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How to speed up Windows Vista: official and unofficial tips

jeff jordan

I love Vista

I love vista. I have never had a single problem with it. Of course, I've never used it. having ditched all Microsoft products from my house in 1998 and have moved on to a much more robust, flexible, stable, powerful and secure operating system, namely Linux.

Vista is so bad from what I hear, that it makes my life easy when I show people having problems with vista, just how easy and powerful Linux really is. Uptime in Linux is measured in years, not minutes, like windows. Vista is helping to improve the economy here in the USA because of all the computer tech companies that have sprung up in order to support it because of how bad it is.

Vista is converting more people to Linux than any other thing that Microsoft has ever done.

Anyone that I know that has tried Vista has had MAJOR problems with it, which makes me look like a hero when I put a LiveCD of Linux in their computer and show them how great it is or how I save their data from their windoze computer.

Because of the silly hardware requirements of running Vista, I've managed to acquire many computer that are in very good shape and work extremely well when I wipe the disk and put Linux on it. My 8yo daughter has thanked me many times for finally giving her a computer with Linux on it that she can really do things on and not have to be constantly worrying about losing data, constantly having to 'save' anything she works on, and not having to worry about viruses. My 12yo son got a new computer for Christmas. He spent 3 days installing drivers and other applications, but couldn't connect to our home network. I spent 3 entire days 'trying' to get it connected to our home network, which I never was able to do since I think the stack was corrupt or had some other internal bug. I put in a Linux LiveCD and it automatically connected to not only our network, but automatically identified all other computers and printers on the network and configured his computer automatically.

Once he saw that, he converted to Linux.

So, I'm a hero to not only my family, but to everyone that has ever tried Vista.

Like I said, I love Vista.


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