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Thales wins first UK ID card contract


The Cost

£316.67 per person based on £19bil?

Nope - how many people will get them for free or reduced price eh? Everyone who can pay will be paying for them too!

That includes OAP's, Kids, Unemployed, Those on Benefits, maybe another £200 each sound about right?

3 calls foul on T-Mobile price promise


Moot point

Because if you've been with T-mobile before you'll remember why you left.....

No PAYG 3G iPhone in UK until Christmas

Thumb Up

@Chris Thomas

I totally agree however some iPhone imitators (windows mobile) are doing rather well. Look at the HTC Touch Diamond for a fantastic device with similar funtionality.

/me spies another irc user...

90 per cent of Sony devices to be networked by 2010


re: Anti vs Pro Sony

I bought a Sony TV (Flat screen CRT not LCD) which broke just outside warranty. I am aware of all the special proprietary standards they've implemented and tried to charge for licensing to other companies; meaning no take-up.

I'm aware of DRM.

It is, however, a consumer market. I currently own a new Sony LCD Bravia because they equipment is fantastic. I bought a Sony PS3 because of Blu-ray and various other reasons including media centre, having already owned, and discarded, an xbox 360.

I don't have to buy Sony gear and I don't if it is a load of rubbish. Neither do any of you. So don't!

As i said, consumer market. Enjoy the Sony products if they are any good and leave them be if they are crap.

No one can deny they are innovative if nothing else.

Quantum computing firm D-Wave bags $17m more in funding


Enough with the arguing :D

We all know what holds the answers to life, the universe, everything....


p.s. Article did indeed describe linear, not exponential, growth.

Juniper jumps into Ethernet switch game


Oh God

Won't somebody think of the Techies!

We'll now have to learn a whole new language other than Cisco's IOS standard when our directors decide Juniper might be a good idea to implement......