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Add-on to turn iPhone into games console

Marius Poenar

Probably no chance

But it would be cool if it worked with the already existing emulators on the iPhone (jailbroken only, of course).

There are already emulators for any platform imaginable, and thousands of games to choose from - but with only the screen they are not very fun to play.

Rogue reporters kicked out of conference for network snooping

Marius Poenar

Why the need to kick them out ?

I mean, they could have just been warned, publicly - guys, no funny business on the press room network - and that's it...

Why kick them out of an event for doing something in the spirit of the event, just not on the right network ?

GTA: Chinatown Wars' features leaked online

Marius Poenar


Uhm... sorry, but isn't that extract exactly word for word a description of all the GTA games to date ?

Open world - check ; police and pedestrian AI - check ; the character is a gangster/thug/naughty person - check ; the character is involved in a conflict of some sort between different factions - check and check again...

Malware not man blamed in child abuse download case

Marius Poenar

Where's Deep Freeze gone ?

It was really popular in a time - especially for use with computer illiterate users... Deep Freeze their system, except for an unprotected folder where they can save files and so on, set up all applications to save by default in that folder, so that the user doesn't lose documents when saving without checking, and that's it.

It's easier to control one folder once in a while, restart the system to clean all protected areas, and then check the folder for possible infections.

I'm actually thinking of putting this on my father's PC - it's getting really annoying to clean up his PC all the time, not to mention all these other risks.

Google Translate speaks in (more) tongues

Marius Poenar
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Finally, they did Finnish - by far the toughest european language, mostly because it doesn't resemble anything else... hell, even Swedish sounds almost understandable compared to Finnish - mostly because some words look and sound like their German or English counterparts.

Dallas kids tracked for their own good

Marius Poenar

Oh yeah, presence is sooo helpful

Don't get me wrong, but without skipping classes half the time in high-school, i wouldn't have gotten the IT knowledge that i get payed for today, nor most of the experiences that make me the person i am today.

So, yeah, that's gonna be fun for a bright kid that would rather go and read a book at the city library, or stay online and learn how to tinker with PC's, and how to code, instead of attending really boring physics or chemistry, or literature classes (wasn't the point of literature classes initially to get people to enjoy reading ? Then what do you do with people that already consider reading the best form of entertainment, and read voraciously, anything ?) that would never, ever do you any good except if you intend to continue studying on those lines, and every class taught by an incompetent and really stupid teacher ?

I get it, not all kids are bright, and some do skip classes to go drinking or what-not - but i still don't think it's fair to mess up the life of one person that might do a lot of good in society, to keep in check a few bad apples that would sink anyway.

Notorious eBay hacker arrested in Romania

Marius Poenar


Would this tie in with this article :


I wonder.

Pro-smoking website redirected to 'baccy free zone

Marius Poenar

@ Andre

It's still a vice - and you should pay for indulging your vices - including the money you already pay to get the "fix" (tax on tobacco).

I'd say something like this should also be implemented for alcohol, to stop people that drink too much to be a bother for people that didn't drink - but i really have no idea how something like this could ever be implemented, so this is just a Carlsberg induced idea for now.

Marius Poenar

Current smoker

Mates, would you bloody cut it the hell out already, you're getting ridiculous !

Smokers and non-smokers too, you're both just as bad, at least the ones posting here !

I'm a smoker - i smoke somewhere around 10 ciggies a day.

I like smoking, and i like to smoke - i keep smoking because i love it.

But, I also love being able to go into a restaurant and eating without choking from cigarette smoke, or going into a pub and having 1-2-4-11 pints without getting feeling like i just escaped from a house-fire.

I love sleeping without waking up with raspy lungs from smoking in the same room during the day.

Yes, i'm a smoker, and i love the smoking ban.

I do think you brits are a taking it a bit too far - but that's not a problem, you're taking every thing too far, including paranoia, and sometimes stupidity.

For example, the same ban is in effect in Finland - but in Finland you can find a bloody ashtray in front of almost every building bloc or building.

In Helsinki-Vantaa airport, you have a smoking room - blocked from the rest of the airport, and heavily air-conditioned - but inside.

In UK, you have to go hundreds of meters to get to a bloody ashtray, and you have to go through security twice to have a smoke in Heathrow.

That's the problem, really - you just didn't implement anything to make smokers feel like people. Sinners against society, having to do some penance to smoke - ok. But not people, not in UK.

The full-frontal iPhone case

Marius Poenar

Well, the price is right

But i have to see it in action to believe it.

Also, do they make it for the iPod Touch ?

Airline pilot sacked for 777 Top Gun stunt

Marius Poenar
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@ Jon

I don't think it's a good idea to bundle gliders in the same category as engines.

They fly pretty differently.

The pilot had permission from the control tower to do the fly-by, and he was also monitored during the stunt.

I'd venture to say he, and the traffic controllers, made sure the plane had enough velocity to make it back up or to land in case of problems.

And, i don't know exactly how gliders handle themselves - but i never piloted any aircraft yet that would fall as a brick if you would take out the engines during normal flight. If you were too low, and going too slow, then maybe, yes.

Otherwise, you can land almost anything when the engines go boo-boo.

(Fighter jets may be an exception - different aerodynamics).

Fire extinguisher resolves German smoking dispute

Marius Poenar

Smoking inside

I've been smoking for more than 10 years, with a brief 2 year stint a few years ago - and i still believe the guy was right in using the extinguisher.

After not smoking for 2 years, i discovered that non-smokers actually don't lie when saying that the smell bothers them. Even when entering an apartment where a smoker lived, it smells very bad for a non-smoker.

So as a default, i never smoke inside, anywhere. If i need to smoke, i go outside, or at least open the window and smoke there - and that's in my own home. I never smoke in other people's cars or houses, if they are non-smokers, even if they tell me it's ok.

So, i'd say the girlfriend was really a**-hole-ish for smoking in someone else's house, especially after being told not to.

Submarine cable cut torpedoes Middle East access

Marius Poenar

@Karl Lattimer

The assassination of the Austro-Hungarian princip wasn't the reason to go to war, you are right about that - but it was the excuse to declare war.

There were countless other reasons why the war was started - the arm race started by the british, and who knows how many more. But the Austro-Hungarians needed an official reason to declare war, according to the rules.

So the assassination was used as a pretext to declare war on Serbia (not Yugoslavia, that was created much later, btw), Serbia being allied with the western powers - i can't remember if it was directly allied with the brits, or just with the frenchies that were allied with the brits...

Anyway, that was the story.


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