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Talking DAB and the future of radio

rob johns

All welll and good but

When I've got my DAB radio suckered onto my windscreen next to my Sat nav, with the DAB aerial and the TMS aerial stuck on there too, what am I supposed to see out of?

Replacing the head unit is too costly as a car with steering wheel control would need all sorts of adapters to make these function with an after market system. So I just hope they keep FM on until I get a new car with DAB installed as standard.

As far as reception, we tried to use it at work to listen to the cricket this summer. The post code checker said we'd be fine, but in reality we couldn't get ANY stations.

Xbox 360 owners tougher than PS3 fans - survey

rob johns
Gates Horns

44 and over!

That must make me really mature for my age seeing as I'm only 26 & I never even contemplated getting an x box.

Road charging, the sequel - Kelly unveils 'wired m-way' plans

rob johns

@ Caffine addict

Chris Miller does actually talk some sense, why shouldn't there be a minimum speed limit on dry days with clear visibility? if people aren't confident enough to do the speed (or they have sh1te cars) then they shouldn't be allowed on the motorway anyway. High speed driving should be on the test really.

Miserable? It must be U

rob johns
Paris Hilton

Anything to do with work?

Hmm, Maybe this is because at 20, most people have energy and are students having fun. At 44 they're right in the middle of that dip between university and retirement that we all call work. Then by the time they get to 70 they can be happy again because they've retired and their time is there own.

Paris Hilton angle because I realise this makes me come across as a work shy tosser, which I am not, I just prefer doing what i consider important with my time, and not what someone else considers important.


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