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AI 'more profound than fire', Alphabet CEO Sundar Pichai tells rich folks' talking shop

David Bond

Re: AI impact greater than fire

"Can only be true if it destroys us. Which means human induced climate change might be able to eventually make that claim."

Which leads back to what????


So fire has brought us out of the depths and if climate change gets us, fire would be the thing that killed us.

We trained an AI to predict how bad a forest fire will be. It's just as good as a coin flip!

David Bond

Well at 50% it is probably (I guess around 50% chance this is right), as close to guessing with the 3 options just basing it upon what the weather is like. Raining likely to be small, so predict small, but could end up falling into the medium, unlikely to be large. It's hot and dry, likely to be large, predict large but but could fall into medium, unlikely to fall into small. Based on that you have a little under 50% change of being correct, all depending upon the types of fires and weather they used to train and test against. But they did say it was simple.

You'll always need VMs says, surprise, VMware: Run on any cloud you like and get portability

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Re: You'll always need VMs

Agree, why would you, especially when hyper-v is free.

Check your repos... Crypto-coin-stealing code sneaks into fairly popular NPM lib (2m downloads per week)

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Re: No software can be trusted

Forgot one, commercial software has little financial incentive to include malicious intent.

China tells Trump to use a Huawei phone to avoid eavesdroppers

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Re: Wise move

But Nancy's emails...... yep still works.

Man: Just 18 Bitcoin babies and my home is yours

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Re: Now Bitcoin has become so commonplace

Sorry, shitcoin is already taken :) came out in 2013.

Greek police arrest chap accused of laundering $4bn of Bitcoin

David Bond


The thing is with that $4 beeeeelion its headline grabbing crap. The $4 billion is the incorrectly estimated value of all the bitcoin that has entered BTC-e at half the current days value. So the 1000's of bitcoins that were transferred in 2011 at a value of what $5 each are counted as having a value of ~$1200 each. Also all of that money wasn't being laundered, it was people using the exchange, selling their bitcoins. In the warrant only around $200000 is actually mentioned with specific transfers.

What they are getting him for really is running an unregistered exchange / money transfer company that accepted money from the US. Which if you go into technicalities, they never did, BTC-e didn't accept direct money transfers only money from transfer companies, or the dodgy part a shell company account.

Ubuntu 'weaponised' to cure NHS of its addiction to Microsoft Windows

David Bond

Re: Cost is the smaller concern

"In enterprises an annual licence fee is paid for every machine regardless of whether they 'already come with a licence'. And then there is Office licences, CLIs and such"

Only if they have an enterprise agreement and are using software assurance. For windows, office and CALS would not come to 700 per desktop in and enterprise, especially not in the public sector (they get large discounts). The only reason I can think it costs this is because they are paying for Microsoft to support XP still. Making them paying for Software Assurance, if they are paying, stupid as they aren't using it.

Cortana expelled from Windows 10's new school editions

David Bond

They do have LTS version of windows 10 : http://windowsitpro.com/windows-10/understanding-long-term-servicing-branch-and-current-branch-windows-10

EA Games rubbishes Pastebin breach claim

David Bond


EA would even know or admit it, accounts details appear to slip out somehow. I had an account, set it up years ago, but never really used it. I had a few games on it, but never used them and didn't have origin installed.

Then after a couple of years get an email from origin, saying i have been warned for misconduct in one of my games, that I had never actually played, i emailed origin, got nothing back from them, so ignored it. Then about 6 months later got another email saying my password had been changed.

The i contacted EA by phone got them to reset my password, everything was now in Russian, and had a few more games, then I enabled 2 factor (phone authenticated).

My password was not a simple one, was random upper, lower, numerical and special and not used on other sites.

Microsoft warns on support scams

David Bond

Happening in Norway

I had one of these calls last week, my wife answered and they told her they were from tech support for our computer, she said, you can talk to my husband, and passed it to me. Then the woman said Hello David (hadnt told her) and went on to say that she was from the support department for my PC, I asked so which PC is this, she just repeated it again. Then she changed to Microsoft and that there was a virus going around infecting computers and that they were calling everyone :) to check if your computer had it, I said, ok, wondering what the aim of the scam would be I let her carry on, so she asked if i was at my computer, I said I was and that it was on, I said yep, then she asked me to go to the event log, I asked her then, so what virus is this supposed to be? My wife then said, just tell her you work in IT, then, the woman hung up.

The whole call was also in english, and were also calling from Angola/Guatemala (+127). They called me around 10 times in 1 hour, I was out for the first lot of calls.

VMware boss: we rise as Windows falls

David Bond

RE: All the food on the table is Microsoft's

"Saying that Hyper-V is cheaper isn't really so. The license terms include things like failover, but if you read carefully the terms you can't fail back in under 30 days"

I think you are confusing the licensing requirements for windows server with the windows server hyper v licensing requirements. You can only transfer a single windows license from one server to another once every 30 days. If you have datacenter like you suggested at the start (dont need datacenter for hyper-v, its free), and you have a license for each cpu in your servers, you can fail over as much as you like, as you have unlimited vm licenses per server. same with enterprise, but you only get 4 vm licenses per license. if you arent using all on each server, you have a free license for a fail over and fail back, as you arent moving you license from one server to another. Or if you have another hardware failure after the transfer it isnt breaking the license agreement.

Ten free apps to install on every new PC

David Bond


You can turn off the adverts, open up a pdf, right click on the tool bar, and turn of the adverts.

Exploit code for potent IE zero-day bug goes wild

David Bond

@Carcass - Firefox and group policies

There is a version of firefox out that supports group policies. It comes with the required .adm. Its from front motion, http://www.frontmotion.com/Firefox/ they are usually 1 or 2 versions behind the latest release.

Office 2010 fights Google with SharePoint bloat

David Bond


Not experienced any problems with sharepoint, a few annoyances that required me to write some features (plugins), which are to do with auto updating information in documents and lists (which took maybe 10 minutes to do). I set up SharePoint a few years ago at the place I work, not had a single stability problem with it, its not used by a large number of people, only around 300, but there hasnt been a single instance of it needing to be restarted.

Historian slams 'absolutely crazy' UK time zone

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RE: But, but

You're not the only one :)

iPhone rescue girl gets head stuck down bog

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RE:Mum is right #

"Anyway, it could have been worse - she could have fallen in..."

Makes me think of the scene in slumdog millionaire. ewww

Windows 7 versus Snow Leopard — The poison taste test

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RE:Looking forward to Boot Camp'ing Windows 7

Go for 64 bit, if you have 3GB or more of RAM (or intend to at some point).

Intel demos 'Nehalem' chips clocked to 3.2GHz

David Bond


I think you are a little confused, what you are talking about it superthreading, not hyperthreading. Superthreading requires all execution instructions be from the same thread, where as hyperthreading extends superthreading and allows it to execute instructions from 2 different threads.

You can read up about it at http://arstechnica.com/articles/paedia/cpu/hyperthreading.ars/3 if you like.

Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD player

David Bond

HD DVD is dead due to the exclusivities??

You guys seem to forget that the exclusivities that were announced recently only apply to America, in Europe, these exclusivities are different, you get american blu-ray exclusives on HD-DVD and vice versa, In Europe, HD-DVD has many exclusive and non-exclusive publishers.

An example, HD-DVD exclusive in America, Bruce almighty, distributed by universal, is a blu-ray exclusive in Europe because it is distributed by Buena Vista.

Now because of this, and HD-DVDs lack or region coding, you are likely to be able to play most of the 'exclusive' blu-ray movies on your HD-DVD if you import.


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