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Snopes.com asks for bailout amid dispute over who runs the site and collects ad dollars

kyle elliott

Funny part is, both the husband and wife that started it have been registered republicans for decades.

The ultra right wing just labels anything that doesn't fit their narrative as "liberal bias", because facts scare them.

Civilization peaks: BEER-dispensing arcade game created

kyle elliott

American beer

American beer can be amazing, just stay away from the mass produced crap. Our microbrews are fantastic, and rival any European brew any day of the week (I enjoy myself a good European brew still).

Dunedin brewery in Florida has some of the best beer anywhere, and is constantly coming up with new and fantastic ones.

Traceroute reveals Star Wars Episode IV 'crawl' text

kyle elliott

Changed again


10 15 ms 14 ms 14 ms

11 52 ms 55 ms 55 ms

12 55 ms 54 ms 54 ms Episode.IV []

13 54 ms 55 ms 56 ms A.NEW.HOPE []

14 55 ms 56 ms 55 ms It.is.a.period.of.civil.war []

15 57 ms 55 ms 56 ms Rebel.spaceships []

16 56 ms 56 ms 55 ms striking.from.a.hidden.base []

17 56 ms 55 ms 55 ms have.won.their.first.victory []

18 57 ms 53 ms 55 ms against.the.evil.Galactic.Empire [


19 53 ms 55 ms 54 ms During.the.battle []

20 54 ms 53 ms 57 ms Rebel.spies.managed []

21 57 ms 54 ms 55 ms to.steal.secret.plans []

22 55 ms 56 ms 54 ms to.the.Empires.ultimate.weapon []

23 57 ms 54 ms 55 ms the.DEATH.STAR []

24 57 ms 54 ms 54 ms an.armored.space.station []

25 57 ms 53 ms 54 ms with.enough.power.to []

26 57 ms 54 ms 54 ms destroy.an.entire.planet []

27 58 ms 54 ms 55 ms Pursued.by.the.Empires []

28 57 ms 56 ms 53 ms sinister.agents []

29 58 ms 54 ms 54 ms Princess.Leia.races.home []

30 56 ms 58 ms 54 ms aboard.her.starship []

31 56 ms 54 ms 55 ms custodian.of.the.stolen.plans []

32 57 ms 54 ms 54 ms that.can.save.her []

33 57 ms 57 ms 58 ms people.and.restore []

34 58 ms 58 ms 55 ms freedom.to.the.galaxy []

35 55 ms 55 ms 54 ms 0-----I-------I-----0 []

36 56 ms 59 ms 55 ms 0------------------0 []

37 56 ms 55 ms 55 ms 0-----------------0 []

38 56 ms 60 ms 54 ms 0----------------0 []

39 56 ms 54 ms 59 ms 0---------------0 []

40 57 ms 59 ms 54 ms 0--------------0 []

41 59 ms 55 ms 56 ms 0-------------0 []

42 58 ms 59 ms 59 ms 0------------0 []

43 54 ms 55 ms 55 ms 0-----------0 []

44 57 ms 54 ms 55 ms 0----------0 []

45 57 ms 54 ms 55 ms 0---------0 []

46 58 ms 60 ms 59 ms 0--------0 []

47 58 ms 59 ms 55 ms 0-------0 []

48 58 ms 55 ms 59 ms 0------0 []

49 58 ms 55 ms 60 ms 0-----0 []

50 58 ms 58 ms 60 ms 0----0 []

51 56 ms 59 ms 60 ms 0---0 []

52 58 ms 59 ms 59 ms 0--0 []

53 57 ms 60 ms 60 ms 0-0 []

54 59 ms 59 ms 57 ms 00 []

55 59 ms 59 ms 55 ms I []

56 58 ms 59 ms 60 ms By.Ryan.Werber []

57 58 ms 60 ms 60 ms Never.Gonna.Give.You.Up []

58 57 ms 59 ms 60 ms Never.Gonna.Let.You.Down []

59 58 ms 61 ms 60 ms read.more.at.beaglenetworks.net []

Foxconn: Worker who lost half his brain in accident must leave hospital

kyle elliott

Re: Sounds like

@AC 18:08 -

Are you religious? If you are, how do you cope with the complete disregard for the teachings of every single religion out there? They all tell us to take care of and help the less fortunate, and refusing care to those in need for personal gain is saying that not only do you not care about the teachings of your particular faith, but that you are a horrible human being as well.

Good luck with life as a sociopath, and if hell exists, your own private furnace to burn in :)

I'm not religious, but I actually do care for my fellow man, and frankly if I was religious, I'd be a saint compared to those that supposedly follow the teachings.

Chuck Exchange mailboxes into the cloud... sysadmin style

kyle elliott

Technically it does exist, its RPC over HTTP, but it was renamed as more features were added and to remove confusion.

Bring your backups out of the closet! It's time for 'Tape Pride'

kyle elliott

Re: I refute your comparison

You forgot to account for replacement of the tapes every 2 months too (10 uses is the recommended max, at a proper rotation schedule that ends after 2 months)

If you're using them more than that, have you tested your backups? I'll bet they have issues.

BOFH: Hordes unleashed... by a RAM upgrade

kyle elliott

Sometimes making a little work saves a lot

As an IT pro, I've learned that sometimes that adding memory to the desktops may create some work up front, but will save you a lot of "it's slow" calls later down the line that eat up tons of your time only to get rejected whenever you put in a request for new equipment. That little tiny bit of customer focus was entirely self motivated because everyone knows that the only response to "it's slow" is tell them to shut up and deal with it.

The mistake came into play when they told someone they were doing it. Never tell people about upgrades, because the moment you do everything is at fault of the upgrade. I have literally heard someone bitch about the fact the damned microwave wasn't working on a computer software upgrade on a server. Users hear upgrade and think "this is my chance to bitch about everything" so never tell the user there is an upgrade. Ever.

October 14 declared 'Steve Jobs Day'

kyle elliott


I get nearly weekly emails from the CEO of Zenith Infotech - A global technology company and a leader in backup solutions, and can pick up the phone and call the VP of operations if I want (and have in the past)

The difference between them and Steve "I buy transplants to survive cancer for another few years" Jobs is that they don't tell me to sod off when I call or email them, they step on their employees to fix the problem, and make it right by the customer.

Then again, I'm sure you're going to say they don't count because they are Indian aren't you.

Samsung outs MacBook Pro lookalike laptop

kyle elliott


So, no one else can make metallic laptops anymore even though others did it before apple? I'm sorry, but there is nothing that is "blatantly copying" apple in this, and it's another sensationalist anti samsung article.

It's a quite different laptop, and anyone can see the differences in a few seconds. Trying to claim its a copy is frankly short sighted and wrong.

Microsoft cites 'security' for TechNet suspension

kyle elliott

Make it another one

They suspended mine almost 2 weeks ago as well. I called in and they claimed it was due to "piracy" when I know for a fact that I had not been distributing any of the materials off it. They did end up reinstating it a week and a half later, but offered no apology nor did they give me a credit for the time it was out of service. I have had the last 3 months of it going down for the entirety of a Sunday every week, with no details on why so I expected it to be once again down for Sunday until Monday rolls around and it says that the subscription is canceled. Ended up delaying a testing phase that I needed for me to try to sell a customer forefront, and may end up costing us that sale as it places us at the end of the bidding cycle, if we make it in time.

Google questions tests that praise IE's bad website blocker

kyle elliott

Open sauce indeed

Theres an editor thinking of beer time quite openly. I personally prefer to open the sauce soon as I make it home, but nothing against those who do it when they write an article.

Windows 7 really was some girl's idea, rules ASA

kyle elliott

Microsoft didnt redefine it

Apple redefined PC to mean "any home computer that isn't an apple" ages ago. After all, Macs are PCs (personal computers) but they decided they didn't want to be associated with what they are and claimed they were somehow different. Hardware wise the only difference is the apple stamp and being 2 years behind the rest of the market, just like dell, only at a 3x premium for that stamp. Software wise they are still just bastardized unix from the version of NExT they forked off of and their own special UI.

US cable giant Comcast accused of internet video 'toll booth'

kyle elliott


Level3 is one of the backbone providers. They are the ISP's ISP. The fact is, comcast is the small fish compared to Level3, who builds the internet. If you do a traceroute to anywhere, you have almost 100% chance your data will pass through Level3 somewhere, usually when it's switching between your ISP and the target one.

Level3 should just terminate Comcast's service and say "find yourself a new backbone provider"

Verizon to blanket US with 4G LTE this year

kyle elliott


Verizon covers not only the same areas AT&T has, but more. AT&T claims to cover 98% (with 20% of their coverage area being 3g) of all people in the US, but they leave out the fact that Verizons number is closer to 99.8%, all under 3g

Verizon's network also has the highest building penetration rate, causing less dropped calls. I used to work in a building that was considered a dead zone by all the carriers. Me being on Verizon I had perfect signal, always. The people on other networks were lucky when they had 1 bar. Those fancy new iPhones that came out when I was there were useless in the building.

Remember kids, speed is useless if you can't make a connection to the towers.

US smutmongers want big bucks bailout

kyle elliott


So, how do you go in the hole in the porno industry?

Yeah, Ill get my coat.

Economists: European ancestors are what make you rich

kyle elliott


While I don't doubt the current numbers, I think its more of how they were raised rather than based on race. Typically in the 30-40's people were raised with values and morales ingrained in them, while other races were mistreated and any attempt they had to raise their children the same way was being hampered by the rest of the populace. Now parents don't want to raise their children at all, and want the governernment to do it for them, so lets see how it plays out in 30-40 years. I think the tide will turn, and hard.

DARPA seeks Hitchhikers Deep Thought program

kyle elliott

I dont think this is wise

Seriously, Skynet anyone? How many times have we told you, AI is not a toy, don't treat it lightly, or it will f'ing kill you.

OMFG, what have you done?

kyle elliott
Thumb Down

Horrible on opera

Looks horrid on Opera 9.52. Some icons are invading places text normally goes. Doesnt look proper on my 20.5 inch wide screen monitor, instead 1/3rd of my screen is grey bars. Text being fixed, well whoever came up with that idea should be taken out back and flogged.

Network Solutions falls off the web

kyle elliott

Central Florida

Working down here in centeral florida, not much else is though... damned hurricanes

BOFH: Shiny new computer room

kyle elliott

Just like where I work now

To the letter, cept we still moved in the rushed time frame :/

WaSP gives browsers 'fail' grade

kyle elliott


Opera made it to 43 the first time I tested, crashed the browser each time after.

Monster-capacity PS3 in the pipeline?

kyle elliott


I copy movies over to mine, demos on it and that sort, plus installed ubuntu on it. i used maybe 40 gigs though at most.

kyle elliott


Its not like most of us didnt swap out the drive right off with a 250 gig anyway...


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