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Patch Tuesday update triggered Skype outage

Jesse Melton

This article is crap

and designed strictly to elicit emotion from the reader. I'm sorry if you're feeling the effects of a long weekend but that's no reason to write this kind of tripe.

Canadian surgeons unmask Vulcan

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Bad Medicine and the Downward Spiral of Western Health Care

You know what's wrong with the medical trade these days? I do. Too many $3.00 words. Who in the hell can pronounce the things in that article? It shouldn't take a Dr. to tell you that you are fucked if you start bleeding green. Hell, let me have a cut at you and I can tell you instantly if you suffer from sumafuckingthing. I hate Dr's and their words me fuck all to me.

I will die like a viking; drunk, STD infected, and stuck on a sword (or other suitable sharp object). Live Forever, Die Today!

Mercury astronauts join al-Qaeda?

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Use of Exotic Materials

in mission based clothing has always been a hallmark of NASA. As you can see creating turbans from parachutes was only the beginning of the diaper wearing missions of today.

Royal Marine helmet-cam auteur hit during Afghan gunfight

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WTF Kind of Vehicles are They In?

What are those brown trucks running around in the video? They look like Toyota's...but that can't be. Who would want a Toyota for combat. Don't the British use HUMVEES too? They sure buy a lot of them from the US, where do they go?

RFID mirror automatically insults your fashion sense

Jesse Melton

Too Bad

Somehow I knew this day would come. People have begun taking advice from inanimate objects. The next thing you know they will be taking orders. Oh well...

If it's come to this, I demand a mirror that will tell me I look too hung over to go to work.

Army tells soldiers they can blog after all

Jesse Melton


Wrong. US Army = The Army. Any other fighting force must bend to the will of the dominate US military machine and the political and financial superpower they represent.

Cloud Jesus floats over Mount Sinai

Jesse Melton

That's Not a Bible Quote

"Then I shall take My hand away and thou shalt see My back, but My face shall not be seen."

That's not a Bible quote. That's what I told the bird I picked up behind bar Friday night.

MIT eggheads plan Israeli airstrike on Iran nuke factories

Jesse Melton


Why did these rubes even bother with this report? The military traditionally handles these matters, and the governments of most neighboring and distant countries already have detailed plans for destroying any and everything any and everywhere. Engineering geeks picking out weapons from a catalog and creating strategies based on vendor proclamations is a gloriously bad idea.

Not to get on a soapbox but that's how the mess in Afghanistan and Iraq has gotten so cocked up; people with absolutely no idea about what they are talking about making decisions. If you feel the need to blow things up, that's OK, but make the decision and let the military handle the blowing up. Somehow I doubt the tools who wrote this report would be comfortable with 'Officer Cadet Winston' designing and deploying nuclear weapons.

Was Gerry Adams in the IRA? Don't ask Wikipedia

Jesse Melton

Why does it matter

I don't see what all the hubbub is about. Any "reference" source is only valid until somebody with a big brain and a lot of letters after their name disputes it. Happens all the time but we of few or no letters aren't privileged enough to see it. Any article in Nature or Science is debated hotly prior to publication then it gets really nasty. Letters fly around in super niche publications refuting the original publication and calling it total crap. No body ever knows who is really right. Publication = right in today's world. Ye muppets have decided that if it's printed is true. Just because Wikipedia brings traditional scholarly conflict into the public eye does not invalidate it. (some of their controls and process are questionable for sure but the fact that "scholarly debate" is moving into the public realm is a good thing)

Digg buried by users in piracy face-down

Jesse Melton

All hail

the customer driven business. A long time ago the customer was the #1 priority and most businesses would "go down fighting" before the caved under outside pressures.

Now let's see if they put the $ where their mouth is next time they get a C&D.

Jesus appears in Samsung Flash memory chip

Jesse Melton

That's clearly an image of Osama Bin Laden


Microsoft feasts on Vista coupons for record quarter

Jesse Melton

Open Source is how important?

I feel sorry for Microsoft. The IT industry as we know it today (you know,where our paychecks come from...) would not exist if MS weren't around. Everyone likes to point out the problems with MS but then the company posts record results. My favorite are when tech people make financial assessments of the company (i.e. http://www.theregister.com/2007/04/26/microsoft_needs_a_gerstner/) It doesn't look like Microsoft's performance is plateauing, or like they are in trouble, or that they are losing market share to open source. Open Source, "Web 2.0", and all that stuff seem to be just so much smoke.

Feds urge tougher ID theft laws

Jesse Melton

Are you sure it was the Census Bureau??

I'm pretty sure it was the USDA that lost the records in this story, not the Census Bureau.

High level Night Elf druid saves PC gaming

Jesse Melton

PC Gaming is Going to be Executed

by keyboards for consoles. The only reason the keyboards and mice (arguably not the best input device) haven't been huge in consoles is that many manufacturers fear, rightly, that if consoles are too powerful and too PC like people will purchase them instead of PC's.

Consoles work better, the visuals are better, they are smaller, don't require specialized viewing devices (monitors), and you can pick one up and carry it around without having to call an electrician to unhook it. As soon as someone gets an Office Suite to run on a console PC's are doomed. Doomed I say, doomed.

Online impersonations: no validation required

Jesse Melton

So What???

Who cares? People have been overly aggressive in marketing themselves since the beginning of time. If you're good at the job you got with your false credentials, it's obvious that the experience wasn't necessary anyway. It only matters if you can't pull the job off.

Milton Keynes: world centre of porn and sex

Jesse Melton

What does it say

about the US. If you search trends for pussy it's almost completely from the US, except for the #6 spot which is occupied by the Kiwi's.

Businessman takes NatWest for £35k

Jesse Melton

Easy Solution

Rules, financial mgmt decision, etc... aside there is an easy solution to dealing with banks. Pay cash. Not only does this remove the woes of dealing with bank fees; you actually save ~18% annually by paying for everything in cash. It is absolutely legal and there are no services denied to you by paying cash; it's just sort of inconvenient.

While I don't like "unfair" bank fees either, it is still the customers decision to use the banks services and agree to their terms; you are paying for convenience and just like any other convenience service, it costs extra.

US 'Land Warrior' wearable-computing headed to Iraq

Jesse Melton

How the West Was Lost

This is an excellent example of how the West was lost. We used to be an effective fighting force... What happened to the good old days when a regular gun, some cigarettes, and a few condoms were all the grunts needed to overthrow the most powerful armies in the world.

Study: Users pay for Microsoft patent woes

Jesse Melton

So What?

Of course the cost of patent litigation is passed on to the user. As are the costs of sales, marketing, R&D, office prostitutes, etc.... Isn't that how business is supposed to work? It'd be sort of hard to stay in business if the costs of doing business weren't passed on to the customer. I hope the people that put this study together have more important "discoveries" forthcoming.

BlackBerry network squashed

Jesse Melton

It's for the best

It's for the best the the service is down. Now all those people who are too engrossed in messaging on their blackberries can get back to work. God forbid the sales and development pukes had to go into the office or use a regular PC.

Those unable to cope with the outage will be executed.

Vendors causing confusion on business intelligence

Jesse Melton

Marketing Smack

The subject of BI has turned into pure BS. New terms have replaced old ones but the underlying meaning is absolutely the same. A long time ago, in a galaxy not so far away senior management were always dependent on knowing as much about their business as possible; in those days the process was simply called "reporting". Other than the name BI is nothing new; the fact people are acting as if it's the greatest discovery of the century is funny.

The biggest challenge with BI is the attitudes of technical staff who do not understand business reporting and who are frustrated dealing with integration issues; the techies don't seem to realize that their paychecks are 100% based on the decisions management makes using BI. There is no reason for BI vendors to market to the tech crowd as they will have to deal with the system regardless of it's technical merits.

Intelligent machines expert heads for the hills

Jesse Melton


I would never want to depend on a k-bar. It is most certainly not a "good knife". Its biggest selling point for its users (military) is the fact that it's made of crappy metal and is easy to manufacture. A bit of research into the manufacturers websites will illuminate this. Everybody likes it because it's a cheap piece of crap that can be cheaply replaced when it fails.