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How to speed up Windows Vista: official and unofficial tips

Lee Jackson

Ubuntu + Compiz = As bad as Vista

I know its taboo to knock Ubuntu but **** it. While it may be fashionable to say "Switch to Linux" its a little disingenuous to claim it will be a silver bullet to performance issues.

I've been running Ubuntu 7.10 side by side with Vista for a while (6 months) now and much as I hate to admit it, I've ended up back with Vista. Why?

Firstly, note I'm a laptop user and that I run with Compiz enabled.

- Firefox is slower under Compiz than Vista due to crappy text AA implementation.

- Power management on Ubuntu sucks donkey gonads. 3 hibernates and I have to reboot.

- Wireless Networking is so damned unreliable, and Ive seen this with a range of wireless cards.

- Office software. Between numerous crashes and bugs in both Open Office and KOffice I was almost at the point of digging out a 1990s version of Wordperfect Office and running it under Wine.

- Having to recompile video drivers every time X was updated (yeah yeah, I know theres a binary version but it takes a while before its the latest version).

- So many little niggles such as Compiz/Emerald segfaulting every few sessions; it running hotter than Vista; sudo/root password requirements *sometimes* being as bad as UAC;buggy keyring etc etc.

So while Ubuntu might perform better in some senses, I actually found my *productivity* far higher with Vista. SAD but true

All the above said though Ive been VERY happy with 7.04 for my HTPC and am running 7.10 server on a few machines without complaint but for the desktop....theres still no replacement for XP.


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