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Samsung Galaxy Note

Andy Senyszyn

Couldn't wait for this review...

...as much as I trust El Reg, I just went with my gut and got one of these for £36pm on Voda about a week and a half ago.

It's incredible.

I admit, some of my excitement is due to coming from a borked Symbian handset (SE Satio U1, anyone? Sigh... ordered before Android 'took off' in a big way). Having had to deal with other people's Blackberry handsets and iPhones and associated tat at work and not been impressed, I had a quick fondle with the Sony Arc S and thought that Android was for me and for a time, I ever considered not dumping Sony Ericsson as my handset of choice for the first time since the Razr V3 days.

It was the lack of decent video file handling that put me off the Arc a little, just enough that when I read the Galaxy SII reviews I thought that in a toss up between those two, the Samsung might just nick it.

Then the Note appeared on the horizon - all that great SII spec plus lovely screen real estate, a stylus (which keeps my greasy fingers off the screen) and a bit of extra oomph under the bonnet.

It is everything I hoped and then some - so far, I've already played back 1080p blu-ray standard video without a hic-up, controlled my desktop PC via a VNC app, Swyped entire blog posts, integrated my facebook, google and old phone contacts via bluetooth in about two minutes flat... Android is such a joy for customising and doing things the way you want, not the way an OS tells you to.

I've stupidly shaped legs... big thighs I inherited from my mother. I tell you this so that you can be happy in the knowledge that this sits in my trouser pocket more happily than even my lil K800i used to; it's so thin and curvy that the size, X & Y axis, is not an issue when holding or putting away and it's just such a boon in use... well, I've not used my netbook since I got it, put it that way.

Battery life is smashing - yeah, I was worried on day 1 when it fell to 30%... and then I realised I'd been sat on wifi for about 4 hours streaming iPlayer and pulling files across my DLNA network with the screen on almost full whack with bluetooth headphones and GPS silliness on - once you've gotten to know it (with the simple toggles for all your battery drainers) you'll get a full day out of it easy and nearer two if you don't use it instead of your laptop... but you will! It's that awesome. Micro USB charging means easy top ups though and well, it's just wonderful.

If you think you'd like this kind of device, but are just holding back because you're just not sure but don't really know why, hold back no more - El Reg hath spoken and I concur - the Note is awesome! iPhone? Pffft...

Bloggable clickjacks its way into English

Andy Senyszyn

Trolleyed? Me?

I was totally gazeboed!

Brits blow millions on over-priced ink

Andy Senyszyn
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And all inks are not made equal...

...I spent years 'on the front lines', dealing with Joe and Josephine Public and their PC nightmares - the amount of people who wrecked (at the time) pricey printers by bunging in cheap refills was immense! People would bring in printers in bin liners, dripping with multicoloured ooze - one guy ended up redecorating his kitchen as some DIY refill kit exploded all over his wife's wallpaper!

I don't know if it's still quite as bad, but I do know that the refilled toner cartridges some of our little laserjets have had ended up with toner powder all over the innards of a couple of our HPs, so they're on my banned list.

But they're overpriced, so we barely print anything these days anyway and the online photo boys have got their act together lately too, so why bother with anything other than a cheapy little Canon MFD that you can refill once a year with branded inks for about £25?

Paris, cos I bet she knows a thing or two about producing your own prints at home...

Margaret Thatcher celebrates 85 years

Andy Senyszyn
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Oh, delicious irony...

...having spent years pissing off Scousers and miners, that's all she'll be watching on the telly today!

Paris, cos she'd sell out to the red sox too...

BBC workers lose £240k of tech gear in two years

Andy Senyszyn
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£1500 - inc or ex s/w

Technically, I would argue that this value should be hardware only, unless the numpty who lost their gear was carrying the installation media / only backup of licenses around with them in their carrycase.

A quick dabble with Fdisk (ah, those were the days...) and as far as anyone's concerned, the laptop has no software on it. And providing the beeb weren't purchasing OEM licenses, they're within their rights to transfer those licenses on to replacement hardware surely?

And for what it's worth, I did work somewhere with plenty of IT kit laid out and we were careful not to have it nicked - working for a small business don't half help you think about the costs of business... stick that on your national curriculum and smoke it...

Paris, cos I'd love to steal her laptop for a peep...

Channel 4 4OD to hit PS3

Andy Senyszyn

An Edge?!

"For Sony, the move would give the company an edge over Microsoft's Xbox and Sky Player combo, offering customers more content with the probability of lower cost."

Yeah, great - Skins, Cutting Edge and Alan Carr on 4OD or Premier League Football, Cricket, Rugby, decent movies, cartoons and loadsa other shite on Sky...

...content is king, and I'll stick with me sport thanks.

Shuttleworth goes Maverick with Ubuntu's 'Perfect 10'

Andy Senyszyn
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How easy to install and use will this one be?

Seemples! *Squeeeak*


Get Aleksander advertising it and kids across the country will be taking up the OS revolution! :P

World Camera offers enhanced reality via iPhone

Andy Senyszyn
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Does it work in pubs and clubs?

...for the 'After 5 pints view', Click here - for the 'What you'll wake up to in the morning' click here and for 'what she'll look like when she has an affair and divorces you after 10 years of marriage' click here...

Paris, cos she's not a 5 pint'er...

Pandora prepares to join titsup.com club

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@Richard Harding

...lamentably my friend, those with a more 'sophisticated complex of musical tastes' aren't usually those who'll spend £50 a month on ring tones, buy the cr@p that the ads on MTV peddles and other such nonsense...

...quite often, the niche just isn't profitable. Tragic but true...

I miss Pandora - it was cool. *sob*

My first Paris because, like Pandora's, I wouldn't mind opening her box.


Google Android just five weeks away?

Andy Senyszyn

@Mike Flugennock

What would Churchill say?

"Ohhhhh yessss!"

BBC must reveal EastEnders costs

Andy Senyszyn

What I object to...

...is that I have NO SAY in whether this is produced or not and is paid for by me or not - You are FORCED to purchase a TV license regardless of watching BBC or not.

No-one forces me to have Sky and all it's adverts, but then no-one else gives me live premiership football (OK, Setanta do, but you know) or movies that aren't 4 years old, or the breadth of CHOICE (Family Guy on FX, News 24/7 from numerous providers - pick your angle, Documentaries, Cooking shows for the missus 24/7, cartoons for the kids...okay, I mean me!)

Yes you pay more and the ads can be a bore... but with me Sky + box I don't notice them - and with their cheapest package now, I think mere mortals get all SKy bar the premium content with phone and broadband for £26pm.

Suddenly that £10... no sorry, £12 ish per month the Beeb ask for, no no no, TAKE from me every month looks a bit sorry!

This poxy government tells us it's the era of choice - you can apparently choose which doctor you're going to sue when your NHS boob job goes wrong nowadays...

...but you can't choose where you get your TV from - b*ll*cks.

And to all those yank bashers and BBC-Dr-Who-Lovers... US TV has much higher production value than anything here (Star Treks, 24, Sopranos, even the Simpsons) and they make do with the ads and then you know you're gonna buy a box set anyway! What's popular earns it's corn, what's crap dies - Eastenders would die if it's legion of loonatic watchers (sorry luv! The missus' watches now and then) had to cough up for it. Trust me, if Fox or Paramount or even Sky thought Dr. Who or Top Gear was worth a punt, they'd pick up the rights and they'd make it... If the BBC had to compete on a level playing field (charging per month where customers could vote with their feet) then they'd be screwed.

Here's hoping...

Qinetiq ships first 'Transformer' war-droid

Andy Senyszyn

Ah but will they...

...let it through Terminal 5?

Korea's P2P pirate goes legal, targets Europe

Andy Senyszyn

@Mike Kamermans

no, only P2P sharing of 'copyrighted music you do not have the permission to share' is illegal.

I can share my mate's bands music if I want, because he wants me to do this...

How to speed up Windows Vista: official and unofficial tips

Andy Senyszyn
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My Vista runs fine...

...admittedly I know not to install half the internet on it and all the spyware under the sun...

...ok, there are some foibles, but on the whole it does what i want to do for work, gaming, image and video editing, media centre etc. Yeah I could faff around with red hat for this, unbuntu for that but Windows does (usually) make life easy.

Horses for courses. Oh, and for those that are wondering why XP runs so great compared to Vista, I remember the number of machines I was forced to sell still running 98 when XP came out 6 years ago - "It's so slow and clunky and Fisher Price Teletubby" they all cried... six years worth of hardware advances and suddenly XP the sperm of the devil is XP the second coming of Paris Hilton...

In 18 months we'll all wonder what the fuss was about. And why Windows Backcomb is crap...