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Google Street View hits UK streets

Mike Westmacott

Arghh! The tossers have got a picture of me!

Standing on my kitchen sink doing, well, something... most likely cleaning the windows...

Face not visible, but I'm the only one in my house who does that* and I can easily identify my shabby clothes...

I shan't be advertising where it is as I can't stand StreetView and by asking lots of people to look at this would undermine any attempt to get all images of my house removed.

Now, who else has spotted themselves?!

Hybrid fusion-fission reactors to run on nuclear 'sludge'

Mike Westmacott

If fusion could be used for war...

...then we'd have that technology by now. If the money spent by the UK alone on playing in Iraq was spent on fusion tech we'd be closer to something tangible, just imagine if the US were to contribute some of the billions they spent on killing things and war-boffinry to an international peace-boffinry project.

Are you listening Obama? *

@ AC (Slight problem or two there)

i fink your talking bolox if you r a reel scientits then u cud spel

* Of course he is.

Spacewalking astronaut drops toolbag

Mike Westmacott

Don't let her near the china!

Nice vid of it on the beeb


The Moderatrix will see you now

Mike Westmacott

A little inquiry

I met some chap(esse)s from the Inquirer a couple of nights ago, and (after informing me of the early cloning of the original organ) who seemed to claim they were holier than though, and worse, that they were funnier (no mention was made of journalistic integrity or quality).

Should I believe them and start to read their pages, or should I stay with what I know best and love most?

Spinal Tap's Tufnel gets new Honda hydrogen car

Mike Westmacott
Paris Hilton

One for the Daily Mail

'In America, this means certain neighbourhoods in Southern California for the nonce.'

Which neighbourhoods are best for nonces in Southern California then?

Mine's the 8yr old's one

TETRA defends itself against RIM onslaught

Mike Westmacott

Looks classy!

Secret? My arse.


VMware vuln exposes the perils of virtualization

Mike Westmacott
Black Helicopters

A month of....

I'd start with VMWare tools - which supplies amongst other things a screen driver. Then there's the VNC back door, the sound card, the USB passthrough....

And he really really really is called that:


Scottish government drafts Cat Welfare Code

Mike Westmacott

Nestle in on the act

Nice to see in the PDF version of the Doggie document that Nestle have kindly contributed some diagrams from their Purina range.

Yes, Nestle, that kind hearted corporation who feeds African mothers breast milk substitute they can't afford...

And who now makes stinky factories in England http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/england/cambridgeshire/3374235.stm


CCTV must not record conversations, warns new guidance

Mike Westmacott

Cover your mouth!

What defines a conversation? One could argue that it doesn't have to have sound in it (thanks Paul K) and so any form of transaction between two people might be exempt.

Of course a nice quality camera would be sufficient to allow a good lip reader to work out what was going on without sound, so does this mean that they won't introduce high resolution cameras?

Never! They won't stop until they can identify people by the way their spuds swing in their slacks, or their boobs bounce in their bras.

I'll get my coat and leave quietly since I've worked a bit on gait recognition...