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Plunging BT sales hit every branch of the biz on way down

Tom C

Re: Please........

The voice backbone was converted to ATM (IP) over fibre with the introduction of BTs 20th century network (20CN). The 21CN backbone is now well under way - replacing the ATM circuits (Which replaced the TDM/SDH circuits).

Microsoft shuttering Windows Mobile 6.x Marketplace

Tom C

So much for contracts

My HD2 is still in contract - I cannot upgrade it until next month. Yet, already Microsoft has shut down the live sync site - a business essential for me as it contained the remote kill functionality essential to allow me to carry information on the phone covered by the data protection act. I now cannot put more than the bare essentials of my business contact details on the phone and so I am just marking time until I can change phones. Will I get another MS phone after this experience? No chance! Call me old fashioned but I expect vendors to support kit until the end of the contract as a bare minimum.

3UK shapeshifts on traffic shaping

Tom C

Why back down?

How many users would be kicking up a fuss abut not being able to watch two live video streams simultaneously? I don't understand why they have changed their mind on this.

Cisco Wireless LANs at risk from 'skyjacking' flaw

Tom C

Why would you?

Once you have properly provisioned your network, why would you leave OTAP switched on? It is an open invitation for someone else to re-provision everything.

MoD sticks with 'most decrepit browser in the world'

Tom C

@AC 13:52

"If the application works leave it alone" IE6 does not work to today's web standards and is riddled with security holes. Even M$ admit it is not fit for purpose and recommend upgrade on security grounds. You would think that the department concerned with the defence and security of this country would take notice of such considerations when choosing software.

Microsoft abolishes Money

Tom C

Quicken UK

I am using Quicken 2000 which was the last UK release. If MS has left the field, why wouldn't Intuit bring Quicken back for the UK market? It was and is a good product.

Suggesting Office Accounting Express as an alternative for Money is not really addressing the issue. Software developed for business accounting is a different beast to personal financial management.

Regulators and law don't protect UK net neutrality

Tom C

But every is already paying, surely?

As a customer, I pay my ISP for a certain monthly data allowance (40Gb on my current contract). As a web host, I also pay the data centre or an ISP located there for a monthly data allowance. ISPs also have "transit agreements" in place to cover the costs of handling data transitting from one ISP to another.

No doubt, YouTube and the BBC already pay massive amounts for the connections to their data centres. What grounds have BT and others got for asking for more?

Reg readers bring down HMRC website

Tom C

@Neural9 and others

If you really did pay such sums directly, rather than by PAYE, you (or your tax advisor) would be well aware that payments are demanded in installments on 31 January and 31 July irrespective of when you send in the tax return. Indeed, if you have not submitted a return, you are still obliged to make a payment on account on these dates.

So who is the "muppet"?


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