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Intel said to feed Google solid state drives

brian korn


Diskless would seem the way to go, although I would imagine Google leverages the distributed local hard drives to power their products which leverage the distributed storage capacity. This would seem somewhat of a solution looking for a continued problem.

The rest of us are embracing diskless as an enabler of flexibly repurposing servers without having to move bits to a local hard drive.

Treehuggers lose legal fight to solar-powered neighbour

brian korn


Prius owner out smugged by solar. Damn funny,

Sun unfurls four-core Xeon-fueled blade memory hole

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16 cores, 256 GB, what's the I/O? Rack 'em up and throw VMware/Xen/Solaris Containers on them all day long.

Porsche to challenge London CO2 penalty in court

brian korn

914 platform

The 914 platform is a great idea - lots of aftermarket options and components to put a modern air-cooled 911 engine in them. Get one while you can. Google for options to build out a damn fast car.

Carbonite sprinkles some fancy over online backup service

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So... how much incremental data is transmitted during a hard drive defrag?

Malaysia flirts with Google over world's biggest data center

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Carbon searchprint

Looks like I'll need to watch my search usage, or buy some offsets to save the planet.