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Bulk interception is NOT mass surveillance, says parliamentary committee

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Interesting to see fishing re-branded as 'lead generation' and automated searching of your email content distinguished from 'reading' it. Either the ISC is unable to make these associations or it is studiously avoiding doing so.

Parliament ponders £400,000 iPads-for-MPs plan

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More dosh

I was pretty sure MP's enjoy very generous administration allowances already. Perhaps some of the substantial cost savings they cite as justification could be used to fund them, rather than hitting the public again for the dosh.

H Ross Perot Jr fails to grab rhino by the horns

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Perot had first crack and failed. Now it should be the Rhino's turn - Perot, unarmed, tied to a tree and drenched in rival male rhino pee.

What is it with these scumbags? They get some kind of small-minded kick out of destroying a majectic wild creature from a position of absolute safety with high velocity ordinance. Brave, very brave indeed.

Government told: Release secret Iraq documents

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Er, I'm pretty sure sure it's impossible to commit MASS destruction with a battlefield munition - otherwise a machine gun would be a wmd. Blair lied and lied again.

NHS IT: what went wrong, what will go wrong

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Any lessons learned

Will probably be unlearned again just in time to muscle through the impending ID Card system fiasco.

Teen battles City of London cops over anti-Scientology placard

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You gotta feel sorry for the vulnerable in this life

Apparently, it really pisses off the Hubbardistas when their way-dodgy modus operandi is exposed to the rational.


You couldn't make it up. Well, actually you could - Ron Hubbard did just that.

Religion my @rse.

Monster-capacity PS3 in the pipeline?

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Gates Horns


What's the big deal?

£50 and less than a minute with the screwdriver. Bingo, 40GB -> 160GB PS3.

Buy a cheap one - spend the rest on goodies.