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US man threatens TV repairman with shotgun

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Sounds about right

Yeah that's normal, something like this is always going to come around every few months...

Average American with little intelligence + guns which are exceptionally easy to get hold of = chaos.

Whether it's hold up's with morons like this or the recent news of another idiot on a killing spree it's going to happen when you allow guns on the street & I'm getting tired of reading about these stories...

Brits split on ID cards

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Well that's a good number for the government

47% of people interviewed worked for the government departments managing the marketing of ID cards? Highly unfair that interview I'd say, but then I guess that's normal behaviour when we're talking about another waste-of-taxpayers-money project which the government needs to draw support from.

Wonder where the other departments interviewed were from to stick up for other government funded IT projects and the like...

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback

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Bleedin stupid

I agree with Liam O'Flaherty among others there. This will just open the doors to a new wave of rogue traders who're currently rubbing their hands together at the prospect of ripping off hundreds of buyers who now can't view any comments about the trader's previous sales.

If I bought a computer from a local retail store and was told they'd taken my money but "don't sell this model any more and tough luck, bye", you can be damned sure I'd be writing to the local papers and news sites and even standing outside with banner & mic in true hippy style to warn others not to go near the store. Seller protection? What about the buyer protection???

Cable cutter nutters chase underwater conspiracies

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It's obviously

a clumsy mistake by Nessie or Godzilla on vacation ...

Hamster-in-rain emergency prompts 999 call

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2 solutions off the top of my head - I should be a politician

So fine each pathetic timewaster 500-1000 each call & put this money back into having proper police on the streets or actually doing something about the crime in the UK.

Alternatively, since each and every one of them is preventing resources from saving lives, charge each with attempted murder/manslaughter and put them into a selfish-git jail.