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Big Blue talks up 45nm PlayStation 3 processor possibilities


Exactly, Mr. Andy Turner

There's no way Sony with increase the clock speed, as then what runs on one console may not run on another. The idea is that the platform is consistent and all games will run on all hardware in the same manner.

This story is mostly crud. There is no news in it what so ever. They could have just written "IBM says that process technology evolves over time" and no need to mention Sony or PS3 at all!

Toshiba HD-EP30 HD DVD player


Chris iverson, HD DVD has no region code!

Have you looked at the date of that link, Chris? It was two years ago. And it was only an investigation, and the DVD forum rejected the idea again.


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For what it does, it can't be beaten on price

I had to make an account just to reply to some of the FUD on here.

Firstly, for the price, given the free HD DVDs that you get with it, it can't be beaten. The HD DVDs are available so long as you order and get a reciept dated before 1st Februry and post the form before the end of February.

Secondly, there are still two studios exclusive to the format. Who happen to have the biggest and third biggest film libraries of all the studios. So there will be no shortage of exclusive content, including Cloverfield, Iron Man, American Ganster just off the top of my head.

As was already mentioned, the HD DVD specification is complete. The only player that has a possible chance of being Blu Ray Profile 2.0 is the PS3. All other stand alone players will not work. So anyone who has already bought a stand alone Blu Ray player has been shafted by the BDA.

It is region free for HD DVD. It's DVDs that are region locked. However, the PS3 is region locked for both DVD and Blu Ray.

And, from all the reviews that I have read, most of the Blu Ray players are poor at upscaling DVDs. They also have to keep their costs down, it would seem, to try and compete with Toshiba.

All of the main stream media is owned by Sony, WB, Fox and Disney. Is it any wonder they're trying to feed you with scare stories to stop you taking advantage of this offer and the exclusive films that HD DVD has?