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Reg man confesses: I took my wife out to choose a laptop for Xmas. NOOOO

roy lovelock

I decided about a year ago to get my wife a chromebook - shes ok on a computer but not tech savvy.

I had a few reasons for choosing the chromebook over a windows / mac.

First and foremost being - it works, i don't need to constantly check for viruses, updates, adware, the machine does exactly what she needs it for, that little bit of shopping and checking emails.

She even uses it as a media centre and does all her documents on the machine.

I have various windows machines but couldn't make the switch to windows 8, tried it for a few weeks then returned the machine and have since switched over to a mac book pro, i wish i had done it years ago.

I think chromebooks get a rough deal, we now have a couple of them in the house and they are the most used machines - instant on, any account can sign in, and the cloud service works fantastically. Even when we went on holiday with no access to the internet the offline mode worked well for my daughter - she loaded it with her music and videos and was kept entertained in the wet summer holiday we had in aug.

Not always does cheap mean bad, the chromebooks are cheap yes but far from bad.

We'd switch mobile networks, but we can't be bothered – survey

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very pleased with my switch

I also switched from Tmobile to Three a couple of years back. I had been with One2One / tmobile/ EE since 95 and they had been ok, but the final nail in the coffin for me was the change in contracts and the constant mid contract rises.

I had previously had unlimited data (capped at 3gb!!????) then they released the 4g and there data was Pants to say the least - i think i would have been capped in less than 1 hour very month.

Being a average 10-15gb per month Three have been fantastic, i had been told horror stories of poor coverage etc but tbh ive not seen it in the two years ive been with them.

Im just sitting on my contract for the time being waiting for the note 4 to arrive.

my wifes virgin account hasnt changed in 5 years, she has the rolling 30 day contract and it cost me £6 pm, for that she has unlimited everything (im sure there are restrictions) - ive yet to see a deal as good as that so have kept her on it.

Recommendations for NAS-based home media set-up

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plex hands down

My setup consists of

readynas pro duo with 4x 3tb hdd raid x (i love raid x as it will auto expand while running, and are hot swappable)

mac mini 2.5ghz (late 2012) as the server

then i have a number of devices that can access the server.

Now tv with plex hack works very well and is simple (just roku box but only £10) i have 3 of them currently.

I also have 2 google tvs by sony - these are fantastic devices that have the latest version of plex that allows the files to be indexed when the server if off line.

And lifetime plex subscription - this is a must if you want the added bonuses of sync and cloud sync.

Another forgotten device is google chrome, cheap and easy to use from your mobile phone, just open the app and cast job done.

HTC One M8: Reg man takes spin in Alfa Romeo of smartphone world

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Re: Battery

yep the same here, non removable battery = deal breaker.

My note 2 is on its second battery as the original was not holding charges that well, took a few seconds to change and away i went.

The htc one x i bought and promptly gave to my wife as i hated it is only a month older and she struggles to last 9hours on standby, if she checks her mail or god fobids makes a call it dies within a few hours.

Im glad htc has taken on board the sd card slot - but they ignored the removable battery side, until they do that i will be purchasing sammys.

HTC Beats off loss, but shares slip after disappointing quarter

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Real shame

I was a loyal fan of htc and owned many of their handsets, until they decided they would no longer support removable sd cards and batteries. To me it really dosent matter how well built the device is if its battery fails and causes that beautiful piece of metal and glass to be turned into a doorstop prematurely.

The offset was i found just how ugly BUT how good touchwiz actually is on the samsungs. It wins zero awards for looks but its got a lot more under the hood than sense has. I really didnt realise just how restrictive sense was until i got the sammy.

I have the note 2 and my wife runs my last ever htc one x, her battery is fading at 1.5 years old and very rarely lasts a whole day now, but when it does escape running out it still needs rebooting every few days as it slows down (we have reset it a number of times and its still the same) where my note 2 runs for months on end without the need of a reboot. this is purely down to sense again.

To me and a lot of my geeky friends it doesnt matter how highly rated a phone is now, if it has no removable and memory then there not the phone for me or us (this sadly goes for the nexus devices as well).

HTC need to realise that there are a lot of people that turned their backs on the iphone excatly for this reason and htc were the brand to go to originally, since they decided to remove what people wanted they have lost sales.

I really hope that HTC realise this - they dont need to shave of a couple of mm, just give people back what they removed - back the hacking community and the sales will return if its not too late.

Marks & Sparks accused of silently bonking punters over the tills

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i was really annoyed when my mastercard was replaced early with a contactless payment card, i work in an job where my friends have had payments taken from thier cards accidently.

i explained this to my card supplier and they told me its an standard now with mastercard.

the CS agent told me that any payments taken would be returned, but didnt seem to understand the agro it cause the customers when they have to change thier cards with online payments etc.

in the end i found the nfc chip and pushed a small screwdriver though it, voila dead nfc, (fyi the chip is right next to the visible chip and pin chip in the centre of the card, you have to be careful not to damage the chip and pin contacts).

Ive now switched my account to visa as they gave me the option. Sometimes progress is not needed or wanted, i dont ever want or need my card details be accessable by anyone with a nfc reader, i want the option to disable this useless and dangerous feature, until then i will be avoiding mastercard.

the problems shown here by M&S just show that sometimes tech is not the answer

HTC profits PLUNGE 98%: Pins hopes on HTC One, 'Facebook mobe'

roy lovelock

Re: HTC One - lovely phone

i totally agree with this statement.

i was a long time htc owner, my last one was the htc one x and it was second worst experience ive ever had with a phone (first being the motorola milestone), infact i only used the pos for 6 months before purchasing the note 2.

the failings for me were non removable battery, no sd card. my memory went corrupt and i had to wipe the phone to get the memory back - this happened a number of times, if this had been sd card i would have just swapped it and carried on,

the battery was shocking, i never got more than 6 hr though mp3 playback before the thing would die, then there is the over heating issue while gaming or using sat nav.

i can see htc vanishing in the not so distant future, unless they can get thier heads around that people want these simple things on their phones.

i think this would be a shame and big loss, either love it or hate it sense made android look 1000x better, and i think this made google look at the os ui from ice cream sandwich onwards.

Virgin Media's latest throttling rules

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missing the point

ive also been hit hard with this stupid stm. but everyone seems to be missing the point by saying they have upgraded the connection and only cut it 40%

what is missing is they are capping either side of the bandwidth which hit their limits, first of all its 50% on the up side, then its 75%.

i like a lot of users have 120mb connection, i also shift vast amounts of data across my network and streaming my media server to friends and family. my up side is often capped to 1.3mbs which makes it useless for streaming. the ping also increased (ive seen it as high as 120ms) so when i access gmail it asks me to load the page for slower connections - not bad for a 120mb connection.

I was also sold the package as unlimited - you wont be traffic shapped or throttled like others.

Virgin has been very quiet about the new stm, i wonder why - thier userbase would probo drop an good % overnight. Why are they not required by law to advertise it as often as they drop letters though my door advertisng their services!!.

another thing is i think (also the cs rep said he thinks this is also the case) that virgin has secret bandwidth caps, if you use over 100gb (for example) they will automatically cap you during stm. I prooved this today as i have have used around 400gb this month, yesterday my modem was off until i called customer services to disconnect, my connection was 33mb down and 1.4mb up - only a few mins into the stm (this was hard wired not wifi btw) - i had used no data since the evening before hand (just to proove the point). my capping fell of around midnight and im back to 113mb down now.

Basically im now paying for 120mb connection and getting only 33mbs back.

the really sad part is i actually get faster connections now of my mobile phone using hspda+, if i need to upload a file to dropbox during the stm i can upload over 3x faster to the box from my phone than i can on the fastest broadband connection in the country.

virgin has taken a excellent internet connection (barring the superdud) and flushed it down the toilet, roll on sky fibre pro coming soon to my property.

JK Rowling's adult novel arrives on ebook full of FAIL

roy lovelock

try the audiobook

i was suprised with the digital copy price, but i have subs to audible and it worked out to around £4 (there abouts) for the audiobook on my yearly membership.

ive all but given up purchasing books in the conventional way as audible makes it a lot cheaper and it less effort!!!

T-Mobile puts 'Full Monty' tariff on diet

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tmobile do it again

why do they manage to upset so many users within a two year period, my contract expires in October, Ive been locked in for the last two years (and been with them for 18 years now) - with 2 price increases, and now the removal of the full Monty tethering i will be switching my personal line in Oct. Ive had the full Monty for the last few months and love it, i use the tethering part and that was the reason why i switched package.

t mobile seems to currently want their cake and eat is as well.... its going to cost them in the long run if they carry on treating customers with the contempt they are currently showing.

Facebookers trigger vote to choke Zuck's data suck

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Re: best thing i ever done


that should work better

roy lovelock

best thing i ever done

completely delete the crap


no more opt in or opt out, privacy restored!!

this isnt the suspend but completely remove, it takes about 14 days for them to remove your account, dont sign in during this period.

It's all in the wrist: E-ink smartwatch Pebble bags $2m

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very nice

I was one of the idiots that purchased the useless sony liveview watch, from day one it didnt work, a firmware update sorted out connection problems but it was lacking in one thing, a clock that that was on all the time (well you could but the battery would die within about an hour).

My live view had some cool features but was never the killer product that i would normally wear, this looks like it might fill that void.

TBH 1 week battery life isnt that bad, especially when you consider that most new smart phones wont last much more than a day on average use, i cant see the issue with charging it once a week.

They could though add a nice little calculator solar cell, im sure that would extend the life by some degree.

£100 seems a little steep though, liveview came in at £50 and play had it for sale reacently for £13, i think £50 would be a more acceptable price.

i will be keeping a close eye on this product as it come to market, i wont jump on the first shipment either......

Lovefilm dumps Flash, BLINDS Linux fans with Silverlight

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another customer gone here

i currently have the 3 at home package, and used the streaming on occasion when at work on my samsung galaxy tab. this is very poor descion by love film and i think they will lose good percentage of thier customers because of this.

talk about shoot themselves in the foot - your damned if you pirate and your damned if you legally stream.

when are these companys gona understand that DRM is an out dated and hated by everyone, amazon do this on audible and now they are doing it on love film, well done

Apple applies to patent a SIM you can't remove

roy lovelock

i agree, but to let you know if you open up your kindle you will find a sim card in there that can be removed,. i suspect though that the card is married to the device so no point in removing it for free network on another device.

45% of Android users to upgrade to rival phone OSes

roy lovelock

one of the 0%

these sorts of storys do make me laugh out loud.

Im a loyal android user, i like some others started of with the tmobile G1 and was impressed with the OS - not so much the quality of the phone, htc made a poor quality phone with an excellent keyboard though.

I then went to the moto milestone, and was disgusted with the way that motorola locked the phone down, you couldnt cook the roms and still cant, that phone lasted me 9 months before it went (and they lost a customer for life).

Im currently using the desire hd and the thing is excellent. After putting a deacent rom on the machine its snappy, and half deacent battery life (best part of 2 days).

Only a couple of days ago i was handed a ipod touch 3rd gen 64gb - this was suppose to be sold or binned but i was given the machine as ive always been a android fan. My friend on the other hand loves apple.

Well i put on that damned awlful program itunes onto a old redundant pc and copyed over my music collection one of my external drives.

I synced about 50gb of music which took around 2hrs, and about 5 or 6 freeze ups with itunes. Then had error after error about ipod service not running - only way around was reboot the whole system. Talk about banging your head agains a brick wall i only want to put a bit of music on the thing is that too much to ask!!!???

Ive used the machine for the last couple of days and can quiet safetly say than android will spend many more happy years in this family, The os is horrible in comparison to android - i love to fiddle with widgets and move stuff about all the time, i cannot do this on the ipod, i like to listen to my audiobook collection - and have the mp3s in thier own folder so i can easily navigate to play them, on the ipod i have to jump though hoops to stop them appearing in my music folder - then bang itunes freezes.

Another big thing over the ipony for me is - hmmm battery dies, how the hell do you change it!!! .

Android i personally think is for people that dont mind getting thier hands dirty to reap the rewards at the end, apple on the other hand offer something thats semi functional albeit bloody irrating .

No two android phones look the same, its a personal preferance to the look and feel each owner has on thier phone.

I also own a samsung galaxy tab 7"

But my next phone will be another htc so that makes me another one of the 0% that will stay with current manufactor and os

Galaxy Tab remains illegal in Germany

roy lovelock

silver lining???

This may work in samsungs favour. Ipad, or wannabe ipad owners will see all this case over the internet and news and think, "hmmm samsung is a copy of the ipad but cheaper".

im hoping that current apple owners will see what apple are doing to effectly create a monopoly will leave a sour taste in thier mouths and leave when thier next upgrade is due.

I just hope that samsung take this into account when apple want newer and more powerful componets from them

HTC 'dismayed' by Apple's bizarre patent allegations

roy lovelock


this is one of the reasons why i would NEVER touch another apple product ever again. control control control is all they are after - if they cant have it they will sue until other companies fold.

i hope htc (by far a superiour products imho) take them to the cleaners for wasting thier time,

if apple put as much effort into thier products as they do thier court cases they would have kept android way behind insted of snapping at thier feet (and over taking)

Google activates half million Androids a day

roy lovelock


i think they mean the new galaxy tab 10.1 not the older tab (gt1000), btw mines on gingerbread.

Motorola Atrix dual-core Android smartphone

roy lovelock

Right ON!!

I couldnt agree more, i had the milestone (first one) and after months of broken promises (no flash for over a year) and locked bootloader i got a FULL refund as the item was not as described.

It was a shame as the handset was nice quality but sadly let down by the bloat ware and in ablity to cook your own roms.

This looks like it may sadly be present on this phone, nice concept sadly let down by motorola, they seem to think that android users are the same as ipod users, we buy android devices so we can play with them and set them up as we want NOT by the makers and or mobile networks.

I will be sticking with my desire hd and galaxy tab for the mean time,

MOVE WITH THE TIME MOTOROLLA, most ofther android manufactors are unlocking boot sig lock - follow suit otherwise the more savvy owners will avoid your products..

Sony Ericsson LiveView remote phone viewer

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Thumb Down

worst £50 ever spent

i bought this awlful pos when i got my new desire hd, the device quiet simply is useless,

the machine first of all connected but then dies, to get it re connected takes so much time and effort you might as well just use your phone in the normal way.

in my case it wont reconnect unless i completely remove the live view app and re install it, it will then work for best arount 10 mins before its again looking for the phone again.

i also tried this thing out on the motorola milestone and had the same results.

AVOID AT ALL COSTS, its not worth the time wasted in your life to deal with this thing.

mine is sitting on the side covered in dust, unless the firmware gets updated it will probo go in the bin as i wouldnt want to palm this sort of poor technology on anyone else.

nice idea, let down big time by sony, why release an obviously beta, na alpha device to the paying public.

i concur its a steaming turd to say the least

Motorola Milestone

roy lovelock

2.1 now

just thought i would add that ota updates are now happening which upgrades the firmware to 2.1. the machine is much better now with none of the audio glitching whith headphones, live wallpapers, 9 home screens and most of all the machine is now fast with a lot less lag than on 2.01.

if you havent upgraded to 2.1 or it refuses you can do it manually, you wont want ot go back.

now roll on flash 10.

Googlephone sales top, um, 135,000

roy lovelock

i went to purchase but......

My trusty g1 bit the dust and i wanted the N1 - I had all the etching done etc then went to pay for it, sorry your card is invalid WTF.

After a bit of digging i found out maestro cards are not accepted anymore, I dont use credit cards online, no pappy pal etc, sale lost!!.

went and got a milestone insted.

Google you need to realise that maestro cards are used all over the place in europe - not everyone uses credit cards.

I had used the card previously on the market place - now its no longer accepted.

Until google accept all debit cards they will never be number 1.

ipod dont even go there yuck....

Huawei E5 Wi-Fi/3G modem

roy lovelock

the price is more like £80 not £180

i concur, i bought my one in november to use with my archos 5 android and the machine has been flawless since i payed dc unlocker 15 euros to unlock the device. 3 were doing this device for £39.99 before christmas so it turned out to be a bargain. i already have an excellent dataplan with tmobile so that sim card dropped straight in.

the machine is basic on features because it just gets the job done as advertised. we dont need any more of the fandangled settings just the connections with encription... job done.

75% is a little low imho for a device that does as advertised, maybe your rating was affected by the too high price that was reflected in the article?

2009's Top Personal Media Players

roy lovelock

archos 5 internet tablet?

upto 500gb hard drive based, 32gb flash with micro sd card slot. and running opensource ANDROID. say no more

Archos 5 internet-enabled PMP

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just a clarification

The new archos 5 is the best thing ive ever used, the reviewer has obviously done the test before the latest firmware release yesterday. with the latest release they have added Flac and Ogg support also the battery life (from the specs) have been risen to 7hrs video and 22hrs audio (although ive yet to test this).

Its a massive improvement on the 605 (although that was also a excellent machine).

you can get lots more info and support on this little gem here


First public Firefox 3 candidate shoots out the door

roy lovelock

phorm an like

ive been a fan of firefox for some years, im disgusted that they would even joke about tracking me or my kids usage online, shame really - looks like i will be heading over to opera in the not so distant future - as will many users i suspect

Amazon turns up volume, buys Audible

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@Richard Eustace

I had the same subscription, and yep i did eventually find that convert with goldwave but it was too late for me, i had already spend bundles on cds by then. When i approached audible about non ipoders they said tough get an ipod!?!?!?!.

The amount of business this company must have lost because of this, my local libary has made a killing since (and its a whole lot cheaper!).

The one nice thing that the site does is allow you to re download your files if needs must (unlike itunes),

Good idea if you have an ipod or one of the other players, but there are cheaper and easier alternatives, local libary was £2 per book the last time i visited.

roy lovelock

MP3 downloads??

I gave up with audible because of the naff support they give to most other mp3 player other than the ipod. I loved the idea and it was touted as MP3 downloads, this prooved to be false when in fact its the heavly encripted aa. files. I have used archos players for many years and cant stand the ipod - sadly the archos range wasnt good enough for audible. Hopefully amazon buying this company will at least put drm heavy wma or better still MP3 files for download. This would open the media up to many more ppl like myself who would probally renew their subscriptions. The couple of times ive downloaded of audible ive ended up buying loads of cds to burn, in the end it worked out more expensive doing it this way than if i had gone and bought the hard copy.