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Firefox 3.1 vs IE8: 'Alpha, beta testers step forward, please'



ever since i've updated to ff3.01 it's been pretty fast and no crashes. the crash that you're experiencing could probably be from an unclean install. download the new ff3.1 and back-up your bookmarks. uninstall ff2 or ff3 that you have now. delete any old file directories of ff in your profile. install the new ff3.1 and it's as stable as an aircraft carrier out in the big blue ocean.

if you're using xp updating to sp3 might help or maybe the windows registry is quite messy and needs a clean installation.

Farewell then, Symbian


easy problem solved. vm old symbian and start new

2 new symbian apps stable and old symbian apps can co-exist

Chinese telco jumps starting gun in 3G race


but for people touring China everythings a bargain

Everything is a bargain if you work in China and get paid state wages or Euro wages. A 5 star restaurant dinner costs no more than 10 - 20 USD. That's a bargain!

Hello Kitty gets claws into UK electronics


HK even has it's own brand of visa

an HK branded visa, that's too much... wonder if they'll spread into types of plastic like gold, palladium and platinum line?

Police go slow with encryption key terror powers


alzheimers and encryption code

what happens if someone has alzheimers and forgot their encryption code or had misplaced where they put their password? are they bound by section 49?

Transgender man prepares to give birth


society different ever since technology came around

If it wasn't for improvement in technology, transgender issues wouldn't have existed... Technically from biological definition of chromosomes she is still a female even though she has a tried to make herself an androgenous effeminate male. There are lots of women out there that look fugly maleish if it wasn't for their long hair and female sumo wrestling physique.

Police raid CeBIT stands


Media coverage of Cebit raid overexaggerated...

The otherside of this story from Meizu googlelated.


O2 may put iPhone on business rates


W Mobile 7 for the mass

When Mobile 7 comes out that may or may not solve most of the User Interface issues with W Mobile. If it does then it really doesn't make much business sense to be working off an iPhone other than A/V recreation and internet browsing since there are lots of W Mobile applications out there.