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Google: The Satan Phone cometh

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Looks and functions just dont seem any better than what is already out there.Im not a mobileaphile but was not sucked into the iphone hype and this looks like a very feeble attempt by T mobile to try to fight back at 02 for getting the iphone deal.And looks alone are pretty awful ! I have an 02 xda stellar and would be far happier sticking with that.Just cannot see the point of this phone at all unless you are a fashion junky and it is the latest must have among the ladies who lunch....for two weeks before ditching it !

Euro MPs want criminal penalties for downloaders


How things have changed...

Funny that in the hayday of music buying be it in the 70's or 80's that everyone i ever knew would record songs from the radio onto tapes while listening to the top 40 , yet i dont think i ever heard of a single person getting a letter from a record company telling them to stop or they would take their radio away! Now that its trackable and the fat cats in the record trade can see their artists finding a way to cut out the middle man so need to grab as much as they can in the short time left start going wild with the law !!! Seems very strange in this day and age there seems to be more laws regarding downloading on the net , yet doesnt seem to be as much mayhem being caused in trying to stop 419ers conning old folk out of their money !!! Very strange!

Customers peel away from Orange broadband

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They could not care less!

Their number one problem is they just cant look after their customers! I have been with them since the early freeserve days,through the wanadie times and on to orange ! Its just slowly got worse.

I had an issue where i could not log on and knew it was because something in my logon name had been changed (at their end) . It took 3 days and 42 calls all on how to reinstall my modem even until i was blue in the teeth telling them it was the login details.Finally the last call was along the lines of "Oh it seems someone here has adjusted your username,try this" and low and behold i was back on the net.Sent a letter saying i should at least get call money back and got the typical"we value your input and thank you for your comments , best wishes" rubbish !

Then i decided to pay the little extra to upgrade from 2mb to 8mb as they said it had been upgraded in my area . Thought for £20 one off it was worth it.So the money was taken and in the change over i gained an amazing....wait for it....0.00mb increase ! Contacted them requesting my money back and pretty much got a no chance reply !

Now it seems they will let as much spam through (Ok its got ***SPAM*** beside it which ive set up a message rule on) but most of the time wont allow friends hotmail emails through and now hotmail are blocking freeserve addys at times too!

Im waiting for BEthere to go live in my area then im offski.Had enough.Did get a call saying £28 a month which im paying was to much and they would do me a special deal but id have to sign another contract.I politely told them they were a nightmare and hung up !

The futures bright...well when its anything but orange!

eBay gets negative feedback about ban on negative feedback



""and good luck trying to sell anything in future when you get feedback saying you sell counterfeit goods"

That's libel. If someone tried to pull a stunt like that with me, they'd be a defendant in a lawsuit as fast as I could get it filed."

Luckily the little fella in HK that i bought the GENUINE Gucci watch for £7.99 from for a lady friend at xmas has yet to take me to court!Lets face it theres still loads of counterfeit stuff on there which you can spot a mile away and the sellers are still happily getting away with it.Im off to have my genuine watch revalued and then off to sothebys with it.....im putting a reserve of £8.50 on it! ;-)


Good and Bad !

Its a mix really,something had to be done about the FB system and for a while i thought something needed to be done with regard sellers.However to me it seems it would have been far better just not publishing FB until both parties had left it thus decreasing the blackmailing tactics of some sellers.Surely ebay must know there will be a backlash over blocking one party over feedback ! Its stupid but then again at times it seems some of the powers that be at ebay dont seem to have their finger on the pulse of their users....to busy down at the bank for that!

With regard to powersellers its been on the cards a long time . Lets face it if you are selling 10,000 items a year you must be doing some kind of trading for stock,therfore its a business!And if its a business you have to pay tax! In a way ebay was not meant as a business hosting site,it was meant as a small scale buy and sell emporium so lets fax it the big sellers knew it would happen sooner or later!

But on another side,with all the power selling etc and possible tax implications does this mean ebay will start to finally block all the Hong Kong items ?

eBay: 'We will lower listing fees'

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The Neg Feedback being removed....

"That sellers will no longer be able to leave a negative feedback for buyers".

Problem i have noticed is that in the days gone by that you would sell something and the buyer would think "well he has done his bit with a prompt payment so ill leave him positive feedback and ship his goods" . Sadly now many are using it as a blackmail system to bully honest buyers into leaving them good feedback otherwise the buyers 100% feedback could be dented through no fault of their own . Sellers should NOT be saying "we leave feedback soon after you do" . The buyer could end up sending payment within 5 mins but complain after a months wait and get no response to emails,yet when he does the correct thing of leaving a neg rating the seller gives him one in return which is way out of order.

Ok removing the sellers ability is a way of stopping it but its a little extreme! Easy way is that as soon as funds clear something is set up that the buyer cannot leave feedback until the seller has done.It would solve everything but i have no doubt jamie oliver will be turning up at Ebay hq very soon as hes heard the report about the headless chickens! ;-)


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