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Security breach at Belgacom exposed

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reply to user"s own fault

Dear Peter,

The Belgacom servers WERE hacked, the breach for my accounts did not come from an unprotected home network or bad wireless LAN security.

My setup has the wireless LAN on a separate network and only one linux firewall machine on the wired network has a md5 hashed password for the account.

I'm 100% sure the failure and breach is at the provider. One of the accounts "breached" was not even in use or active only ...

I can not believe only 2000 accounts are involved !

Don't trust the spoke person at face value ...

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customer service

6 months after the breach and Belgacom sends a letter ?

It took them 6 months to write a letter with no information ?

Adaptec makes low-end RAID gear ROC hard


not really for linux users

As long as Adaptec don't publish the source code of the drivers it's as useless for the typical linux user as the half baked semi-Raid hardware in today's desktop.

Anytime you want to upgrade your Linux machine you are stuck waiting for Adaptec to catch up with it's driver development and compile.

If you are a linux user then go with 3Ware


3ware publishes the drivers in sourcecode form, which makes it easy for you to use them on any linux version or kernel and they are also integrated (because of the availability of the sourcecode) in CentOS, RHEL, ... distributions.

NetApp changes name to NetApp

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busy doing a name change

While their brightest minds were doing the corporate name change, hundreds of Netapp machines got infected by a msn messenger based worm and started sending out the same worm to customer sites.

Allowing Consumer IM + extremely stupid = Netapp

Skype Trojan wiretap plan leaks onto the net


They don't need a trojan - just ask Skype for the keys

This is just a big cover up lie. The germans don't need to develop such a trojan to listen in on Skype.

The German government can just ask Skype, a Luxembourg company, for the encryption key and the company will comply with the request just like any other phone company will do and does.

The real, hidden purpose of the trojan is therefore something probably much worse.

If all the European governments will develop their own trojan then your PC will be a busy place, maybe the EU can give each EU citizen a Quad Core upgrade ?


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