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Chinese boffins crack invisible-shed window problem

Martyn Waddington

Am I reading this right?

The anti-cloak works by touching the cloaking device. I have one of those already - I call it a hand..

That 'Elderly Persons' sign: Can you do better?

Martyn Waddington

No artistic skills

If someone wants to nick this idea then please do....

Red Triangle with a 'person' sat on a motorised wheelchair inside it.

Tesco causes couple condom catastrophe

Martyn Waddington
Black Helicopters


dude - The Tesco clubcard scheme adds anything you buy on your clubcard to your favourites - not just home delivered stuff. I used to buy my lunch there until the wife told me about this when arguing that I wasn't trying on the diet after seeing my munchies appear on her screen.

Where's my £100?

MySpace wins UK domain name that pre-dated its service

Martyn Waddington

Internet Startup

Right, that's it. I am setting up a company called theregister and in a few years I'll take this domain name as it has some advertising on it and it may one day accidently advertise my site!


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