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Apple plugs 25 security holes

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There is a difference Martin

I use a Mac and a PC. I have an XP machine that I've used for the past 4 years on a PIII 667Mhz processor no less with 384megs of RAM. It's a steaming pile of s#!+. I know this but I accept it and the Microsoft centric things that I need to do I do without issue. I can't expect filet mignon when I'm at McDonald's. I accept that it's crap.

I use a Powerbook for everything else I do. It's not a toy it's is the best machine I have ever had. If you spent any time on a Mac you would see that it's a highly powerful UNIX workstation, that has a glorious and functional eye candy GUI to boot. Now that Mac's run Intel I will be purchasing a MacBook Pro and do everything from one box.

You are right every system has it's flaws Microsoft just has exponentially more of them.

Script kiddies only on Windows? That just shows your ignorance.

I've run into more *nix script kiddies than anything.

Speaking of UNIX Bill Joy the inventor of vi and founding architect of BSD and James Gosling the creator of Java have on their desktop? Not Microsoft crap!

I don't mind spending a little extra for a Mac because it is a very polished product!

Windows including Vista has the feel of an abandoned, unfinished open source project. Aero does nothing functionally to make using your PC easier other than just giving you something cool to look at.

Mac's are the best! There is a lot to be smug about.

Windows Vista marketing 'deceived' consumers

Dot Net

Webster Phreaky in denial

I have OSX 10.4.9 running on a 733 G3 that's a whooping 350Mhz! And Expose still flys unlike the always crashing Windows Aero. Have you tried playing a DVD on Windows 2000 PC wtih a 350Mhz processor? Obviously not. Guess what? It doesn't work! And neither does Vista on a 350Mhz box. Know what you are talking about instead of digging old links for your straw man arguments

C'mon Vista is a cheap knockoff of OSX

Don't be hatin` cause all you can afford is Old Navy!