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Take two cornerstones of British life, booze and queues, then squirt them with face scans: AI Bar


Posh git waving £20 note...

John Wyllie, MD at DataSparQ maybe?

Wileyfox smartphones: SD card, no bloatware, Cyanogen, big battery – yes to all!


Re: I will trade

As I understand it the Swift has both the smaller screen AND the removable battery. So you have to live with only a quad core! Phhh! Get's my money.

BTW Remember when we used to complain about tiny screens - anyone remember these: http://www.oldcomputers.net/compaqi.html 28 pounds, 9" monochrome screen, 4.77 Mhz (single core ;) ), $3.5K?


Re: Small, thick phone

I'm with you - my S4 mini is getting pretty tired these days, but it fits the old trouser packet a treat. I've signed up for the swift as it has the smaller of the two screens, but still bigger than I would have liked.

LOHAN Kickstarter bid IS GO: Back our Vulture 2 spaceplane launch



On my first visit to New York last year I was pleasantly surprised to discover that the US mircro-brewery scene is very active. I drank some great beers, including bitters, in Brooklyn.

You have my thruppny worth - well 20 quid for the mug actually. It'll look great next to my vi reference mug :D

Italy's 'Google tax law' could fall foul of EU discrimination rules

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Re: Hmm

"Simply incompetent" is a perfectly good phrase to describe what passes for Italian government. There are myriad others such as "self serving" , "corrupt", "detached from reality" and "at a Bunga Bunga party"

Tesla vs Media again as Model S craps out on journo - on the highway


A journalist fibbing? Surely not!

It seems that the journo might have been fibbing: http://www.teslamotors.com/blog/most-peculiar-test-drive

PS. I was indecided as to whether to use the "fail" icon, or the Big Brother one...

NRA: Video games kill people, not guns. And here's our video game


Re: What if?

Compare & contrast...

Nutter goes berzerk at a school, with a gun, in the US, where guns are readily available:



Nutter goes berzerk at a school, with a knife, in China where gun ownership is severely restricted:


US 26, PRC 0 (for the NRA members, just to be clear, a high score is a fail here)

Guns just make it that much quicker and easier...need I say more?

Actually I'm going to - guns are designed to kill, but some guns are designed *specifically* to kill people. You don't hunt with a Glock 17, or an AK47

2020AD: Space tourists will be FOUND ON MOON



*Sound of Amazon tax accountant realizing s/he should have thought of that one earlier

That's the funding sorted then ;)

Take away bad drivers' mobile phones, they still crash their cars

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Re: Better interpretation


That'd be why I see so many Italians (i.e. pretty much all of them, here in Rome) with mobiles clamped to their ears whilst driving. A*holes the lot of 'em!

Google promises autonomous cars for all within five years


The future

I'm sure that in the not-too-distant future people will look back in horror at the idea that humans were allowed to independently control tonne-and-a-half metal boxes hurtling along roads at speeds of up to 130kph (Europe) or more (Germany)

Mars, Europe losers in Obama's 2013 NASA budget


Extinction beckons

I wonder how many single rock dwelling species in the universe went extinct because they spent more on the military than they did on colonizing local space? We'll certainly never know at this rate.

Adobe Flex SDK bombshell STUNS developers



Sorry! Sorry! My fault!

(I decided on Flex for a new project just last week - no, really, I did!)

Oxfam's 'Grow' world hunger plan: More peasants



Maybe we should ask all those "White*" farmers who made Zimbabwe a net exporter of cereals if they'd like to work their "magic" elsewhere...give them a wedge of cash (ie. a loan at good rates), and some UN muscle backed assurance that Mugabe & his ilk will not be able to grab the land & parcel it out to cronies. At the same time make them take on two apprentices every couple of years to learn how its done. Rinse & repeat.

* I have no idea of the actual colour they were, nor do I care, just that Mugabe** used that as an excuse for destroying his own economy and turning a well fed country into one that needs food aid.

** BTW He's STILL in power

Passenger cleared after TSA checkpoint stare-down


TSA: Passengers Bad, but gunrunners are OK

Apparantly the TSA are great at harrassing innocent passengers, not so good at actually catching bad guys running guns: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-12279177

IR35 tax is a huge failure

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@Gordon Paterson


d) started working abroad (and stayed there - Posted from Rome ;^)

The Google-isation of all the net's access points


Oh dear!

"Chrome(n): Showy features added to attract users but contributing little or nothing to the power of a system...Often used as a term of contempt." [The Jargon File]


A well chosen name then.

Baptist church in assault rifle giveaway

Paris Hilton

@Steve Evans - ah but...

...isn't it illegal to drink in some (most) states under the age of 21?

"AR-15 & a coke please mister"

Paris because even she would have more sense

Low-tech hack was behind $7.2bn SocGen fraud


Alone, yeah right!

According to the BBC today:

"Bankers have confirmed that at the end of last year, Jerome Kerviel had generated a colossal hidden profit for the bank of 1.4bn euros"


"Among the great mysteries of the Kerviel affair is how the French bank could have failed to notice a profit of that size."

I smell a scapegoat, and a blind eye turned when things were going the bank's way...


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