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When poor people pollute - the Tata Nano and eco-crime

Vikram Sethi
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"all of them predict that the great unwashed will indeed have transport"

You'd better have meant this in a sarcastic sense. If not, I find it very offensive.

IBM taunts Sun, HP and VMware with $40 PowerVM hypervisor

Vikram Sethi

IBM Hypervisor available long before 2004

"The Standard Edition APV was basically just IBM's hypervisor that has been available since 2004". IBM's Hypervisor has been available on System i (OS/400) since the 1990s and on system p(unix, linux) since 2001 (and of course since 1960s on the mainframe precursors to system Z). The converged POWER Hypervisor that runs on both i & p has been selling since 2004 but it is incorrect to say IBM's Hypervisor has been available only since 2004.

Good to see you mention IBM's leadership in virtualization as opposed to a recent Economist article "The rise of the Hypervisor" which didn't mention IBM at all.