually be saved.

Bring back the police box, we used to have a 24/7 police station and at least one box in my town, now the box went years ago and the police station is open only during very odd hours, but I can see the benefit in rural areas.

CPW broadband targets feel the crunch



I'm one of the sad souls who is quite happy to have 2mg connection for less than a tenner a month.

Believe it or not, there are a few of us left, who appreciate the problems of merging two different networks and they kept the 'disconnections' to overnight at weekends, so it didn't really affect me.

I just wish they would communicate what they are doing as I can't believe that someone gets up one morning and decides to switch blocks of customers off while they reconfigure that area.

No where on AOL is a status page or anything resembling work in progress.

Even the 'help-line' (now that is a joke!!), isn't told, so you ring to to ask if they might have a problem only to be told to reboot your computer/reset the modem/change settings/defrag your hard disk etc.

It's really not funny!!

EU commissioner backs record biz on copyright extensions



As others have said, why don't I get royalties when others make use of my efforts.

Does a furniture manufacturer get a 'cut' every time you use a chair?

When you use anything more than once, we are missing out. Houses, cars, pens etc.

Where does it stop - more importantly, when/why did it start?

Brazilian cleaner spots security hole in Heathrow e-borders



Two points for you all to think about.

MP's are not security vetted prior to being elected.

Don't know why.

I was once asked to complete a form for a pass to enter police stations.

The form was mainly asking name, address and details of any criminal convictions.

If one day in the future, they found out that I didn't tell the truth, I was liable to a £2000 fine and a criminal conviction.

They couldn't understand why I laughed.

Carphone Warehouse boss shuffles off the net



Having bought AOL and them now transferring everything from AOL to CW, he must have been afraid - very afraid!!


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