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What is Mark Hurd working on?

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Merging technology with autocracy?

I recall a great Storage company named Storagetek. Storagetek were fantastic to deal with, they offered the VARs deal registration, pre-sales support, discounts and helped them close deals profitably. Sadly Storagetek were aquired by Sun Microsystems and all those great benefits were eventually watered down and melted into Sun's toxic pool of autocracy. The Storagetek staff fled the pool and the Storagetek partners watched their long term relationship with what was by far one the most channel friendly Storage vendors stagnate.

NetApp are a great organisation with products that work well, I fear that the greed of Oracle will ruin the flourishing and profitable relationship that the channel is currently enjoying with NetApp and their Distributors. Let's hope that Oracle don't alter the modus operandi too much and make the NetApp / channel relationship a difficult one...

Will Oracle's proposed aquisition of NetApp deprive the channel storage resellers of another great partnership?

Fukushima is a triumph for nuke power: Build more reactors now!

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Chain reaction

Fantastic article and very well written indeed

No need for Dialy Mail/BBC/The Sun type doom & gloom diagrams either, plus I now undertand more about the operations of the Japanese nuclear facilities than I ever did.

I wish all journalism was a level headed as this!

Analyst says white iPhone 4 out next month

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A white iPhone 4?


I cannot believe how much of a fuss is being kicked up over a colour change on an established product!

Perhaps Apple know the fashion mongers will come flocking to buy the same old shit but in a different colour and delay the release of Mother Virgin Jesus Phones for this very reason

Signed: A Black [i]Phone owner

Microsoft to Apple: 'Oh, yeah? Well, your font is too small'

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Windows and all things transparent are registered trade marks of Microsoft Corp!

When you think at how much MS rant and rave to claim their [God given?] trademark on the Windows brand, this just shows that the issue is probably a lot deeper than the App Store moniker itself.

This court case could be the foundation of a Cohen Bros. comedy!

Ex-UK spy boss says WikiLeaks sparked Egyptian revolution

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This will certainly boost Assange's larger than Mt. Everest ego and make his glow a damn site more brighter than he believes it allready does.

I guess he could always use the fact that his tattle tale website changed the Middle East for the better in his defence to remain in the UK, I mean after all we've accomodated every other warmonger and radical here at the taxpayers' costs.

On the subject of donations... I wonder how the real whistleblower, Mr Bradley Manning is holding up? I do recall Wikkileaks stating they'd help him with his legal costs and a decent defence council too.

I guess Assange doesn't give a shoot now that he's the Pink Panther of the digital world and needs every hard earned contribution to avoid his own extradition

Nokia DC-14 bike charger

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Power to which people I ask?

This verfy product came up on a large Cycling Forum in early December, linked by a Member.

It was discussed in detail and it seems as if most real mountain and road bikers would never slap one of these devices onto the fork leg of their beloved pedal powered steeds.

This type of product is probably best suited to the fair weather, summer centric cyclist, the type that flock to cycleways in summer and only use their under/over priced bikes for 3 months of the year at the very most. Yes, those who don't care about the extra weight, the hassle of wires and the fact that the dynamo's krurled wheel will inevitably chew through the sidewall of the bike's tire whilst the crude mount will end up making a mess of the fork leg's painted finish.

Yes it's trendy to carry your beloved Nokia on your handlebars, but is it wise I ask? Using it for navigation is great as cycleways are mazes of confusion. Using it on a forest fire road will result in the cradle shaking like a fish out of water. If the weather takes a nasty turn, then back into the pocket the phone will have to go.

It's a nice idea in principle and I assure you most purchases will be based on "ooh, that's a good idea" type impulse buys. It's a nice try Nokia, but no cigar.

To be honest, as an enthusiastic cyclist myself, I just ensure my battery is charged before I set off and occasionally use my ruggedised and waterproof Garmin eTrex GPS.

Phone seller pre-peddles white iPhone 4 for UNDER A GRAND!

Raymond Wilson

The "Costner Effect"?

Expansys' product manager must be a Costner fan and watched "Field of Dreams" a dozen or more times. "Build it and they will come..."

Or.. "List it and they will buy"

What's the allure of a white iPhone 4G anyway? You'll end up covering the heaven sent ivory case with some form of exterior case or skin thus hiding the hen's tooth of the mobile communications world.

Could it be the fact that you can perform the ultimate party trick by peeling back the protective cover/skin and revealing that you have a white iPhone? Pity the fool....


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Let God sort 'em out...

As an FPS on the PC fan this has to be added to my collection. Yes I was a DN3D fan and I await Duke Nukem Forever with baited breath (as do many others I guess, even though the console generation will never know or appreciate Duke's heritage)

I've done the Quakes, Unreals and Bioshocks, CODs and the like, so I do hope that "Bulletstorm" is as as fresh as Mike Plant claims it to be

This just seems like the perfect timing to release a new FPS with attitude that picks up where DN3D left off all those years ago.... and hey, we never know, it could be better than DNF!

The only questionable attribute is the £50 odd SRP which is somewhere between £10-£18 more than the average new release PC based shooter.

Speculation swells as Apple event draws near

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I predict!

A VMware client for the iPad to allow Applephobes to load Windows XP Tablet edition on to their iPads.

That way the Windows lovers can host their "happy interface" on trendy hardware

Fear as motivator: why Intel acquired McAfee

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Is that an AV setting in your BIOS?

As I am an old and gnarly user and I mainly use a Mac at home I don't need or use any AV bloatware at all, however I also own a PC. Common sense not McAfee, Symantec or any other AV subsciption has kept the Wintel part of the fleet shiny side up. Yes I do all those horrible updates from MS too, we all do, but I don't need AV!

So.. Intel believe that they will now keep me secure at hardware level? I mean, where will this part of the security fit into the architecture? Will Intel shoehorn it into the EFI? Perhaps a new ASIC on the chipset? What will the overhead be on the system performance?

More importantly, can I disable it or will it be anbother autocratic addition to the forthcoming features of my future x86 system/s?

I think what worries me the most is that chipzilla are taking a leaf from Microsoft's book and enforcing crap on me that I just don't believe I need.


Remote access tech nabs smut-fan laptop theft suspect

Raymond Wilson

Top tips..

Briliant lateral thinking nabbed the crooks! I love it when the victim helps in solving the crime committed against them with a little help from technology and a "can do" attitude!. A bit like CSi meets B&Q!

On the flipside, any semi-tech savvy thief who has read this here report will now know that he she/it should reinstall the OS on the illegaly acquired laptop - if the stolen warez came with an Installation Disk, of course..

A bit like the news report that claimed watching programmes like CSi makes criminals smarter...

Right let me watch Johnny Mnemonic just one more time before I stash my life savings into my Irish Setter's head during this phase of global economic uncertainty

The Hadron Collider: What's it all about, then?

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The Huggs Bossom..

How on earth will Doc Emmett Brown fit this contraption into the DeLorean time machine? In essence it is an oversized Flux Capacitor used to move matter around at light speed and cause two particles (Marty McFly & Biff) to collide!

McKinnon supporters plan Home Office demo

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So, because you don't commit a crime on UK soil you shouldn't be held accountable? Bollocks!

Rest assured if any of the pro-McKinnon crowd's children were groomed and subject to visual abuse over the Internet by some paedo in a 3rd world state with no law against it, they'd be screaming for the British government to arrange extradition to get the sicko over here so they could have their pound of flesh.

The Internet is a Global Village and just because you commit a crime in a "foreign" nation over the wire doesn't exempt you from prosecution

Flame me as much as you want, but McKinnon must face the music. He's a big boy and he knew exactly what he was doing. He wasn't playing "The X-Files Game" looking for UFO dizzle and even if he was, there are places you don't play that game, a Government Defence Network is most certainly one of them.

Gary McKinnon I have no sympathy for you, irrespective of your nationality and where you committed your crimes.

You've made a nice big crucifix for yourself and a matching crown of thorns. Wear that crown and carry the cross to the top of the hill, you've most certainly earned it!

Raymond Wilson

Crime & Time

McKinnon broke the law and knew what he as doing was against the law, irrespective of where the servers were situated or who they belong to. Hacking is against the law!

So, I ask what makes Gary McKinnon so special that he shouldn't be extradited?

I believe his defence team are now claiming that he has some form of Autism and he suddenly needs "medical attention"

Man, you can't make this shit up, it's like a semi intelligent episode of East Enders where some dorkwit blatantly breaks the law, gets caught, has to be held accountable for what he's done but he and his supporters are in denial. Then when he has to face the music he believes he's the victim and then comes up with a medical reason! Unreal...

Gary McKinnon, you broke the law and upset someone bigger than you me and probably the entire UK population., You are the victim.. of your own stupid actions..

Go to jail....

Tired of RRoD taunts? Turn your Xbox 360 into a PC

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Sheer brilliance! Will it fit alongside my SkyPlus box and DVD Recorder in my space limited home entertainment cabinet unit? Perhaps I should put it on a desk along with the LCD HD telly and deprive my missus of Eastenders?

Lsstly, I somehow don't believe this modification will appear on Microsoft's "Hardware Compatibility List"..

Dell offers glimpse of monster quad-core laptop

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It aint heavy...it's my desktop....

Dell rhymes with Hell.. which this beast is bound to be as hot as, once running..

Heavy it will be too, but I guess "h@rdk0r3 g4m3rz" don't mind lugging 5Kgs of foldable desktop around with them, plus another half kilo of Power Supply!

A small price to pay when it comes to fragging your foes at 5FPS faster than the average gaming desktop...

In conlcusion Dell learned something from the squints they inherited from Alienware.. if it aint hot and heavy, it aint l33t!

Intel makes MacBook Air processor available to all

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Re: skinny laptop needs skinny os ..

@ Nick,

Very true indeed, but how about a skinny pricetag to match too?

MacOS is a little thinner than Windoze but the Apple pricing is certainly bloated!

Japanese geek trio blow up mice

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There she blows

Perhaps they could design inflatable whales too, that way the Japanese could harpoon them by the dozen for "scientific research"

I'm tempted to forward this article to Greenpeace, as they protect all species, from mice to whales, or am I blowing this out of proportion?