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Amazon Kindle flunked by college students

Matthew Hepburn


Any chance I could get a hold of a copy of those CD's? They'd be awesome for my girlfriend who's getting into Entomology. Post a torrent link or megaupload / RS link and I'd be superbly grateful!

Adobe spanked for insecure Reader app

Matthew Hepburn

My advice to Acrobat users would be....

To never touch the overweight, bloated, insecure crudware ever again.

Get Foxit Reader, and experience a fast PC again. www.foxitsoftware.com

OcUK puts £10K bounty on the heads of DDoS varmints

Matthew Hepburn
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OCuK recommended

I quite like OCuK these days, and have ordered a moderate amount of kit of late with no problems.

Cant find any reviews newer than about 2005 moaning about them in general, other than "waaah i had a faulty GFx card" - yeah, get over it, it happens.

Hope they nail the DDOSing scumbags - P.S. - Anyone else think of a large retailer who doesnt allow negative comments? - Amazon deleting Spore bad reviews anyone?


Would any of you pay for / host a forum that slagged your company off? Dont see anyone else doing it... why should they?

Lies, damned lies and government statistics

Matthew Hepburn

Speeding..... not always clear cut

For instance, the stretch of road my current g/f was driving home on at around midnight, in the countryside, totally empty, with few or no speed signs and a gatso partly covered by shrubs..... and a 30MPH limit FFS!!

I'm all in favour of speed humps by schools, and sensible 30 limits in built up areas - but this one is a pure money-maker, installed at a spot where people may have crashed due to their own stupidity doing over 60 round a blind corner followed by a fairly sharp opposite corner. Do-able at 60, not at 80..... so lets have a 30 limit and a camera! Yay.... just glad the thing didnt flash.....

AMD Radeon HD 4850 and 4870

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Erm, that would be because of all the quality, high-res titles on PS3 such as Crysis then? or the multitude of RTS's for PS3 like Company of Heroes, Supreme Commander, C&C3 Tiberium wars....

Nothing against the PS3, but PC gaming is a genre unto itself, and to be able to deliver quality games at 1900x1200 res, a 4850/4870 or nvidia equivalent card is needed to truly enjoy games as they're meant to be.

Paris, cos she's been known to be a little hot to the touch!

Obama bloats Vista by 11MB

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More to the point perhaps, is why in the name of all that's Holy, does adding 11 words into a dictionary require a full system reboot!!!!

Even I can remember Verity's article on just restarting the Explorer.exe process, and i'm no coder....

If i was daft enough to use Vista, id skip this update - more fun to be had from blaming the worlds' ills on Obama Bin Laden if you ask meeeee!!

Microsoft pledges to fight Vista 'myths'

Matthew Hepburn
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Having had the misfortune to use Vista on one of the spare works laptops, initially with 512Mb of RAM and now a whopping 1Gb, I can safely say that there is no sensible reason whatsoever to go with Vista, long may it be known as "the new ME"

Even the girlfriend hates it on her new dual core Dell laptop from work, with 3Gb RAM and a proper graphics chip! If I was allowed, it'd be upgraded to XP.....

Oh, and maybe this is why MS are scared of Linux?


Enjoy the rest of the ads!

Phones 4u accused of misleading customers

Matthew Hepburn

Phones 4 the other chap in the street maybe?

Last time I went into P4U - wanting a replacement for a Nokia 3310 - wanting Pay as U go on 02, I got a salesman trying to sell me a 3G phone on Orange!

He looked puzzled when I walked out? Perhaps he misheard me....

MSI card-cooler 'inspired by weed'

Matthew Hepburn

Acclero S1 anyone?

But why not just use an Arctic Cooling Accelero S1, which doesnt need a fan?

At least not in my case, where it keeps an 8800GT @ 700/1000 under 50 degrees on load.

Was half-expecting a long, cylindrical type cooler when I first saw the headline ;-)

Lancashire plodcopters in laser dazzle outrage outbreak

Matthew Hepburn
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Coppers revenge?

If I remember rightly, one smarter-than-average chop-copper pilot actually banked, and having evaded the laser turned his searchlight on the little pikey!!

Damned if i can find the link though - anyone help out?

Hardly an even contest though....

BT's 'illegal' 2007 Phorm trial profiled tens of thousands

Matthew Hepburn


@ Paul

Surely however, if the following conditions are true:

1) Phorm deep packet inspects EVERY packet you send/receive.

2) Phorm lie through front/back teeth / arse / every other orifice.

3) Some ppl, myself included use internet banking.

4) Every packet during my internet banking session will be intercepted by Phorm

Do points 2 + 4 scare you at all? Cos they certainly do me!! Glad BT isnt my ISP, or id be offski already.

How can you have even a facade of trust in a company that can and does only lie??

London teen orders 'cab, innit'

Matthew Hepburn


Absolutely fantastic, I havent laughed so much over a Reg story in ages - funnier even than Phorms' shared taking a smacking, and thats saying something!

Big up da' wesside Staines massive :)

BT and Phorm secretly tracked 18,000 customers in 2006

Matthew Hepburn

April Fools....

The biggest April phool around here is Phorm!!

The sooner that crock of retarded Spyware merchants gets off our internets the better - i think right now Comcast seem to be a nicer ISP than BT

Phorm = Phail

Wanted: AMD Athlon upgrade advice

Matthew Hepburn


8800GT is a cracking card, superb for games and I can see it lasting a good long while for you.

I agree with Simon to a point - my rig is overclocked X2 4200 @ 2.75Ghz, 2Gb DDR 400, 2 hard disks and an 8800GT - running on a 350 watt PSU with 17 amps on a single 12V rail - rock solid stable. The PSU you have should be totally fine.

Cant see a reason for DDR3 in your main rig at the moment due to cost, get 2Gb or 4Gb of good quality DDR 2 for a lot less cash.

As for the Intel 8400, for a lot less money you can get a 8200, which gives 90% the performance and wont hold your GFx back, and costs around £80 less.

As for boards, I cant really advise - other than stick with a main brand name from a supplier you know has a decent RMA process, just incase anything does pack up on you. Have fun upgrading!

Times pledges allegiance to Web 2.0

Matthew Hepburn

@ Paul

Thats it Paul.... officially consider yourself slapped down by amanfromMars, in a way in which only a random bot construct could possibly do!!

Smiley face, cos im sure thats what our extra-terrestrial friend is on.....

Brit apiarists demand £8m to save honeybees

Matthew Hepburn

Ministers IQ

Going off the average cabinet ministers IQ these days (unhackable DB's etc) its good to see that £700 million + can be spent on checking that we might be who we say we are on a bit of plastic.... but we'll have to find some other way of producing food....... good 1 NuLabour, this is 21st Century priorities!!

Robocopter gunship abandons sinking warship project

Matthew Hepburn

*Holds up hand to above*

Why wouldnt you be scared of this? It doesnt have to be mean, huge and scary.... the primary way for an enemy of the Good ol' US of A (and Lord knows, the list is getting bigger fast!) to win, was to increase the bodybag total.

Remove any chance of sending bodybags back to the home States in quantity, and you remove the ability to "beat" the USA per se - they'll just send more robots. Would you like to shoot one down, knowing that 3 more will follow?

Skull and cross bones..... quality death-tech if you ask me, beats silly raygun 747 tripe!